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Black Demon OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Black Demon Og Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that grows massive buds with high THC content. It is a small plant growing only 90 cm tall but can produce up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 650 grams per square meter indoors. This will flower fast in just 8 weeks with an earthy, sweet, and lemon flavor.

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More About Black Demon OG (fem)

Enticingly Dank

Black Demon OG feminized is a unique strain that originated from the two unique arrays of cannabis celebrities. It emanates a similar scent that can be associated with Kush. It exhibits an earthy, lemon-like fragrance pointed up with a sugary, candy tone. Its effects are nearly felt immediately after the hit. It begins with an exhilarating rush that flows in the head then casually spread to the entire body.

The plant is not too choosy that even the neophytes will not encounter difficulty in nourishing it to complete maturity. Whacking the seeds does not consume an awfully long time. During the first week of the vegetation, it develops many side branches.  When indoors, the yield can range around 650 grams per square meter after finishing the flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. Nonetheless, the plant can produce an even higher yield if it is grown outdoors.

6 reviews for Black Demon OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for K. Webb

    K. Webb

    Amazing strain. Easy to grow, very resilient and consistent. Stunningly beautiful buds that are so frosty. The smoke is heavy but the buzz is not. It’s pleasant and relaxing without the need for a nap after using. Perfect for decompressing after a long day. Definitely a Must Have!!!

  2. Avatar for K. Davis

    K. Davis

    A budlious! This is the best I’ve personally grown. It’s really easy to grow. Nice dense buds.Smell & taste great. Nice high. A great feeling of relaxation and tingling in all my joints and forehead. Great for pain management. Highly recommended.

  3. Avatar for M. Armstrong

    M. Armstrong

    The best stuff I’ve grown! Easy to grow. It has resistance to the mold and pests Beautiful structure. Absolutely amazing taste, sweet and smooth, a real delight to smoke. A heavy hitter with a great euphoric feeling and excellent stress reliever. Definitely recommended.

  4. Avatar for D. Marshall

    D. Marshall

    One of my top recommendation. Provides a smooth, mellow, and pain relieving high. Easy to grow. Had no issue during the entire growcycle. It has a very pleasant scent, with a great taste. Dense buds with thick, beautiful orange hairs. definitely growing her again.

  5. Avatar for J.Love


    Spectacular Strain with great genetics. Easy to grow. High yielder plant. Big dense buds with pleasant aroma. Flavorful smoke. This strain shoots for the sky. Amazing kind of strain for depression, social anxiety, and social recreational use. Great for pain relief. Worth a try!

  6. Avatar for C. Taylor

    C. Taylor

    Easy to grow and does well both indoors and outdoors A pleasant smoke!You will feel a relaxed buzz from this strong, delicious hybrid. Sweet and fruity with Pine and Diesel flavor and a Pungent smell. Good for pain management.

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