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Tangerine Dream Autoflower Seeds

(5 customer reviews)


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Growing an autoflowering marijuana plant is a good thing to do because it’s easy to grow and will flower pretty quickly. If you want to buy Tangerine Dream Autoflowering marijuana seeds Canada then you can order it from us. We are based in Canada and we ship our seed items to customers from around the world. We also stock other high quality marijuana seeds in our website which you can order in the comfort of your homes. Please let us know if you have any questions about the high quality marijuana seeds in Canada that we have for sale.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


She’s as pleasing as how her name sounds. Tangerine Dream is a nice autoflowering strain to add to your garden today. She was born by pairing the famous G13 with Neville’s A5 Haze. This combination has resulted in a sativa-dominant smoke that still possesses a good indica percentage. Seeds of this beautiful strain are currently available at Beaver Seeds.


Variety: 55% Indica/35% Sativa/10% Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 20% THC/1% CBD
Effect: Dreamy and relaxing high
Yield Indoors: Up to 400g
Yield Outdoors: Up to 500g

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Tangerine Dream Auto is a beautiful dark green cannabis plant that has orange-red hairs. She is a potent and delicious strain that you will never regret when you add her to your garden.

Effects and Uses

With a decent THC amount of 20%, you will enjoy every puff. She induces a dreamy, relaxing high that will linger to your mind and body for a long time. That makes her worth considering when it comes to recreational purposes.

Also, she is worth considering for medicinal use. You can use her to fight depression, anxiety, and stress. She also gives a very uplifting and energetic effect that will keep you calm and comfortable. She could be the best nighttime hybrid strain for you.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

Tangerine Dream Auto delivers a mouthwatering citrus aroma and tangerine aftertaste. You will also enjoy the invigorating and zesty citrus taste that provides off a strong hit once smoked. The body stone comes along with all these scents and flavors.

Growing her would be a cool and rewarding experience for anyone. Tangerine Dream Auto is pretty easy to grow and manageable. Best for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. You will enjoy massive yields regardless of where you choose to keep her in exchange for your unceasing care for her.

5 reviews for Tangerine Dream Autoflower Seeds

  1. Nick Newman

    It was easy to grow and pretty satisfying. Great yield from this plant also! Insanely crystallized and tight nugs. Super smelly buds. Tangerine Dream is a potent, mostly sativa anytime cruiser. Amazing weed for boring parties where you usually wouldn’t want to go to.

  2. Luther Haynes

    Enjoyed growing this strain a lot, mostly because it smells like intense orange. Responded well to rookie growing practices at first. Buds are big, hard and very sticky, full of trichomes with resin. The Tangerine Dream is a little more sativa dominantly so it’s nice to smoke if you want to do something, it really brings some motivation.

  3. Wendell Hale

    This plant was my favorite of all. It was so easy to grow and also really potent. It is a super auto flower that is resistant to mold, defoliation, and even some injuries. Fruity and pungent, it was immediately uplifting and gave exceptional relief to the nerve pain I’ve been having in my hands and forearms, that nothing else has touched.

  4. Jeremiah Bates

    Well for my first ever grow I feel it turned out okay. Really resistant plant. Love this, nice crisp cerebral high. No munchies with this one. Kills my pain and nausea and makes me feel happy and focused. I’ll definitely grow this one again and buy more from Beaver Seeds.

  5. Evan Mcdaniel

    Really fun strain! The bush grew without any problems. Smell is strong, fresh, citrus and very pleasant. Pretty pleased overall with final results. Definitely day stuff, really cerebral and stormy high, with a huge amount of socialized characteristics within the high.

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