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Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Lowryder Marijuana Seeds is a classic autoflowering hybrid strain. It is a very small plant growing only 15 to 40 cm tall and flowers in just 8 to 10 weeks. This size makes this strain the perfect one for indoor stealth growing. It produces small yields but flavors like pine, lemon, citrus and sweet will win you over.

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More About Lowryder Autoflower

The very first auto-flowering created, the Lowryder Auto is known for its rapid growth and flowering time and flavorful tastes the explodes in the mouth with luscious goodness. When smoking this weed, don’t expect it to give you devastating and explosive high. One thing is clear, and it will provide a very meaningful and relaxing high that will result in peaceful bliss. While it has a lowered THC content with the help of the ruderalis gene, it is still capable of moderately cool high.

Growing this strain should be on the list for all first-time growers, as it educates the growers how an auto-flowering plant must grow. Lowryder Auto only relies on the abundance of sunlight and proper nutrition. More so, the Lowryder has been crossed too many hybrids as it gives them such abilities. No wonder why this strain is popular.

Moreover, if you want a peaceful relaxation without getting lethargic or lazy, this everyday strain might suit your needs.

1 review for Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Clarence John

    Clarence John

    Lowryder Autoflower is very easy to grow in indoor areas because of its compact size and its quick growing time. I love to use this strain before going to due to its relaxing and gentle high, it also has this very delicious taste that I really love the most.

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