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Rock Candy Feminized Seeds


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This hybrid cannabis strain is otherwise called as Alien Rock Candy feminized seeds. This Indica dominated hybrid has a fruity sweet aroma that came from the legendary Tahoe Alien and famous Sour Dubble that is carried although when exhaling. 

This strain contains 80% Indica and 12% Sativa. It also has a moderate THC content that ranges from 15 to 19 percent on average with both Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa effects. This strain has a unique aroma of pungent but sweet citrus. Also, you’ll notice the herbal aftertaste described as spicy whenever you exhale. 

Indeed, the candied lemon treat of this so-called Alien Rock Candy takes the mind away from earthy troubles. Some say that this famous Alien Rock Candy weed is best used while you exercise, hike, or do outdoor works. Some say that you can benefit from this if you choose to make it as a motivation.

Rock Candy Feminized Seeds

This strain is described to have along, densely packed and pepper-shaped medium buds with purple and orange hair. The nugs that this strain contains leaves that are dark purple with frosty white trichomes. 

It won’t create a forceful impact because Alien Rock Candy will give a relaxing feeling like you are flying in the sky. This strain is an Indica-dominant strain that delivers a psychedelic trip that can take one to float out into outer space with a dreamy euphoria. 

Some users describe this Rock Candy, high like you’re having a short five-minute psychoactive effect until it builds into a full mind and body relaxation until you experience deep body high. While using this strain, you’ll be feeling completely eased and warmed while you’re feeling uplifted and also stimulated. As you continue inhaling this type of strain and you these great feelings, you will slowly lead into an amazingly deep and restful sleep. 

Rock Candy Flavor and Aroma

This strain lives up to its name. It gives you a refreshing feeling with overtones of lemon peel that add zest to tired or exhausted spirits. When you want to add a bit of subtle sourness in the palate, you should complement it with a scent of freshly squeezed lime, and this hint develops an earthy after taste when you exhale. 

This Rock Candy definitely smells like a Kush and also comes with a pungent odor. This strain also has a distinct smell of orange, and with that, it proves that this cannabis is a delight to the senses. 

Many marijuana strains have that great smell but could not match it with great taste. Fortunately, this so-called Alien Rock Candy is not one of them; in fact, it is underwhelming when the scent of one cannabis is over to its taste. Most users love this strain because of its sweet and citrusy lemon blend that makes it a great treat to the palate. With strains sweet flavor and citrusy aroma, it is not only good when you want to chill, but it also makes it quite handy when you are looking for some motivation, physical or otherwise.

Rock Candy Effects and Uses 

 The same with other types of strains this, Alien Rock Candy has its negative and positive effects and uses. Some of the examples of these effects and uses are the following:

  • When using this strain, the effects may take some minutes to become active, but once it is set in, it gives you a strong euphoric punch. 
  • The effect of using this strain begins with your head, especially around the temples; you will feel a subtle burst of imagination and creativity.
  • When using this strain, your brain function increases, and you may find yourself interested in things that you are not interested in or seemed dull boring.
  • Basically, this Indica makes you feel relaxed.
  • While using this Indica, you will feel that your head is getting heavy and your legs and core will want to melt into the couch and stay there for hours.
  • While you are melting on the couch, your mind will begin to wonder and daydream then you’ll come up with random questions and scenarios in your head.
  • The effect of this so-called Alien Rock Candy is long-lasting compared to another type of Alien strain.
  • Due to its potent effect, this strain is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as loss of appetite, insomnia, and chronic pain or stress.
  • This strain also brings out the innate sense of happiness of users that can be clearly seen from the outside users smile genuinely.
  • This strain contains a creative boost that heightens motivation and keeps users from feeling tired.
  • This may trigger a cascade of anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia, for these reasons, it is best to start from a low dosage before gradually building up. Drinking lots of water is highly recommended, especially when using marijuana.
  • Using this strain also encourages one to pursue his passion because when you use this, you get the feeling of being comforted and nurtured.

Rock Candy Feminized Seeds Grow info

Just like with other strains, this Alien Rock Candy is an easy strain to grow, and it also appears that it is more resistant to pests and molds. Still, just like with any other cannabis, this needs a lot of care. 

This strain most likely to thrive well in the Mediterranean like climate, so growers have a choice of planting it outdoor, but most people or growers do not have that luxury. This type of cannabis also grows well indoors, especially when you combine the Sea of Green technique and hydroponics. 

When growing indoors and you expose this strain to 21 to 27 degrees Celcius, this ensures that it has a comfortable environment and within 8 to 10 weeks, one will be rewarded with an average of 500 grams of bud per square meter. This plant thrives more under a warm and dry climate, and by mid to late October, expect a yield of 500 grams of buds per plant.


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