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Gorilla Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(3 customer reviews)


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This marijuana strain obtained its nickname from the most-sought trichomes, which “glue up” the scissors when growers trim off the leaves of this giant. Yes, the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain is a very potent hybrid. It delivers a big knockout punch of great euphoria and most-sought relaxation. Growing this strain is relatively easy, most especially with indoor growing, providing generous yields. New and seasoned growers love this strain. 

Gorilla Glue will definitely leave you “glued” to your couch. You’ll love the chunk and resin-covered buds that will fill your room with pine aroma, which it inherited from its legendary parent strains. Also, the high THC level provides great cannabis experience, not just for solo but also used with your pot buddies.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $66.00
10 Seeds $121.00
25 Seeds $241.00


Gorilla Glue is among the most pungent cannabis strains. She’s a Rockstar that won in the Cannabis Cup in 2014 for being a respectable hybrid. She is worth considering because of her potency. There are more things to enjoy about her that you will discover only when you buy Gorilla Glue feminized seeds. Get them now at Beaver Seeds!


Variety: 50% Indica/50% Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 25% THC/0% CBD
Effect: Full body melt and body buzz
Yield Indoors: 500-600g
Yield Outdoors: 700-800g

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gorilla Glue comes in different variants, including this feminized version. It has been so popular among cannabis growers. If you’re searching for a hybrid cannabis strain that contains an equal percentage for indica and sativa, you will never go wrong with this one.

Effects and Uses

With a higher THC content of up to 25%, Gorilla Glue can deliver that intense couchlock sensation that is more likely to come by if you increase the dose. She will amaze you right in the first few tokes. It feels like your body is melting. The buzz is a combination of indica and sativa sensations.

Of course, the effect will start as something stimulating and mind-stimulating but will slowly fade into a sedating type. She is not designed for medical purposes, so recreational users will enjoy her more. Gorilla Glue will help ease the pain and the stressful, anxious feeling that you might be experiencing each day.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

Gorilla Glue stands out when it comes to aroma and flavor. She has the delicious notes of pine and citrus that complement her high THC amount. Her buds contain terpenes that add the earthiness, coffee, and fuel-like scent to her aroma. Once you inhale that thick smoke, you will immediately spot those tantalizing notes.
Treat her right and provoke her to be generous when it comes to yields. She’s okay to be indoors or outdoors.

3 reviews for Gorilla Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Grégoire Austin

    In reality loved growing this strain it’s constantly desirable to have a variety like this. Overall a really nice plant to grow with minimal issues and easy to harvest.

  2. Gaspar Deblois

    Seeds are fantastic and produce exactly what they advertise. I’m amazingly content with the manner in which they turned out. I would recommend growing in 3 to 5gal pots if going soil.

  3. Denis L.

    It had a excellent yield, great flavor and a very nice mellow long lasting high. All seeds germinated and the plants responded amazing to LST and topping. Very satisfied large yield and great quality!

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