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Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(15 customer reviews)


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Rock Candy Feminized Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with an average THC content up to 16% THC. It is an early bloomer as it can produce top yields at just 7 to 8 weeks after germination. You can get very potent fat and dense buds with sweet, fruity and woodsy flavors.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


Don’t be fooled by her name. While her name sounds a little awkward, Rock Candy is the cannabis strain you should not miss. You will realize how great to see her only when you decide to cultivate her. Get your first few seeds now at Beaver Seeds and be ready for an exciting journey!


Variety: 75% Indica/25% Sativa
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 16% THC/0.01% CBD
Effect: stress, pain, and insomnia relief, hungry
Yield Indoors: up to 450g
Yield Outdoors: 500g-1000g

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

This exciting indica-dominant strain has so many more surprises in store. She became popular for many things. One of these is her potency.

Effects and Uses

Rock Candy gives you another way to get rid of stress, pain, and insomnia. Inhaling the smoke coming from the buds you burn is the key. The body high will quickly hit you from head to toe. At first, you will feel happy, focused, and talkative. You may even become giggly. Due to the light and blissful feeling, you’re more likely to start laughing even for no reason. Well, that’s normal.

When the relaxing sensation kicks in, you will start to feel hungrier than before. It’s a perfect time to enjoy your favorite snacks or meal. Dig in without the guilt! Finish your smoking routine by lying down on your bed and have a more restful sleep. Wake up in the morning with refreshed and energized feeling.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

This autoflowering strain goes with a very enticing mix of notes and hints for her aroma and flavor. Experience the lemon overtones and subtle sourness that complement the smell of lime. The earthy note is eminent every time you exhale.

Rock Candy is pretty easy to grow. She can protect herself as she has natural resistance against molds and pests. Like other cannabis strains, she badly requires your care—a good strain for novices and experts.

15 reviews for Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. James Nunn

    High quality seeds that ensure 100% germination rate, fast-growing, and medically beneficient! This strain gives you more than what you expected/ I use this mostly to relax at night and to have a good sleep. One of the best that I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

  2. Willy Styles

    Of all the indica-dominants that I have tried, this is probably the best! Beaver Seeds were not lying when they said that this produces top yield and you are guaranteed a good, good harvest after just 7 weeks. And its buds? Well, they are indeed healthy and compact. The scent also adds up the awesomeness that it already has. This is a strain that you should not overlook!

  3. Al Hanes

    Great seeds as always! I have actually tried my luck this time and chose seeds that I have not tried before and this did not disappoint me at all! I have tried your other seeds before and they were all great! Did not expect this Rock Candy strain to be so tasty and strong! 5 stars all the way beaver seeds!

  4. David Mcney

    This strain is very easy to grow, though i encounter come trouble growing this I was able to fix it quickly. The scent and the taste of this strain is really sweet that gave me a very gentle euphoric and body high. Also i had a very smooth and quick transaction to the Beaver seed. 5 star for the strain and for the Bs.

  5. Anna May Reyes

    Even if it gets really rainy over here, these seeds can still grow quite a surprising amount of nugs. Sprouted 3 of these to test things out, great so far! really impressed with the earthy tones and thick smoke. I’m absolutely gonna buy some more in the future

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