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Afghan Marijuana Seeds is a classic cannabis strain that’s very easy to grow. It is one of the legendary strains, parents of many strains we know and love today. This is pure indica and comes with 20% THC. It is also a small plant, but despite this, it will give you potent yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors.

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More About Afghan Auto-flower

One of the best things about marijuana strain is that it helps you fall asleep faster, and the Afghan Autoflower marijuana seeds is no stranger when dealing with this kind of effect. Aghan strain is an Indica dominant that is relatively known to have high sedative qualities. Pairing it with an auto-flowering strain made it suitable for growers too.

The effects of the Afghan Autoflower marijuana seeds is usually considered Indica heavy, and it will often start slow and paces itself to produce some of the most potent highs you could feel in an auto-flowering strain. However, when it was paired with a Ruderalis plant, it lowered the THC content but still provides potency.

This Marijuana strain contains 17% of high-powered high that is relatively potent enough to knock you within minutes, and the high often starts with a cerebral head rush, then a euphoric sensation can be immensely felt onwards. As you will be overwhelmed by this wave of energy, your mind, body, and soul will be relaxed, and a soothing sensation ensues.

This strain typically loves warm weather as opposed to closed setups with artificial lightings. Afghan auto’s wide leaves and short structure thrives outdoors and loves plenty of exposure to the sun. Indica genes only indicate that this strain has great resistance to molds and mildews.

Overall, this strain is stable enough to be recommended in all types, whether growers, smokers, or just an avid cannabis fan.

7 reviews for Afghan Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Celia Sims

    Celia Sims

    For years, my friends and I have raved about this fantastic herb, claiming it to be the best earthy Indica strain. As a result, I attempted to develop it in my small yard. I treated it as if it were a valuable jewel, tending to it and ensuring that the light and humidity levels were just right. Surprisingly, my afghan is mold-resistant. That was almost a problem for me, but my afghan turned out beautifully. It has a soft, piney, spicy, and sticky flavor and THC content that is potent but not euphoric. For me, this is a positive sign of progress.

  2. Avatar for Jose Ballou

    Jose Ballou

    I had no problems growing my weed! Afghan Auto was growing so healthy in my backyard with the right amount of light and warm temperature tho! I love its average THC content that every time I smoke this good shit, I instantly fall asleep and wake up with a relaxed body!

  3. Avatar for Peter Rosario

    Peter Rosario

    This afghan plant really grows well in hydroponics and then generates a really high-quality buds. It emits a floral and sweet scent when properly cured. Whenever I lit it up the spice and herbal taste remains on my mouth for quite some time and give me a soothing feeling which I always liked.

  4. Avatar for Charles Mitchell

    Charles Mitchell

    Afghan Auto drive me wild like an animal at the party last night! I felt how the high gave me the strength and motivation to dance! My muscles were relaxed and soothed! The quality of the smoke was a 10/10 to me! I can taste how sweet and herbal it is! Growing Afghan Auto is like growing roses! TOO EASY!

  5. Avatar for Tony Maxon

    Tony Maxon

    I can say that this is the best!! I can’t get over the strong woody aroma that is hard to resist. Every puff I make is like eating a spoonful of sugar that sticks to my tongue. After a few minutes, I can feel my body gently melting, giving me giggles and calming my nerves. I recommend this strain to those who want a massive yield!

  6. Avatar for Slather Anderson

    Slather Anderson

    Bought 10 seeds of Afghan Autoflower seeds and all germinated well. It’s not too hard to grow, which makes for a nice little summer project in the garden. And once the fall comes around there you are with some fresh afghan weed in your pocket. Just make sure you care for your plants every week. This is some seriously nice stuff, and it smells good and it tastes pretty dang good too. Recommending this even to first-time growers/users.

  7. Avatar for Varden Cailot

    Varden Cailot

    Reading and research is a huge learning with this grow. Germinated 5 out 5 of my purchase it grew way taller than I expected but was a strong and hardy plant with great shape. It’s very satisfying knowing soon enough I’ll be able to harvest them myself.

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