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Animal Cookies Autoflower is an Indica dominant and a hybrid of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies. It is well-known for its many medical benefits as well as its pleasant aroma. This indica dominant combination creates a strong body and cerebral buzz that kicks in quickly and knocks you out before you’ve even finished coughing upon smoking. This strain is stunning in every way. Animal Cookies Auto is a purplish bud and has orange hairs that are attractive just by looking at it. Animal Cookies Autoflower generally has a high THC content, and some developers were able to get it to generate up to 4% of CBD. This strain became popular with medical marijuana patients, as it can treat a variety of ailments like chronic stress, mood disorders, and pain.

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Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: Fire OG X Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 11oz/m2 indoors / 13oz/plant outdoors
Flavors: Vanilla, Nutty, Pungent, Earthy, Sweet
THC Level: 19% to 23%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: medium-to-tall
Harvest Period: Around September
Growing Difficulty: Hard

What are the Flavor and Effects of Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain?

Animal Cookies Autoflower is unbelievably fragrant and distinctive in its aromatic combination. It has an acidic and earthy aroma with a soft vanilla undertone. It has a good taste that will make your mouth water and make you want more. The smoke in Animal Cookies Auto tastes like vanilla, nutty, and creamy. Its sweet-flavored bud contains citrus hints, as well as an earthy note, that make this hybrid a delightful plant to smoke, particularly if you’ve got a sugar craving. Animal Cookies gives you a quick buzz that stays with you for a long time. If taken in higher doses, users will experience a hard couch-lock, making them feel instantly comfortable and unwinded. 

It is an excellent choice if you need a little assistance at the end-long and exhausting day and want to forget about your worries. This strain will quickly give you a euphoric feeling of contentment and happiness. If you’re going to unwind on the couch or take a quick nap, Animal Cookies Auto is the entertainment for you. Its couch-lock effect gets stronger when you consume it. Animal Cookies Auto can leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric, as well as ambitious and capable of accomplishing something – if you can drag yourself off from the couch. Many consumers turn to this plant as a sleep aid, as when the body-heavy indica-dominant strain is ideal for relieving stress and relaxing the mind in preparation for a good sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain?

Animal Cookies Autoflower is a smooth, potent strain that has gained traction among medicinal marijuana users. It has a heavy-bodied feeling and is unquestionably soothing, making it an ideal option for those looking for a bit of support relaxing, as well as an effective chronic stress management method. Most patients are given this strain to help them relax and alleviate their pains and aches. Animal Cookies Auto effectively treats backaches, joint pains, and muscle spasms,  making life easier and more fun for long-term sufferers. Animal Cookies Autoflower is also helpful to those who have difficulty falling asleep, and this is why it is usually given to insomniacs by physicians. An excellent medical application for this strain is nausea for people with cancer struggling to recover a great diet after chemical therapies, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain

Animal Cookies Auto can cause paranoia and dizziness in rare situations, but this should only happen if you smoke it or eat massive amounts of it. Animal Cookies Auto is most often associated with a sensation of dehydration, which causes the mouth to feel parched and dry. It’s also possible that your eyes are itchy and dry. Some people may experience general anxiety as a result of this hybrid, and this is uncommon.

How to Grow Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain 

Animal Cookies Auto is a complicated strain to develop and is only suggested for those with prior experience. This strain tends to be grown indoors, where users will have more control over its environment’s particulars. It is because this indica dominant strain necessitates frequent trimming and pay special attention to its ventilation. This plant will grow to be medium-to-tall, and it should flower and be able to harvest in 9-10 weeks when grown indoors. Animal Cookies Auto can generate an average yield of 11oz/sq meter. When developed outdoors, growers should keep Animal Cookies Auto in the dark, dry atmosphere with plenty of ventilation. Upon harvest, which is predicted in September, this strain cultivated outdoors growers can expect to produce an average of about 13oz/plant.


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