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Skywalker Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(13 customer reviews)


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This strain was crossed between two popular strains, which are the Skywalker and OG Kush, which came from the infamous Chemdawg strain, which is one of the few cannabis strains on the market that’s surrounded by mystery and myths. It is one of the popular strains all over the world that you’ll be able to find this everywhere from west coast cities to Portland, Detroit, Denver, and just about everywhere else.

Skywalker Autoflowering seeds promise great yield, and the flavor and aroma include a blend of tropical fruits, such as citrus fruits and blueberry, with a hint of diesel. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, you’ll expect pleasurable effects, including bliss or euphoria. Also, it’s a great strain of cannabis to be used for medical purposes. Surely this marijuana strain is in demand for both recreational and medical cannabis users.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


The automatic version of Skywalker is now available at Beaver Seeds! This cannabis strain is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the fruit of his hard work in no time. If you start cultivating her, you will no longer run out of stocks of your favorite cannabis buds.


Variety: 80% Sativa/10% Indica/10% Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 15% THC/1% CBD
Effect: Relief for pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia
Yield Indoors: Up to 450g
Yield Outdoors: 40-200g

Growing: Preferably indoors

Skywalker is a great sativa-dominant hybrid strain that deserves a space in your garden. She is a fantastic daytime smoke you can enjoy sooner after getting up from the bed. Her potency will energize you all over, helping you to prepare for the biggest challenges of the day.

Effects and Uses

One of the best things about Skywalker is the way she helps you get rid of the bad vibes in your life. She can get you high, but the sensation is less likely to be overwhelming. She will just get you mentally focused and alert for the rest of the day.

You will also become more creative and energetic. You may also be talkative and giggly. In short, Skywalker is a good cannabis smoke to enjoy if you’re dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Best for recreational and even medicinal use.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

A yummy auto cannabis strain. Skywalker comes with intense aroma and flavor, featuring the notes of tropical fruits, blueberries, citrus fruits, and diesel.

When it comes to cultivation, rest assured she is okay with indoor and outdoor cultivation. Every seed grows into a large bud-producing small or large-sized plant. Her buds are delicious and coated with potent resin.

13 reviews for Skywalker Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Anthony Spiker

    nice one!..i had bought 5 seeds but only 4 grow but that’s fine. As a beginner its just right for me,not so hard to take care of, ideal both indoor and outdoor not affecting the growth. still produce great yields. Coz it’s sativa dominant plant the high energy it brings so overwhelming. My seeds grow into medium sized plants with thick buds. All qualities of strain you’ve wanted is here,that fruity taste and aroma of blueberry and hint of diesel perfectly combined. It offers a bit strong effect yet thanks for indica effect. I let my friends take a try, they ask more!..

  2. Pierre Clark

    Skywalker Autoflower has high germination rate and fast growth and flowering speed – these are the two main qualities that I am looking for in every strain. I am a huge fan of autoflowers because they don’t need that much sunlight to grow. And since I prefer indica more with a hint of sativa, I feel like this strain suits my taste. 5 stars for Beaver!

  3. Lorenzo Morris

    I read somewhere that Skywalker should grow better indoors so I did just that. I got ridiculous yields, up to 450 grams per plant. Nice mellow high, sort of rusty on the throat but manageable. Loved the diesel tastes though! Overall very great body numbing stone, couldn’t get off my couch earlier! This is probably my favorite version of Skywalker, thanks a lot Beaver Seeds!

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