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The Black Widow Autoflowering marijuana strain is an indica-dominant variety of the original Black Widow and Ruderalis. This strain is packed with 0 to 1% CBD levels and a 19% THC level that will make its consumers melt to their couches after a few tokes. The floral taste and minty aftertaste will sedate your whole body from head to toe.

The Black Widow Autoflowering marijuana strain can be grown in any setting because of its versatility and size. The short, bushy plants develop compact, golf ball-shaped buds wrapped in sparkling trichomes. When done under the right conditions and with the proper nutrients and techniques, growers will be able to achieve a medium-sized yield at the end of 12 weeks.

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Black Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Black Widow x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 10 to 12 weeks
Climate: Continental, Sunny, Temperature, Mediterranean
Yield: Medium-sized yield indoors and outdoors
Flavors: Floral, Mint
THC Level: 19%
CBD Level: 0 to 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Strain?

The Black Widow Autoflowering weed strain has a delightful floral flavor, with a minty flavor on the exhale. Every hit of this weed will drag you down to your couch until you are left in a dream state. The mind will be calm and the body will be numb from any pain and fatigue.  

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Strain?

The Black Widow Autoflowering marijuana strain will work wonders regarding relieving different types of aches and pains. With its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, migraines, muscle spasms, fatigue, injuries, and the like will be the things of the past. Patients with insomnia will highly benefit from this strain because of its sleep-encouraging properties. Moreover, chemo patients will enjoy smoking this strain because not only will it encourage them to eat, it will also reduce their feeling of nausea and vomiting. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

The Black Widow Autoflowering marijuana can lead to hallucinations, dizziness, and paranoia if it is smoked in ridiculous amounts. It is then best to take this strain only in moderation. The most common side effects of smoking this strain and any other marijuana are dry eyes and cottonmouth. To manage these effects, simply drink lots of water. 

How to Grow Black Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Strain?

The Black Widow Autoflowering marijuana strain can be cultivated in any environment because of its growing flexibility and size. This small, bushy plant produces golf ball-like nugs covered in sugar-like resin. Grow these seeds right and they will quickly flower within 12 weeks and produce a medium-sized yield.

Growing indoors, these plants prefer the Sea of Green method for added bud production. The plants will thrive in a grow room, with temperature levels between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius and a humidity level not exceeding 65%. Growing outdoors, these plants prefer a sunny location that is constantly dry. Give them enough water and nutrients and they will reward you with a medium-sized yield during harvest.

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