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Auto CBD Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds



Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds is a mostly sativa strain known for its heavy yields and amazing flavors. It comes with high THC at 22%, and thus it will give you an energetic, euphoric, focused, and uplifting effect. It is a tall plant growing up to 200 cm high and can produce good yields.

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More About Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1)

From the careful selection of three strains, the mixture of the genetics of this strain is comprised of unique and individually outstanding in quality. With the aim of generating the most prominent CBD strain among other CBD rich strains in the market, comes the rise of Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1). Proving its renowned characteristics by winning several awards and has gained tremendous popularity similar to its heritage.

Comprised of pure sativa genetics, it brings classic high targeting the mind mainly and generate relaxation and mild uplifting feeling. These effects greatly support its therapeutic compounds, with high regard to its 8% CBD level. General properties are combined flawlessly to suit every need for recreational and medicinal users.

Thrives tall and highly producing strain, she guarantees the heavy quality of output with ease in maintenance application and inclined to demonstrate good performance using cultivation techniques pertained. Preferably for outdoor growing, the strain able to sustain life with no issues due to its high resistance to an integral impediment such as pests and molds.


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