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What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are photoperiod seeds which means that these seeds will grow plants that rely on the amount of light it receives to bloom. Traditional cannabis plants are regular plants. Also, regular plants can be either male or female; you cannot immediately tell the gender of your plants from the germination to the growing stage. You will have to wait until your regular plants are flowering to find their genders.

Regular cannabis seeds are the most affordable cannabis seeds in the market. These are very common but watch out for quality. Some seed banks may sell regular seeds for the cheapest price but the quality may be questionable. For high quality, best value cannabis seeds, order from Beaver Seeds.

Why use regular cannabis seeds?

There are many reasons why you should grow regular seeds. First, if you want to grow both male and female plants to make new strains then regular seeds are the best choice. Also, if you want to breed-specific qualities in strains like smell, taste, THC content, or CBD levels, regular seeds will give you the best results. Finally, if you have a limited budget, cheap regular seeds are a good, affordable alternative.

But take note, not all regular seeds are the same. It’s best to buy your regular seeds supply only from a reputable online seed bank like Beaver Seeds.

How to grow regular cannabis plants?

Regular cannabis plants can be a challenge to grow as most regular strains have longer life spans (from germination to harvesting) and require a special lighting schedule to bloom. Compared to other strains, regular plants can take more of your time and this is true especially if you plan to grow delicious weed, not seeds.

During germination, use our special germination procedure to sprout your seeds successfully. Once your seeds sprout, consider an indoor growing area so you can closely monitor your plants. An indoor growing area will also protect your plants from pests and the weather.

Provide the best lighting from germination to the flowering phase. But just right before flowering, change your lighting schedule into a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule. Do this for a few days without breaking your schedule, and you’ll soon have pre-flowers.

This is the time to find out the gender of your plants. Separate the males if you’re planning to grow weed and leave the males with the females if you want to cultivate seeds.

Just like other types of cannabis seeds, regular seeds need the best soil, the right nutrients, and careful care to become healthy and very productive.

Where and How to Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds Online?

If you are planning to buy regular marijuana seeds for sale online and grow your supply, you must only deal with a reputable and trusted seed bank. When looking for a cannabis seed bank online, make sure to do some background and history checks to ensure your money and your identity will be kept safe when transacting the purchase. Make sure to only deal with a company that has a good history and track record to ensure you get the best value out of your dollar.

Here at Beaver Seeds, we take pride in our superior genetics and world-class production standards. We are a USA-based Cannabis Seed bank that has helped a lot of patients and consumers to have access to high-quality premium marijuana seed strains.

All our premium high-quality cannabis seeds go through a stringent selection process to ensure we provide the world-class quality that we promise our customers.

Why Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds from Beaver Seeds?

We offer FREE shipping and FREE premium marijuana seeds on minimum order amounts and with these offers, we can guarantee you that we have the most competitive prices in the market today! Try out our premium cannabis seeds today and enjoy bigger and better savings without sacrificing quality.

We also offer all seed types from Regular marijuana seeds, CBD marijuana seeds, Autoflowering marijuana seeds, and Feminized marijuana seeds. Check out our seed libraries today and we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.

From the classics to the latest, we have the perfect marijuana strain for you. OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, Wedding Cake strain, and many more! Only buy from your trusted USA seed bank and we can assure you that you will see the superior quality of our premium marijuana seeds from start to finish!

All our genuine and superior-high-quality marijuana strains are always in stock and are ready for shipping upon order. We ship worldwide and we offer discreet or stealth shipping if needed by our customers.

Feel free to contact our Customer support team, they are there to provide you with the best customer experience from picking to shipping, all the way through to our after-sales support that will ensure you will get your premium high-quality cannabis seeds the quickest and best way possible, making sure that you get your seeds in the best possible condition. Buy regular cannabis seeds online only here at and see the difference in quality and value.

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