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Platinum OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(10 customer reviews)


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Platinum OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with feminized qualities. It comes with a very potent 24% THC making it very potent, relaxing, calming and euphoric. This strain is very easy to grow and is mostly cultivated for its impressive medicinal effects; you can consume this strain to deal with pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


If you’re searching for a marijuana seed with a fast-flowering ability, then look no further! Platinum OG is the no.1. She is a delightful cannabis smoke that you will enjoy with your late afternoon drink. Feeling tired after a busy day at work? Let her recharge you! Beaver Seeds is your online source for premium Platinum OG cannabis seeds.


Variety: 80% Indica/20% Sativa
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 20% THC/0.01% CBD
Effect: Calming, sleepy, and medical
Yield Indoors: Up to 500g
Yield Outdoors: 500g-1000g

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Platinum OG leans more to the indica side, amounting to 80%. You will realize that the evenings can be more relaxing if you give her a try.

Effects and Uses

Platinum OG offers the best of both indica and sativa. The high initially starts like something euphoric and blissful. In the long run, you will feel relaxed, sleepy, and even hungry. Claimed to be one of the strongest and heaviest cannabis strains, she got the best of her parents – OG Kush, Master Kush, and the 3rd unnamed cannabis strain.

She will help you get rid of stress, pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Take some tokes before you go to bed and wake up the next morning with a refreshed and revitalized feeling.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

Burn the buds and enjoy as you inhale the smoke that will introduce different scents and flavors. Your palate will get the delightful earthy taste coupled with the woody hint. Just keep on inhaling the buds and discover the hidden notes. You will notice the hints of pine as you breathe in deeply the smoke. When exhaled, the smoke will leave a coffee flavor in your mouth.

Beginners may struggle to raise this baby. Experienced growers are sure to find their way to success. Despite being demanding, she is worth the wait as she tends to be so generous when it comes to yields.

10 reviews for Platinum OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ben James

    Platinum OG Fem therapeutic benefits are very impressive, this strain could really and hundred percent helps me with my depression. Not to mention that this strain is very easy to grow, great yielding, and has an incredible earthy aroma. Highly recommended to those who seek cerebral drugs.

  2. Ron Barnes

    The effects are truly impressive. Ever since I started using this one, I found a significant stability on my emotions and I tend to sleep better at night. My friends love this too and I don’t find it odd, because I love it too!

  3. Pierce Jenkins

    Totally impressed with the results! I am giving this 5 stars for exceeding my expectations. You know what? If you are looking for a strain that is potent, this is what you are looking for. Platinum OG Feminized strain is ultra amazing. It relaxes your mind and body, and boosts your creativity like no other. Growing it for 7 weeks was extremely worth it! I am leaving this comment before I add this one to cart.

  4. Beatrice Dooley

    Wow I’n still in shocked when this strain really flowers quickly. Also, this strain gave me the best high and also take away my stress and anxiety. I would recommend this strain to all my pot friends because this strain so amazing and i didn’t regret buying it. 10/10 for me!!!!

  5. Lex Holms

    Wow! Superb platinum OG strain! The genetics in these bad girls are strong and they are really thriving indoors! Really looking forward to harvesting in a few weeks and by far, this was a fairly easy grow! 5 stars Beaver seeds! You made me a believer!

  6. Charles Donald

    Delightful indeed! Super thick smokes and very skunky taste. That’s exactly the way I like it! Took away a pretty good part of my afternoon, spent it chilling and rocking some music instead. Also, very lovely nugs they were a sight to behold! I let them set about 2 days before harvesting. Overall a great time killer! Beaver Seeds does a great job as always.

  7. Wilbert Gomez

    I always come to Beaver seeds if I wanna get my hands on some new hybrids that i’ve never heard of before. And each and every time, I am left impressed! Let me tell you, they got this one right yet again. The name Platinum OG sounded solid so I decided to buy me self a 5 seed pack.

    Throughout the first few weeks, it never gave me any difficulty whatsoever in growing! Germinated real quick in 4 days, kept them inside for about 2 more days to cure out. I currently have a 4×2 growing inside with a 400watts coverage. Buds tasted great, very thick smoke and kinda raspy as well! This one’s going into my regular rotation.

  8. ArnoCharlesbois

    Platinum OG is my new best friend! I love the way it relaxes me really good for stress and anxiety and offers up all kinds of great creative thoughts and how it easy it was to grow. You will probably love the taste and smell this weed provides. You won’t be disappointed!

  9. Gregory Walters

    No problems at all. I have 5 nice plants for 5 seeds they were beautiful. It was very easy to grow! I definitely recommend it!

  10. Sennet Belisle

    This strain was a pleasure to grow! Produced a lot of dense, smelly buds. Turned out to be a nice yielding plant. A perfect strain for those who have trouble sleeping. It’s also very nice stress and pain reliever. I highly recommend, Platinum OG if you’re an Indica lover!

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