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Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s widely popular because it’s easy to grow. It comes with a balanced CBD and THC; therefore, it’s a good therapeutic strain. You can use this to deal with arthritis, anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, nausea, and stress. It is calming, relaxing, and will fuel your creativity.

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More About Auto CBD Critical Mass

This Indica dominant hybrid Auto CBD Critical Mass marijuana seeds is a perfect buddy for your medical needs. Crossbreed for this purpose, the strain can bring a very classic and traditional Indica impact that transmits and induce relaxing, calming, and stimulating appetite capacities. With its vibrant and well-blended assortment of wood, earthy and sweet tones, the strain surely brings a delightful experience to either recreational or medical users.

Reaching up to an 8% CBD level, the strain generates a tremendous impact on several health conditions, and most of it is focusing on pain, body discomfort, moods, and psychological disorders, all ranging from mild to severe.

Though it may bring the least appreciation by veteran recreational users, as it only tingles minimal psychoactive effects due to its relatively small THC components reaching only a maximum of eight in percentage, opt for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouses to cultivate this strain and only requires eight weeks for the flowering period and bring such a favorable amount of harvest to most growers. Packed with easy to grow characteristics and Indica dominant properties, the strain is open for beginners.


3 reviews for Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Joseph Rameriz

    Joseph Rameriz

    FUCKING SHIT!!! Ever since I tried this goddess I was able to have a deep relaxing sleep, which I always wanted, and since then and put me in a good mood! I also had the appetite to eat what I want. Physically, I felt no more pains. Mentally, I had no more episodes of seizures. And totally the best and easy strain to grow! I will totally purchase this again.

  2. Avatar for Peter Cannon

    Peter Cannon

    What a relief! All the pain I was suffering before is all gone! And it was replaced by a soothing, sedating buzz and relaxed my body! Its sweet is overloading and getting sweeter every hit! It smells more like honey and earthy that I admire! It flourishes well indoors since it needs to be in a controlled environment.

  3. Avatar for Normand Daoust

    Normand Daoust

    She grows quite fast in veg growing like crazy, can’t wait to enjoy these once harvested. Absolutely no issues in this grow It is a very good quality strain. Definitely recommended, especially for beginners and medical use.

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