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Trainwreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(18 customer reviews)


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Trainwreck is an age-old cannabis classic, and its lineage includes Thai and Mexican Sativa crossed with a legendary Afghani Indica. The Sativa lineage of this cannabis hybrid shines through, offering an empowering high that is also motivational at the same time. 

Trainwreck combats pains and aches. It has a recognizable flavor because of its spicy pine and sweet lemon notes. This hybrid marijuana strain is a Northern California staple, grown in the hills of California for decades. It’s a must-have strain if you’re seeking relaxation and pain relief.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


Train Wreck has been one of the top classic cannabis strains. Its genetics features the best of Mexican and Thai sativa strains blended with the ever- famous Afghani Indica. The combination has resulted in a super-potent cannabis strain with a fast-flowering ability. If you’re interested in Train Wreck Auto, then why not get seeds from Beaver Seeds?! It’s fast, cheap, and safe!


Variety: 60% Sativa/30% Indica/10% Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 18% THC/0% CBD
Effect: Cerebral High
Yield Indoors: Up to 450g
Yield Outdoors: 50-200g

Growing: Preferably Indoors

Train Wreck Auto has no much difference from Train Wreck Feminized. It’s only her fast-flowering ability that makes her more interesting. She is among the top dank varieties as she exudes a strong scent that can spread across the room. Besides, she induces a great combination of sensations for her effects.

Effects and Uses

The mellow body high does not take much time to come by. You will immediately get high. Don’t worry; it will not overwhelm you. Since Train Wreck Auto is 60% sativa, it will be a soothing and thought-provoking cerebral buzz that will energize your body for better productivity.

On the therapeutic side, her THC content is enough to eliminate the negativity in your head, replacing it with happy and motivating thoughts. Train Wreck Auto is best to use when you’re sad, depressed, or stress. You can also get some help if you’re dealing with insomnia.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

Though she often takes more time to grow, her ability to produce bud is simply amazing. You will enjoy up to 450 grams of buds when you cultivate her indoors. Good amounts can also be enjoyed when kept her outdoors.

Train Wreck Auto produces yummy buds. They ooze with cedar and pine scents with a mild citrus undertone. For the taste, she introduces the sweet notes with hints of spices.

18 reviews for Trainwreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Freddie Chambers

    This was a great first run and I’m satisfied with what I’ve learned. This is an all around solid strain. It can be used at any time of the day because it’s not overwhelming. It’s definitely a functional high. Amazing! One of the best smokes around. Thumbs up to Beaver Seeds!

  2. Enrique Craig

    Easy to grow and not a fussy plant. The high is nice and mellow, focused as I need to be but relaxed. Very pleased with this strain and would recommend it. Beaver Seeds send me great seeds and genetics is a great foundation and starting point.

  3. Wade Rodriguez

    Grew very well for the conditions I provided. Big dense and very sticky buds. I’m very impressed with the outcome so far of what I’ve grown and cropped out and yields very nicely! The high from these buds is definitely stronger. It zoned me out and had me thinking about my arms and legs and feeling some couch lock.

  4. Étienne Batard

    This grow was only my second but by far the easiest. I did not expect to get much yield but I was pleasantly surprised. Amazing! I love the high from this strain one of my top 5 favorites. Delicious!!

  5. Austin Lambert

    Germinated pretty quick. She grew stout and fat. The color is so beautiful, absolutely sugar coated dense buds! Awesome smoke! Does a great job on helping you focus with a nice high and makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

  6. Stuart Rhodes

    She was a beautiful plant to grow and easy too. Super dense golf ball nugs. It made me very happy and euphoric. I laughed a lot and it helped my depression. I really enjoyed it. I’m very pleased with the quality of seeds and the germination method. Highly recommended!

  7. Aymon Busque

    I had 5/5 germination. The plants are thriving 3 weeks after planting. Very happy with this grow as its my first time I found that this strain was super easy to grow. Awesome! Growing nicely!

  8. Vail Voisine

    First time growing this strain. Will definitely not be my last. Great yield, super flavor, large buds. Love them!

  9. Bartlett Busque

    I had a lots of pleasure to see her grow and create the cool buds. A very nice strain to grow, very strong and beautiful. One of the absolute best smelling and tasting strains I have ever had. It makes me feel great. Highly recommend!

  10. Armand Phaneuf

    I’m super impressed and proud of myself for my first grow. It grow better than I expected even with the miserable condition for half here life. Very good and easy strain with very good yield and taste is amazing also. Thanks thanks for this very good strain!

  11. Karl Baker

    I love purchasing seeds from Beaver Seeds, every seed sprouts. I’m very excited to see what kind of harvest I get, but for now I have very healthy plants in my grow room.

  12. Billy Tyler

    Perfect smell and interesting taste fruity and sweet. One of the best strains out there, with a good resin and large harvest for indoor. Awesome strain to grow!

  13. Gerald Back

    On 5 seeds 4 germinated with a big yield and a particular flavor but very pleasant she is quite strong a little airy to my taste deserves a good high. I highly recommend this strain strain to everyone!

  14. Richard Edwards

    This is my second go with Trainwreck Autoflower and I couldn’t be happier! This girl went 63 days from germination and has produced a nice bunch of really smelly, resinous buds. Smells of dry citrus with hints of lemon and sometimes pine.

  15. Lewis

    I’m really happy with the results so far. The buds are fat and sticky and smell amazing! She went 70 days from germination. A couple mistakes on my part have no doubt reduced my harvest a bit, but I’m not complaining. I have another one started already. I would definitely recommend Trainwreck Auto for anyone looking for an easy to grow, nice yielding strain.

  16. Michael Bailey

    Overall, I’m quite happy with the outcome of this grow. Smells awesome!! This was a really easy strain to deal with, it grew to over 100 cm and I never had any real issues with it. She came down on day 70 and the total freshly harvested plant weight, stalk and all was 846 grams. 585g bud (on stems), 76g trim and 185g stalk. The final outcome was 136g of kick ass buds!

  17. Vazquez

    All in all not a bad strain to deal with. I had some challenges with this grow that were environmental, so I won’t try to blame the genetics. I see the potential for a really nice yielding plant. There are still four more beans for this strain, so we’ll see what the next one’s bring. I’m pretty happy with the harvest, ended up pulling some nice fat nugs of her. It has a nice citrus scent to it.

  18. Julia Butler

    I was looking for something new so I tried out a couple of these seeds. Overall, I’m satisfied with the way they grew, nice sticky buds and a pretty decent yield rate! Only 4 of them sprouted though, I messed up the first seed I planted. Loved the blend of sweetness and diesel, was very pungent when cultivating!

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