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Grand Daddy Purple AutoFlower Seeds


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Finding the best natural remedy to relieve pain and get a good night’s sleep can be a challenge after trying every cure that does not seem to work on you. Recently, a variety of dominant Indica has been on the rise that has been proven to do the trick.   

The Grand Daddy Purple Strain is characterized as a short and bushy herb along with its purple flowering buds, producing loads of THC crystals that help fight pain and restlessness in the most organic and effective way possible. Together with its sweet, satisfying aroma and flavorful taste, the Grand Daddy Purp experience is one you will certainly keep you coming back for more.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


Many people find Grand Daddy Purple autoflower or GDP a personal favorite. It is always on the users’ go-to choice to end their day pain-free. GDP is all-around pleasurable cannabis in which cannabinoids work together to help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Grand Daddy Purple is a hybrid cannabis strain that is Indica dominant. It’s a cross between the famous Big Bud and the legendary Purple Urkle. Having such a great blend of cannabis strains explains why GDP has a compound grape and berry aroma while possessing oversized nugs with a reliably composed bud structure. 

Also, the nugs are fuzzy and incredibly dense, with deep purple hues running throughout the buds. In addition, the nugs are generously covered by orange hairs and well contrasted with resin-coated buds. 

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Flavor and Aroma

Iconic for its beautiful purple flowers, it releases a pleasingly sweet scent with hints of pine and sandalwood, leaving a warm and cozy odor. Along with its organic fruity grape flavor with every smoke, it is truly a delectable treat that can perfectly grow for you.

In many aspects, Granddaddy Purple is similar to the Grape Ape cannabis strain. Many people treat them the same. Interestingly, each of these cannabis strains is said to have the legendary Mendocino Purps lineage, explaining why they have the same traits. They only slightly differ in appearance or aesthetics. A grower or user can always recognize Grandaddy Purple from its distinct berry marshmallow scent.

Grand Daddy Purple Effects and Uses

Coming from a medical strain, the Grand Daddy Purple is best for its relaxing properties, particularly for pain relief and insomnia. Its flower buds contain high amounts of THC crystals that give off an intense Indica stone for full recovery and satisfaction.

The terpene profile of Grand Daddy Purple has an intense berry influence. It has significant pain-relief attributes, perfect for patients who are looking for a relaxing effect. It helps provide relief to almost any physical ailment.

Grand Daddy Purple autoflower is a great choice of cannabis strain to end your day and start your night in a relaxing and deep body melt. People with insomnia can use GDP with ease to promote sleep. Also, it helps stimulate the appetite. It’s also beneficial for stress, pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Grand Daddy Purple Grow Info

The best part about this strain of cannabis is that it is fit for both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for any household. It can be found under the Purple Urkle and Big Bud genetic classification and is mostly Indica according to its plant type. 

Also a fast grower, it takes about at least eight to nine weeks and up to ten to twelve weeks at most to reach its flowering stage. The flower buds start to appear large and feel dense, full of THC, yielding up to four hundred to five hundred grams per meter square on average. Upon blooming, the THC crystals are most visible, and the sweet aroma is more evident. 


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