Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Jelly Bean Marijuana Seeds or Jilly Bean is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has a trademark earthy and sweet flavor. It comes with a high 21% THC and thus it has an energetic, relaxing, euphoric and uplifting high. This is a small plant that grows only 120 cm tall but will produce good yields up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 650 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Jelly Bean Regular

A wild Jelly treat!

The Space Queen and the Orange Skunk strains are a hybrid cross between two potent strains. The Jelly Bean strain is no stranger when it comes to providing some of the best sweet and citrus goodness. This Sativa dominant strain showcases its true potential from its potent high that quickly builds up and has an explosive ending. The flavor and taste are reminiscent of both its parents, a blend of tropical fruit flavors that are a joy in the mouth.

Its potency and effects are often described as euphoric and inflict its users with a dose of happy thoughts and energizing feelings that translate to having a more productive day ahead. Growing this strain requires a good soil medium and proper airflow to avoid the formation of molds towards the tip. Aside from its well-known effects, the medical benefits of this strain are characterized by a slow and surging wave of calmness that suits the mind of people who are battling anger and depression.


3 reviews for Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    I grew this jelly bean strain indoors with organic soil as my medium and I also installed a new air ventillation. It was easy to developoed this strain with just the right amout of food, nutrients, water, and proper taining she could yield massively despite her small structure. The sweet and earthy taste of this strain alwasys stays on my mouth when I used it, and it makes me want more. Her effects could also really boost my boost and takes my worries aways.

  2. Avatar for Mary Bright

    Mary Bright

    Medically, Jelly bean helped me treat my mental health issues; I can savor the tasty sweet and orange combination; I had no problems growing this. I just maintain the proper airflow to ensure that there won’t be a mold build-up. The growth was just incredible! Kudos to Jelly bean reg!

  3. Avatar for Adreana P.

    Adreana P.

    I never expect that Jelly Bean Marijuana Seeds will be a breeze to thrive. I gave it ample sun and air that gave me a generous yield. I am also amazed by the high-quality seeds that Beaver Seeds gave me. Great customer service too. Two thumbs up!

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