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Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Papas Candy Marijuana Seeds is an indica-leaning cannabis strain with medium to high yields. It is an award-winning strain winning different cannabis cup events all over the world. This is a strain with sweet and anise flavors ready to give you buds covered with thick resin. This is perfect for concentrate makers everywhere.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00


More About Papas Candy (Regular)

Addressed and crossbreed for the delicate demand of connoisseurs of cannabis, Papas Candy is a regular seed with no regular capacity and resin production. A real deal in terms of producing rich and potent resin is powerful and oozing with a 20% THC level. From the landrace of Laos and Pakistan, it has provided delicate touches of indica and sativa effects. Its relaxing power and mind uplifting capacity helps consumers to function creatively.

A great smelling strain, loaded with sweetness and pungent aroma, it does not only delivers the delight of every recreational user but extends its capabilities to medical users provided with its therapeutic components.

Shaped like a Christmas tree, the Papas Candy strain grows vigorous and compact in size. It does not require too many nutrients; hence managing and attention are only at a minimal level. Best grown in soil, hydroponics, and coco medium, the strain will generate 500 grams to 1000 grams of harvest, both indoor and outdoor settings, within the short flowering period.

1 review for Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Roldan

    Immensely heavy yielding strain, I did not expect to reap such harvest! I honestly ordered this blind and out of impulse. By the time I got it after a speedy delivery (great and fast service btw!), it was then I checked the strain’s background. I guess some part of me wanted a surprise and I was! It is sweet and flavorsome to smoke with a high that is diverse. Definitely a 10/10 strain. Thank you!

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