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Tahoe OG marijuana strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid that also provides the user with a complementary balance of heavy body relaxation with an intense euphoria that will have users kicking back and chilling out the rest of the day! Coming from a backcross of the insanely popular OG Kush, this weed is also a perfect medical cannabis strain that can treat a myriad of mental and physical disorders. Its THC content of 22% will release a potent heavily sedating high couple with a mood uplifting stimulation that has been a favorite of recreational and medical cannabis users since its introduction to the mainstream cannabis scene!

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Tahoe OG (fem) Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced hybrid (50% Indica %50% Sativa)
Genetics Parents: OG Kush Phenotype
Flowering Period: 10 – 12 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Warm, Dry
Yield: 300 grams
Flavors: Citrus, Earthy, Spicy
Effects: Calm, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxing, Sedating
THC Level: 22%
CBD Level: 0.5%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: September to October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Tahoe OG (fem) Strain

The effects of the Tahoe OG cannabis strain will start with a powerful head buzz that puts pressure on the forehead and initiates a euphoria within and the mood will suddenly be uplifted. This gives the user genuine happiness that is expressed through a confident and motivating demeanor. It will also induce a clear-headed high that will have users’ minds filled with creative ideas that can be very useful in a workplace setting! As the euphoric stipulation continues, a warm fuzzy feeling will travel from the head down to the spine and as it reaches the toes, a full body relaxation ensues. As the high starts to reach its apex, a fully sedated body will be looking for a comfortable spot on the house and glue its lazy body to it. This makes for a great introspective smoke as the user’s mental capabilities are not blurry. This reflective state is best enjoyed when one ah no more tasks left and they have the whole afternoon off to enjoy the high! As the sedating high starts to come down, a strong urge to fall into a restful and dreamless slumber will follow.

The Tahoe OG aroma and flavor are as natural and pure as they come. It is a rich mix of an earthy base mixed with pine and citrus. The creamy smoke of the weed tingles the tongue with a deeply flavored spiciness as citrus and earth delightfully play inside the mouth.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tahoe OG (fem) Strain?

Tahoe OG ganja has been prescribed by medical cannabis doctors to aid medical cannabis patients suffering from sleep disorders. The stress-relieving properties plus its sleep-inducing high is a perfect way to treat patients suffering from insomnia. The deeply analgesic and anti-inflammatory from its high THC and CBD content is a great organic option to treat those suffering from fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, migraines, chronic pains, and joint inflammation. It can completely numb the pain and allow the uses to move about freely and be productive without being hampered by pain. The use of this weed as an option to treat pain has been a trend in the medical scene as a lot of patients are now shying away from pharmaceutical offered pain relievers.

The euphoric and mood uplifting qualities of this weed are used to treat patients suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety as it completely eliminates cynical thoughts and replaces these with optimistic convictions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Tahoe OG (fem) Strain

Newbies may find the weed too potent and using it may lead to dizziness at first. As the mind and body effectively adjust to its potency, with continued use, the dizzy spells will soon be gone.

It is also normal to experience cottonmouth and drying of the eyes. Cottonmouth can be addressed by taking in hydrating fluids during and after the actual smoke to keep the user hydrated at all times. Applying moisturizing eye drops before smoking the Tahoe OG will prevent the eyes from thoroughly drying.

How to Grow Tahoe OG (fem) Strain

Tahoe OG feminized weed strains are best grown in warm, sunny, and dry environments. If one plans in growing outdoors, these conditions must be met otherwise, it is wise to have them growing indoors where environmental conditions can be monitored and adjusted. These medium-sized plants need assistance to promote better air circulation and light penetration. Pruning of some lower branches and leaves will let air flow freely and light to deeply penetrate the center of the plant for healthy and even growth. These plants will end their flowering period and can be harvested soon after. They will produce about 300 grams of top-quality Tahoe OG weed!


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