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24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

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24K Gold Marijuana Seeds is a balanced strain with heavy yields. It is a small plant only 100 cm tall but will produce average yields. THC levels are up to 22%, and thus it’s an energetic, euphoric strain capable of relieving inflammation, arthritis, stress, migraines, anxiety, and depression. This flowers early at just 8 weeks and will grow citrusy, pepper, and orange-flavored buds.

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More About 24K Gold Marijuana Seeds (Regular)

This indica dominant hybrid strain was derived from the genetic combination of the strains, Tangie, and Kosher Kush. The goal of the crossing is to acquire am offspring that maintains and even strengthens the fruity and organic terpenoids. Loaded with an amazing set of terpenes, the strain will indulge users into a marvelous experience of lemon and fruity scents and taste.

It also packed of high mostly focused on the cognitive while being submerged into a lengthy feeling of relaxation. Perfect for both recreational and medicinal consu1mers seeking for a fruity strain with potent high influences.

Surprisingly, despite having remarkable characteristics, the strain is very easy to cultivate and growers vigorously in both indoor and outdoor areas. This strain thrives into a medium plant and prefers a warm climate. It can be suitable for growth also if developed under the greenhouse area. Genetically, it has resistance against molds when moisture builds up. Expect to generate 500 grams of harvest indoor and 900 grams outdoor after the end of the flowering period within 56 days.

3 reviews for 24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Matthew Nguyen

    Matthew Nguyen

    24K Gold Regular is insanely trippy! I was blown away by how vibrant and lush these plants were and how fruity-flavored and orange-scented the nugs were! It’s a euphoric buzz that’s perfect for unwinding while watching a movie or listening to music. There isn’t a better herb to grow with than this one; it’s like a warm blanket at the end of a long, cold day!

  2. Avatar for Anthony Burdeos

    Anthony Burdeos

    Bought 24k Gold seeds from Beaver Seeds and gave me the best quality ones. Planted on my garden and as it grows, it has an awesome smell, similar to its tangie relatives, with a citrusy-pungent aroma, and has a pine-like taste. It has an uplifting high and very clear, it will definitely make you giggle as well. And I slept right away after a full day of enjoying this weed. Very dreamy, got huge buds and coated in crystals so it looks as good as it smells. Definitely, a real gem! Get this gold and you won’t be sorry for sure!

  3. Avatar for Merle Faubert

    Merle Faubert

    It was a glorious and fun grow! I love the the way it grow and the potential that you get from this plant! 24K Gold seeds was the principal strain I purchased from Beaver Seeds, with high quality great results in spite of it was my first grow. I really loved growing this one.

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