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Kosher Kush x Tangie Regular Marijuana Seeds

(2 customer reviews)


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Kosher Kush x Tangie Marijuana Seeds is a fruity hybrid cannabis strain, a balanced weed that’s easy to grow. This strain can grow indoors or outdoors but we recommend a greenhouse environment to get the best of both worlds. You’ll love its big fat buds with citrus, mango, pungent, pine and earthy flavors.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00


More About Kosher Kush x Tangie (Regular)

The heaven-sent strain, Kosher Kush x Tangie known for its heavenly effects and feeling in cloud nine scent and flavors, is the closest characteristics it possesses that match the heaven delight. From the crossbreeding of Kosher Kush and Tangie strains, comes the birth of a strain that is highly regarded and abundant in production.

With THC level reaching up to 24% as its highest recorded performance, it can deliver a very calming experience that takes away stress and provide a more clear body relaxing sensation, which supports the elimination of pain and other body-related discomforts. These can be experienced for a long period of time. The soothing citrus, sweet, piney, earthy, and skunk mixture of its terpenoid profile gives a strong addition to its promising features and effects.

The strain also shows a promising growing pattern that requires little management and attention imposed. It can grow relatively tall with no reported case of height problems encountered by growers. Suitable for beginner growers, the strain will produce a rewarding yield in different areas of cultivating. It has a relatively long duration of flowering time, about ten weeks maximum; still, growers will have an outcome pf 550 grams indoor and 600 grams outdoor.

2 reviews for Kosher Kush x Tangie Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ryan Wiley

    Great cannabis plant for a novice like me. Haven’t had a hard time cultivating it and grows pretty well. Got a great harvest as they produced some solid nugs. I also had fun with its scent and taste, loved the sweet citrusy notes of this strain. Had quite an amazing high as well.

  2. Andrea Couture

    Never thought Tangie and Kush could work together but hey, this certainly proved otherwise! Immensely thick and potent nugs, seeds grew some fairly tall plants around 6 feet, they were also quite bushy! Topped them right before flowering. Nice sedating highs, very trippy and euphoric!

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