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The Northern Lights Auto is an indica-dominant hybrid with unknown genetics. This strain has a THC level of 15.08% and a CBD level of 0.90% capable of producing an unforgettable stone that refreshes the mind while a deep relaxing euphoria is experienced. This crowd-favorite strain has a sweet and spicy taste mixed with earthy notes that will give you soothing whole-body tranquility while keeping you happy and relaxed. 

The Northern Lights Auto strain quickly and easily grows into a short plant with compact, dense buds covered in thick sheets of resin. These plants can be grown in any setting to produce around 150-250g of harvest in just 7-8 weeks.

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Northern Lights marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by Sensi Seeds by combining an Afghani indica, a Thai sativa and the Ruderalis genetics. This strain is one of the most famous cannabis in the market today. It has given rise to some other popular and high class strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. It is believed to have first originated around Seattle, Washington, but was later propagated in 1985 outside of Holland by Sensi Seeds.

This strain is identified by its purple buds that are coated in snowy, crystal trichomes. This beautiful flower appeals its users through its pungently sweet scent and flavor profile. It is loved by cannabis fans because of its euphoric high that relaxes the body and eases the mind. This strain is famous not just among recreational users, but medical users as well.

Northern Lights Strain Specifications

Type: 70% Indica x 20% Sativa x 10% Ruderalis
Genetics Parents: Afghani indica x Thai sativa
Flowering Period: 7 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny
Yield: 200g to 500g
Flavors: Sweet, Earthy
THC Level: 14%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: 3 feet
Harvest Period: late September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Northern Lights

Northern Lights marijuana is a delectable treat to sweet lovers out there. Breaking up the buds releases sweet aromas that will surely tickle the nostrils of those who smell it. Combusting the buds gives off a smoke that retains its sweetness, but now accompanied by earthy undertones. Smoking this strain is a wonderful experience to the palates of the smoker.

This strain boasts of its enjoyable physical and cerebral high. It is widely known by cannabis fans as a two hit and quit weed. It brings the body into a delightfully numbing and lazy state. It can often lead to a couch lock with some munchies effects on the side. Users are advised to bring some snacks with them. This body high is accompanied by a sense of well-being and bliss. Users are reported to become more creative and focused after smoking this strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Northern Lights

Northern Lights, being an indica dominant strain, is known for its medical benefits as well. The sedating effects of this strain can be used to relieve bodily aches and pains such as muscle cramps, joint pains, headaches, neck and back pains, and migraines. It is also advisable for bedtime use among patients struggling with insomnia as it can induce a restful and deep sleep among them. With its munchies effects, this strain is recommended for chemotherapy patients who are struggling with the side effects such as loss of appetite. The blissful mental high from smoking this strain can also be used to mitigate the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Northern Lights

Just like all other cannabis strains, Northern Lights can also lead to unwanted side effects when taken in excessive amounts. Most common among these adverse effects are having dry eyes and cottonmouth. Users who experience this condition must drink lots of fluids in order to mitigate their discomfort. To fully enjoy the wonderful benefits of this strain, users are advised to take it in moderation.

How to Grow Northern Lights

Northern Lights marijuana is an easy strain to cultivate. One major factor to this is its Ruderalis genetics which makes it an autoflowering seed. Growers do not need to change the light schedule as this strain flowers on its own. This fast growing and flowering cannabis strain is well suited for a Sea of Green (SOG) training technique. It also thrives best in hydroponics or soil medium. Growers are advised to keep the humidity low to prevent mold buildup. When grown indoors, this strain can be ripe for harvest after just about 7 weeks of cultivation. When grown outdoors in a warm and sunny environment, this tall plant can become ready for harvest by late September.


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