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Northern Critical Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Critical Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its large buds and huge yields. This is yet another unbelievable thing as a small 50 to 100 cm tall plant can produce up to 900 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Northern Critical (fem)

The Strain That Can Throw Away Your Worries

An Indica-dominant hybrid, Northern Critical feminized, is the result of crossing Northern Lights and Critical. Its bulky and huge flowers provide not just the luxury of recreational perks but also the benefit of alleviating some medical symptoms like stress, pain, and insufficient sleep. It has an aroma and flavor that does not force smokers to like it. Its quality always excels.

Growing it can bring so much satisfaction. In grows in medium size with deep-green flowers, peach pistils, and resinous trichomes. Although it is not too complicated to propagate this plant, growers will have to set up branch supports to inhibit them from breaking. It can prosper when planted indoor and outdoor. Planting indoor will take 55 to 70 days of the flowering period. After then, a potential yield that is around 500 to 550 grams per square meter will gratify the grower. On the other hand, a yield of 800 to 900 grams per plant is likely to occur when growing outdoor.

5 reviews for Northern Critical Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mary Ross

    Mary Ross

    Northern Critical is a fantastic strain that I’ve grown with a 100% germination rate (10/10) and the best smell I’ve ever had from any weed. It smells like tropical fruit with a touch of spice. This strain is a keeper because of its beautiful rock, intricate flowers, and effectiveness in treating my chronic stress and depression.

  2. Avatar for Thomas Carson

    Thomas Carson

    WTF! Never in my life, I’ve grown this weed that gave me almost a thousand grams of bud per plant! Easy to cultivate in any climate! Northern Critical has all the incredible medical benefits for treating my arthritis and back pain. I smoke this whenever I want to relax and run away from my depression.

  3. Avatar for Hope Michel

    Hope Michel

    At first, the smell seemed very spicy and entirely earthy for me, but the I noticed that it had other aromas of piney and sour. The effect has a spectacular appealling, with a happy and euphoric feeling, though it does not locked me on the couch it still gave me a deep relaxation. And growing this plant was also easy in greenhouse, I just did some trimming and pruning on its early week, and the moment I harvested it; this strain rewards me with an outstanding yields!

  4. Avatar for Rebecca Opperman

    Rebecca Opperman

    My Northern Critical developed into a monster! It was the most active of the four plants in my previous batch. The buds turned out to be frosty and sweet. I also detect hints of the Northern Essential fuel-like aroma in addition to the rich earthy and spicy taste. Overall, I was pleased with what this strain had to bring. I can sense the delirious feeling taking over my body after my first puff!

  5. Avatar for James Kilgore

    James Kilgore

    This marijuana strain is very high-yielding! It produces massive and frosty buds. It has a strong spicy and earthy taste, and I’m always pleased with its sedating effect because it could take away all my worries and put me into a deep sleep. I always rely on this strain as an insomniac person. Definitely worth every penny.

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