Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that comes with high THC and good yields. It is a small plant growing earthy, pine, citrus, and pungent-sweet buds in 10 to 12 weeks. You can get as much as 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. It has a euphoric, relaxed and aroused effect.

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More About Lemon Pie Regular

The Lemon Pie strain, as the name suggests, provides users with some of the most intense citrus-flavored strains that are out in the market. It is the result between the Skunk #1 strain and the Amnesia Haze strain, both of which exemplify the true nature of potency and stability. Although the flavors and aromas are overpowered with sweet citrus goodness, it has an added Skunky finish to it.

Growing this strain requires ample time of daylight exposure and loves the outdoors, as evident by its massive yields when cultivated outside. Some users may know that this strain also possesses quite the capabilities of treating various conditions that range from muscle spasms, back pains, neck pains, and chronic pains that are always letting their presence felt. However, when this strain is smoked, a quick-acting pain-relief will be felt and covers a multitude of ailments. 3

Lastly, stable strains that have quite the arsenal are really hard to come by. Luckily for you, the Lemon Pie is popular even up to this day.

5 reviews for Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Donald Garrison

    Donald Garrison

    I’m not joking this stain has a powerful effect! I suddenly got drowsy and got chills in my bones! But, totally remove all the pain I’m suffering from. Medically, It helps me to reduce my epileptic seizures. The flavors and fragrance were potent with overloading lemon, lime, and sweetness that finishes the taste.

  2. Avatar for Joseph Kirkland

    Joseph Kirkland

    I had bought Lemon Pie reg strain a couple of times; It grows very consistent and healthy as it is. The flavors of citrus and sweet blend very well in my tongue, a few more tokes, and I feel a deep relaxation that matches the strong buzz that I think. I recommend Lemon Pie is a beginner-friendly seed to grow is what I like the most.

  3. Avatar for Raquene L.

    Raquene L.

    What a very beautiful plant! It grew very well, giving me resinous buds that I can’t stop sniffing. Its citrusy smell really is the best and a good weed to smoke to rendering me a relaxation on a stressful day. It’s pretty easy to cultivate and I recommend this even for beginners. Expect another order from me!

  4. Avatar for Steve J.

    Steve J.

    The buds are great! I always feel refreshed with its aroma and flavor. Been on some medications for my back pain and this the Lemon Pie is the only one that has potent effects. So thankful that I have picked this strain. Expect that I will purchase again, Beaver Seed.

  5. Avatar for Keri Mattis

    Keri Mattis

    I’m an indoor grower and this strain is one of my favorite. With its high yields uugh the best, I can see where my money went. I never regret on trying this strain. Plus its arthy, pine, citrus scent helps me relaxed. Thank you for this wonderful strain, will definitely buy again! 10/10 for me!

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