Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Afghan Marijuana Seeds is a classic recreational and therapeutic strain. It boasts of 20% THC making you euphoric, happy, giggly, hungry, and completely relaxed. You can use this classic pure indica to deal with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, and migraines. It is easy to grow because of its disease-resistant properties.

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More About Afghan (fem)

The Fortitude of the Cannabis World

Originating from the length of the Hindu Kush close to Afghanistan, Afghan feminized marijuana seeds has been well-recognized for its intensely soothing and tranquilizing effects and savory, sticky buds. Although its flavor and fragrance are undoubtedly enticing, Afghan is also used by many cannabis enthusiasts because of its healing ability. It aids stress, pain, and insomnia.

Afghan feminized marijuana seeds is believed to be an ideal strain for the neophytes as it thrives easily, whether indoors or outdoors, because of its characteristic of being a vigorous and wild plant. This equips the plant to become more resilient to the common perilous elements. The strain s recognized for its capability to accustom to modifying environments. When grown outdoors and when things go smoothly, the plant can produce a yield of 21 ounces per plant. When indoors, the plant can produce a yield of 14 ounces per square meter after finishing the flowering period of 7 to 10 weeks.

7 reviews for Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Sam Shields

    Sam Shields

    EXTREME! I had encountered numerous effects that made me happy, motivated, and calm. It also treated my depression, insomnia, and headaches that make me suffer every day. My Afghan Fem grew well since I modified it indoors to ensure their proper growth, but everything was easy!

  2. Avatar for Madeline Coleman

    Madeline Coleman

    Afghan strain makes everything so easy for me starting from growing this until usage of it. I have taken time for just about 7 to 10 weeks of waiting for its flowering time, I have tried to grow this outdoors and it gives me a lot of buds to harvest, it has a savory and sticky buds. This plant gives me an aid for my stress, pain and especially insomnia. It has a earthy, sweet, pine spice, and herbs smell and taste. It relaxes my body and mind. It relieves my anxiety and depression.

  3. Avatar for F. McCloud

    F. McCloud

    A Wonderful experience to grow this strain.I had no problems during the grow. She was easily to grow.It looks great and smells even better. Amazing high. The head rushes were incredible. The hang time is decent. This bud lifted me up and put me on a very high spiritual plane. Good for pain management. Highly recommended.

  4. Avatar for B. Shilling

    B. Shilling

    Super forgiving plant.Easy to grow for beginners and veterans alike. The buds are dense bright green with lot’s of orange red hairs. The smell is nice too very earthy and sweet. Nice high! Leaves a nice dream-like buzz after the initial high. Very energetic, focused, creative and tingly. Helps with depression, anxiety and pain. Try it and Best of luck in your grow!

  5. Avatar for E. Williams

    E. Williams

    The smell and taste are quite unique.Wonderful growing lady.The happiest strain I’ve ever come across. She’s a real nice smoke. Hits you quickly with a mellow heavy body buzz, a mood booster it relaxes the body a lot. Great help soothing your stress and depression. Try it easy to grow plant.

  6. Avatar for J. Jacobsen

    J. Jacobsen

    Spectacular strain. I grew with a great taste i love everything about her, the taste, smell and effect is super WOW!
    Smooth on the throat. Nice comfy uplifting buzz. Definitely a pleasant experience all around. I would recommend to all.

  7. Avatar for XarlesB


    For my first, I found it excellent grow. without a doubt, I committed a couple of errors didn’t expect much for my first grow. I’m happy with the outcome. I’ll do it again good strain good to smoke anytime!

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