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MK Ultra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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MK Ultra Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a heady high. It comes with high THC at 21%, making it a relaxing, sleepy, giggly, euphoric, and happy strain. It flowers early, giving you large buds with earthy, woody, flowery, sweet, and pine flavors you will surely love to taste over and over again.

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More About MK Ultra (fem)

An Indica Strain in the Fullest

MK Ultra feminized is the output of crossing of G13, OG Kush, and a secret strain. This strain has a very compelling cerebral effect, which is why its name is similar to a CIA project that exploits the mind.  Its THC content ranges around 17 to 20 percent, while CBD levels are relatively low.

Cultivating MK Ultra feminized is very promising. It typically begins the flowering phase when it acquires lesser light per day, such as the fall season or in an indoor setup where the light cycle is easy to control. Furthermore, growers enjoy propagating MK Ultra because it is easy to manage because of its ability to resist molds and many kinds of mildew.

When cultivated indoors, growers often use the hydroponics setup. Also, many use soil to grow the plant. It is also doable to grow it outdoor. However, growers should know that it prospers well in warmer climates.

4 reviews for MK Ultra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Terrence Wolf

    Terrence Wolf

    This strain really made my mind spinning that makes me happy and giggly feeling. It also has tasty sweet and piney flavors that stay in my mouth for a long time. Growing this was also an easy task when you give your plant the good care and nutrients it needed.

  2. Avatar for James Porter

    James Porter

    MK Ultra the best hybrid I have ever tasted, with inexplicable smell and taste. It has a strong efficacy in treating my post-traumatic stress disorder and joint pains. Beginners and experienced growers can develop it since it does not require too much care. Without a doubt, this strain is worth growing more than once.

  3. Avatar for Margarita Villagomez

    Margarita Villagomez

    Growing this plant was kinda easy in a hydroponics setup, and It’s been a month ago that I harvested my babies! It has a heavy earthy aroma with a soft lemon undertone. It’s ideal for evening consumption. My back pains have disappeared after I started using it. Buds are round and evenly spaced. The use of a trellis is strongly advisable.

  4. Avatar for Douglas Button

    Douglas Button

    My MK Ultra is a lovely weed with big, thick green buds and wrapped in layers of resins. Smell like sweet, floral, and eathy. These are some of the most straightforward buds I’ve ever grown. I only had one seed from a freebie, but I kept cloning for many grows because this plant is very simple to clone. MK Ultra is without a doubt one of the best producers I’ve ever grown. Her effects make e energetic and chatty than before.

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