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Platinum OG Feminized Seeds


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Platinum OG feminized seeds are one of the most-sought cannabis. Many people say that this hybrid strain is a very sweet and distinct type of OG Kush phenotype. It provides a very smooth vapor that is loved by everyone. Also, it comes with an amazing taste, somehow similar to most Kush cannabis strains. This amazing marijuana seed is a potent combination of the best parent cannabis strains, including Master Kush, the legendary OG Kush, and an unknown parent.

This Platinum OG is a strong Indica-dominant strain that has a high THC level that is peppered with some Sativa (provides energetic and uplifting effects during daytime) effect, creating a unique cerebral experience.

The THC level is 20% and is now reported to have 24% in some tests. This Platinum OG has vibrant and light green nugs. The buds are generally covered with a silvery sheen, similar to a thin metal coasting. It is a result of the high level of THC concentration that forms crystals on the buds’ surface.

Platinum OG Feminized Seeds

Described as one of the heaviest strains available, don’t let its natural relaxing aroma make you think that it’s a strain that will go easy, because it’s the contrary. It starts with a relaxed mind, followed by high thoughts. You will also experience a great sense of euphoria. Also, you would expect a slow and chilled high. What really makes this Platinum OG stand out from the crowd is its beautiful sleek, metallic appearance, which also gives its name.

Platinum OG Flavor and Aroma

In terms of flavor and aroma, what can you expect from Platinum OG, are they as sleep-inducing as its effects? This strain flavor matches its aroma with some added extras that will surprise your taste buds at first, but it quickly becomes enjoyable.

Upon inhaling this cannabis, your taste buds will receive an earthy flavor that develops in the tongue, which brings out woody hints. When you inhale this strain continuously, you start to notice the hidden notes and start to identify the woody flavor as a pine. While exhaling the smoke, it releases a different flavor, something that you would not expect, a coffee taste being left in your mouth.

The aroma of Platinum OG is somewhat a little bit of a surprise. Its name was obtained from a type of metal. However, instead of smelling a metallic chemical scent, you would be getting a strong earthy tone that feels extremely natural. The first scent of this famous Platinum OG resembles an earthy smell just after a storm. It fills the nose with a fresh earthy natural smell.

While using this strain, herbal tones begin to come out, taking you on a journey through a beautiful herb garden letting your breath in a variety of herbal scents. With a hit of Platinum OG’s smoke, it will give you a smooth cannabis experience, filling you with a mix of soothing earth and pine scents. Also, there’s an underlying spicy hit that adds warmth to the air that calms your mind while reminding the user of the autumn nights while enjoying the bonfire and sipping a delicious spiced pumpkin.

Platinum OG Effects and Uses

Platinum OG has many effects and uses (negative and positive); some of these are the following:

  • You’ll get the feeling of being relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, happy, and hungry.
  • It helps with stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
  • Some of the negative effects of using this strain are drying of the mouth, drying of eyes, dizziness, being paranoid, and feeling anxious.
  • This type of strain is said to be notoriously heavy and can definitely induce a solid couch-lock.
  • This will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds, which gained some users as an enjoyable medical strain.
  • This type of cannabis contains a very high THC level that can guarantee you total relaxation with a sudden burst of euphoria.
  • This will make you feel like your body is very heavy, and it’s losing the battle against gravity that you are more likely to kick back and sink into the couch.
  • This is an excellent choice if you’re finding a way to get a night of good sleep or unload all your negative thoughts and feelings, allowing you to stay positive and worry-free.
  • This type of strain should be used with caution because it tends to start out high, elevating, and easing the mind, but they quickly turn low and often have a sedative effect on users.
  • This may also treat chronic pain muscle spasms; it also helps alleviate migraines and other mood disorders.
  • This strain has a powerful drowsy effect that you are unlikely to remember the smaller details the next morning.
  • When taken in large doses, this strain acts as a great sleeping pill that results in a longer and deeper night sleep. This is the number one reason why this Platinum OG is very popular.

Platinum OG Grow info

This Platinum OG feminized seeds is an easy plant to grow, and that requires you a very little car as long as it gets the right temperature, and you give it enough room to grow freely. Growing indoors is one of the best ways to go if you are new to growing or when you are living somewhere with a temperamental climate because Platinum OG does not respond well when the temperature is unstable. When nighttime drops in temperature, it is already enough to upset the plant and can also result in a longer growth time and a much smaller harvest.

When growing this type of strain, you can expect about an average flowering time of nine weeks, with some plants being ready by the 7th week. This strain tends to grow to average height, with smaller plants expected to grow around 30 inches while the larger plants grow up to 80 inches. The possible height of this strain depends on a number of factors including, temperature, sunlight, and space where the plant will grow. 


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