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Early Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Early Skunk Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20%, which gives you an energetic, relaxed, creative, focused, and talkative effect. It can be used as a therapeutic strain that may be used to deal with inflammation, migraines, insomnia, depression, and stress. Flowering time takes only 8 weeks, giving you flowery, sweet, earthy, and pungent buds.

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More About Early Skunk (fem)

Perfect for Outdoor Cultivation

Early Skunk feminized is not just an ordinary hybrid. It exhibits the potential traits of its parents. When using this strain, smokers are likely to anticipate a balanced body and mind experience. And just how its name implies, Early Skunk is quite skunky. It smells of floral that a proven aficionado can easily identify from a distance. Resembling its odor, the strain offers a stuffy and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Early Skunk feminized is a joy to cultivate even for the beginners. Compared to other cannabis strains, this plant has a faster flowering time, and it only requires minimal supervision. It is strong to combat fungus and molds. But more importantly, this plant is very productive. Although it does well when grown indoors, Early Skunk especially prospers when outdoors. Place in a venue that has plenty of access to sunlight, and it will likely produce a yield as much as 600 grams per plant.

2 reviews for Early Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for R. Rosario

    R. Rosario

    Plants are vigorous and resistant to shorter/colder outside seasons.Fairly easy to grow. Earthy, spicy smell and a sweet and piney taste.Fairly potent.Amazing long lasting high i feel energetic happy and flexible. Helps to combat your pain and stress. Highly recommended.

  2. Avatar for A. Paschke

    A. Paschke

    Very strong cannabis buds. I planted it in my backyard.A resilient plants has a strong resistance to mold and pest. Has an earthy aroma and fruity taste. Great high insanely psychedelic. Good for working and relaxation.A good choice for your first grow.

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