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Cali Kush Feminized Seeds


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It’s a crossbreed of an unknown Indica cannabis from California and the Hindu Kush, which is Indica-dominant, renowned for its spicy and sweet aroma. This feminized Cali Kush strain is fairly small and easy to cultivate indoors or even outdoors in a dry and warm climate.

In The Golden State, Cali Kush is very popular because the buds are large and dense. Also, the light green flowers are packed with trichomes with an icy blue hue. The buds emit a fruity citrus aroma combining with Kush’s darker coffee notes of a kush.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


Cali Kush Feminized Seeds is very popular among indoor marijuana growers because of its enticing flavor and aroma and monster yield. Also, it’s suitable both for recreational or medical cannabis patients. That’s why many cannabis users seek this Indica-dominant hybrid to obtain its pleasurable and health benefits of this best feminized strain.

Cali Kush Feminized Seeds are hybrid Indica-dominant cannabis strain. This strain will delight you because of its massive green buds beautifully covered by brown and orange hairs, as well as frosty resins.

Cali Kush Femnized Flavor and Aroma 

Cali Kush has an incredible menthol flavor, which provides a smooth hit. It is both recommended for novice cannabis users and seasoned users. This strain has an earthy taste. The hit is very smooth on the lungs. 

When it comes to the fragrance, Cali Kush will remind you of the sweet citrus scent of lemon tea, enhanced with a subtle coffee smell. Cali Kush has a delightful aroma with a skunky undertone. It has a slightly spicy aftertaste when you exhale, making it taste even better.

Cali Kush Effects and Uses

Cali Kush has a more Indica effect on many users, making them feel relaxed and happy. While you could feel the potency of this strain, it’s not over the top. You’ll find yourself watching HBO, Showtime, or a marathon series for hours. It will leave you to couch-locked and very relaxed. You’ll also find Cali Kush that is Sativa-dominant. The cerebral high could last for two hours, coming down on your body quickly. It won’t leave you sleepy, unlike most Indica-heavy cannabis strains. 

If it’s your day off from work, Cali Kush is an excellent strain to use on a lazy weekend. It’s a perfect Indica strain that can be used solo or chilling out with pot buddies. It increases your alertness level temporarily, and as the physical high deepens, you’ll find yourself locked in relaxing bliss.

Cali Kush users usually describe the effects as a calming and mellow sensation, increasing in intensity gradually. In just minutes, you’ll feel a sense of happiness. Some people find the effects euphoric but not making them super active.

For medical purposes, Cali Kush is a great stress relief, which can help relieve depression. Stress is directly related to depression, so killing stress can help relieve the signs and symptoms of depression. Also, this strain is highly recommended for those experiencing arthritis, insomnia, and panic attacks.

Cali Kush Grow Info 

You can cultivate Cali Kush outdoors. It thrives in a Mediterranean climate. Growing this strain indoors is even better, and you can use soil or water (hydroponics) as a medium. Also, Cali Kush responds pretty well to the Sea of Green or SOG technique, giving you a high yield. The expected indoor yield is up to 24 ounces per square meter and up to 20 ounces per square meter for outdoor cultivation. 

Cali Kush is easy to grow. It’s mold and fungus-resistant. That’s why novice growers find this strain easier to grow as compared to other marijuana plants. Unlike other marijuana strains, Cali 

Kush Feminized seeds have a relatively shorter flowering period or vegetative growth, as early as seven weeks.

When grown outdoors, Cali Kush thrives well in a warm climate. It loves the sun because it is used in the Mediterranean climate. You can harvest Cali Kush by between the second and third weeks of September.


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