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Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a classic sativa-dominant strain. It is a very popular strain admired by breeders for its stable genetics, for growers for its high yields and by consumers for its high THC. It grows tall up to 300 cm high and produces up to 950 grams per plant outdoors. The smell is also a classic combination of grape, diesel, citrus, and grapefruit.

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More About Diesel Autoflower

 A recommendable strain that is great for day time uses as it doesn’t induce laziness and lethargic feelings. The Diesel Auto removes early signs of stress and depression and provides users with some clarity to the mind, attention to detail, and creativity.


This strain is often used during day time as it sparks motivation to do things at hand and just be productive all throughout the day. While the Diesel Auto is an evenly-balanced hybrid, the Sativa side of things is showcased in the effects department. 


Flavors of this strain are often characterized by a sweet and grapefruit-like profile that is a hit for most smokers. While you are delighted with its dazzling array of flavor and scent profiles, you will be greeted with some diesel-like undertones that are subtle enough to be enjoyed.

Growing this strain requires more attention than most, while this Sativa dominant strain possesses great resistance to molds and pests, it is partly susceptible when not given proper care and ventilation. 


Overall, this daytime strain should spark your day in the right direction and will help you reach your top performance. As the high wears down on its users, they should feel relieved in all their parts of the body and should be greeted with a warming sensation that is therapeutic to the mind and body.


This strain will help you be positive for the most part of your day!


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