24k Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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24k Gold Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a potent high. It comes with 22% THC with minimal CBD levels. It grows short just 100 cm tall but can produce up to 450 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter. You’ll love its large buds with orange, pepper, and citrus flavors.

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More About 24k Gold Marijuana Seeds (fem)

A Strain that came from a Prominent Lineage

The resulting strain from the cross of Kosher Kush and Tangie, 24k Gold feminized, is admirably sticky and flavorful. It exudes a pleasant aroma characterized as sweet, skunk, lime, and orange-like. It is indeed a happy and soothing experience of cannabis smoking.

But aside from its palatable treats that gratify the users, 24k Gold marijuana seeds also reach out to the cannabis cultivators by giving them the convenience of cultivation. Although it is an Indica-dominant plant, its growth is quite tall. It thrives well outdoors under hot and temperate climates. It is just pleasing to know that the plant can also resist mildews and molds. The harvest period is commonly scheduled in late October, and when things go well, its potential yield is around 21 ounces per plant.

It is also possible to grow 24k Gold indoors while employing the Sea of Green. The yield is around 16 ounces per square meter.

7 reviews for 24k Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ralph Witt

    Ralph Witt

    BEST! 24k Gold is a brilliant strain that I had ever grown! It rewarded me with excellent yields with healthy green nugs, rust pistils, and resinous buds! I love how it withstands the constant change of weather. I had a good start with its effects since it reduces my seizures and anxiety attacks. I loved its sweet and lime taste.

  2. Avatar for J. Walker

    J. Walker

    The plant grew amazingly. Definitely a pleasant experience all around. By the looks, smell and effects this weed blew me away. Nice buzz. it delivers balanced mental and physical effects for recreational and medical user. Highly recommended.

  3. Avatar for K. Jones

    K. Jones

    A hassle free plant. Easy to grow. Impressive Strain. Nugs are dark green, with dark orange hairs, and are covered in green kief. Citrus-like, like a fresh sweet orange scent. The buzz is almost immediate,intense euphoria with head high followed by relaxing body high. I totally recommend.

  4. Avatar for Robe Johnson

    Robe Johnson

    Best strain of all times. Easy to grow. Beautiful buds and a manageable size. Highly resistant to diseases and provide high-yielding crops. High quality bud that smells great and tastes great. Nice relaxed body high, while still keeping your mind clear enough that you can still focus on tasks at hand. DO your self a favor TRY IT and Enjoy it and you will notice that the hype around this strain is justified!

  5. Avatar for C. Riley

    C. Riley

    The plant is a dream for beginners. Super easy to grow. Nice big buds.Taste like Lemon tart. Best high i have experience. You’ll be hit with a body buzz that starts in your spine and slowly spreads throughout your body, ridding you of any pain. Great for a night in with a nice body high that leaves you content to just relax or engage in a peaceful hobby. Absolutely recommended.

  6. Avatar for Jairus Justice

    Jairus Justice

    Top shelf strain. Pretty easy to grow.It has resistance to the mold and pests.Dark colored buds. Flavors wildly unique, sweet citrus very pungent, earthy sweet middle with a strong orange citrus after taste. Onset was quick and it really deepened over time. Mostly body effects, but with a fairly strong cerebral element. Having an awesome caregiver helps! Go grab as much as you can!!!

  7. Avatar for Donatien Bédard

    Donatien Bédard

    This strain was amazing pretty pleased with my first grow it gave a fair sized yield. Some sticky stuff, very enjoyable and a smooth smoke. I would recommend you grow this strain.

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