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Every weed grower wants to try new, popular cannabis strains. If you’re one of the types of cannabis growers who love a challenge then we have bestselling cannabis seeds for you. Our bestsellers are our top-shelf, best-quality, and very viable cannabis strains that are carefully picked and packed for freshness. We know you want good quality seeds at the best price and so don’t forget to take advantage of our best deals and discounts for shipment and of course, free seeds.

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Even if there are feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, regular or photoperiod seeds are still bestsellers. This is mostly because of being more affordable than other seeds. In almost all seed banks online, regular seeds are the most popular because they’re cheap and thus won’t break your budget.

Easy to grow seeds are also bestsellers and these include autoflowering and feminized seeds. Automatic seeds are the best as they won’t require a special lighting schedule such as a 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness periods to flower. Autos are also a favorite among people who live in small places such as apartments, dormitories, and condos as these are small plants.

Aside from automatic strains, feminized cannabis seeds are also very popular and hence, part of our bestseller list. Feminized seeds will grow female plants and this means, you don’t need to deal with male plants which can ruin all your hard work. Males can accidentally pollinate females and thus are removed early. But when you grow feminized plants, you’ll be confident that there are no males in your growing area.

Our bestsellers are also composed of popular strains and new strains. Almost every so often, new strains are discovered by very dedicated breeders. We make it our goal to offer the best quality best-selling cannabis strains new and old-school strains.

What are the current best selling cannabis strains?

Here are our most popular, bestselling cannabis strains so far

  • Strawberry Diesel Feminized – this is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a pungent flavor, strong and relaxing high, and high THC. You’ll love its clear and lasting high and its huge yields up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors.
  • Tangerine Dream Autoflower – this strain is an Indica-dominant strain with ruderalis characteristics. It is a strain with dreamy and relaxing effects. It is one of the most delicious strains with a tangerine and citrusy aroma.
  • Sour Grape Feminized – this is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with moderate THC and a relaxing and happy effect. This hybrid is a high-yielding plant producing up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors.
  • Great White Shark Feminized – this is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that flowers fast and produces big yields up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors.
  • Maui Wowie Autoflower – old school strain that’s Indica-dominant. It is a stress-buster and pain reliever with moderate THC and great flavor for every toke you take. Yields are moderate and will grow even in small, tight spaces.