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Maui Wowie Autoflowering Seeds


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Maui Wowie, also is known as Maui Waui, is an old cannabis strain better-known because of its scent, and it enhances happy energy for those who use it. These strains supply an easy, moderate, and give an energetic high that is ideal in the morning. Maui Wowie hits likely as a strong cup of coffee. It is eminent to be used for outdoor as well as indoor activities. 

The Maui Wowie provides an enjoyable sweetness like pineapple to your range. It was first generated during the free days of the 60s and 70s and made it as one powerful heroic strain. In the present day, this strain was still commending because of its high THC content. Also, during these present days, it is featured anywhere between 20 up to 28% of the psychoactive. 

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


This is commonly used as a stress reliever that sends for those who use it visionary beaches on its native land, which are the Hawaiian Islands. Maui Wowie autoflowering seeds provide an exotic-like fruity smell. This cheerful and energizing Sativa came from the islands of Maui, where it derives its tropical name and has a tropical flavor.

For those medical patients, they tend to enjoy using this strain as a stress reliever and also mood-enhancing property. Those patients who have suffered from depression said to have positive effects from this strain. It is essential to use in the morning to assist that nausea to keep down and have a good breakfast meal.

Having the best quality of these Maui Wowie seeds, you may be fond of having experienced a Hawaiian getaway without even getting off at your home. Stink with this powerful tropical terpenes goes all the way back in the year 60s. Because of its high resistance to mold with an outdoor pest, the Maui Wowie can be effortlessly grown at your home no matter what skill level you are in. 

Maui Wowie Autoflowering Seeds Flavor and Aroma

Maui Wowie is the perfect strain that has a flavor that wakes you by just touching it. It smells like a basket that has citrus fruit that looks like a sweet and lively, persisting smell that stays in the air throughout the day. It tastes delicious, which makes you think of eating fresh pineapple that contains a fruity taste that usually comes from a strain that arises from a tropical island of Hawaii. 

These types of marijuana strain have a citrus-like fragrance, smooth, and a fruity-herbal taste, including a stimulating buzz. This strain comes from the true old school of the marijuana seed genetics that means it is not like making overpower as the modern indoor cannabis strains that usually do. 

Maui Wowie Effects and Uses

It is also said that the Maui Wowie has been the favored among the crowd because of its very productive to amaze you as well as it also makes you feel like you are bouncing, and at the same time you feel that your mind is relaxed, and its immerse yourself in a condition of having a zero worries at all. 

It was just like permitting your head to run through an inspiring and motivated holiday having all the benefits that you can just imagine. This also includes some side effects that usually cause a case of having cottonmouth, which commonly goes with the sensation of having dry eyes. T

Here are a few that may feel to have a slight headache after they smoke the Maui Wowie, despite the fact that in most of its instance usually means with a mild headache. Some of the people that use it may feel slight dizziness while most of the feelings of paranoia. The Maui Wowie is known to be an eventually smooth, and it surely gives you sleepy enough to take a nap.

Maui Wowie Autoflowring was also known as a medicinal strain that is advised because it has a lot of relaxing effects. This type of Sativa is easy to smoke with, and it is good even in some occasional workers, and it is not immense in any other way. Those patients required to assist fighting stress love to have this Sativa for the reason that it makes them feel like they are at peace and prepared to unravel. 

Maui Wowie’s autoflowering seed is also unquestionably essential to battle as opposed to depression and any other types of anxieties. It is effective even with those who have a mental health problem. These strains lessen the panic attacks with those who are influenced by the PTSD and infusing focus in patients of the ADD or ADHD.

In addition, for those patients who are fighting to manage with some signs of fatigue, this strain might be the answer for all their prayers. For those people who are suffering pain may also have much relief with the regular use of this Sativa, it is also good even with some minor aches like headaches as well as migraines. 

Maui Wowie Grow Info

Regarding growth for a Maui Wowie autoflowering seeds are usually need a similar environmental state like the great Hawaiian Island. Though, with the help of some alter and maintenance, these cannabis strain plants can flourish indoors as well. The development of weed from the cannabis seeds and part from a Maui Wowie is examined relatively easily. 

You must go after the laws in your local authority as regards the legality in acquiring the seeds and growing these types of plants. The seeds can usually be ordered through the mail, where it is legal. The vendors can sometimes give some basic instructions as well as tips regarding growing these plants. Maui Wowie plants are usually cheerful and pliant, because of its conversion to the volcanic and sunny surroundings of Hawaii. 

To grow the Maui Wowie indoors, you will need to try your best to remake the native Hawaiian surroundings to acquire the most healthy and delicious plants that you want to have. You may use a tent that has high-density discharge lamps to recreate a sunny with tropical surroundings. 

For the following nine weeks, you will already induce a plant to have its flower with the help of your vendor’s favorite lighting schedule. It took at least nine weeks to stop it from flowering and prepared to harvest. It is presumed that its smooth Sativa may provide 14 ounces every square meter of its fresh aroma and taste buds.

While growing it outdoors, try to choose a place that has a sunny, hot climate that contains rich or eventually volcanic soil. These types of plants commonly bloom in mid-October. It is expected to give an average of at least 16 ounces every plant.


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