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Behold – The Devil’s Crack

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Devil’s Crack comes with a medium-green color with some hints of bluish and orange hairs. The taste is heavenly sweet, while the smell is attractively fruity and tangy combined. Because it is mostly sativa, this strain is expected to grow tall. Growers will find that this strain is quick to cultivate, as it grows fast as compared to other Sativa strains.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


We have been experimenting on producing a strain that we can call our own and our dream has become a reality. This is one of the many strains that we have trying to produce but we cannot proudly introduce the other strains because they do not pass our quality standards except the Devil’s Crack.

With its premium quality with it being an easy weed to grow indoors and outdoors with premium potency and great fruity taste and effects, it passes our quality standards thus we are proud to sell them in our store.

The name of this new strain may sound so aggressive and strong, yet this high quality cannabis is actually heavenly at its best! What makes it devilish is that the moment you tasted it, it shows off its extreme potency that gives off energy. Want some flaming charge of energy going? Then Devil’s Crack is what you need.

Recreational or medical users will surely love this because of its taste and its medical attributes. It is our own hybrid of Original Skunk, Afghani strain, and a White Strain. The result of our experiment was strong, robust and a very easy to grow sativa dominant strain with yields that will surely make you happy.

Harvesting time for the Devil’s crack usually happens around October (outdoor growing), or after about 60-65 days from the flowering phase (indoor growing). In order to preserve the flavor and the smell of this strain, it is very important to take your time in properly curing the buds after harvesting.

As for the smoke, it produces a very tasty one which results to an energetic and uplifting high. However, moderation should also be exercised since overindulgence with Devil’s crack can leave you into space, giving you that zoning effect that makes you feel spacey. The high that this strain produces is immediate and very nice. As a matter of fact, the effects may last for about an hour and a half. Dry mouth may be experienced afterwards.

Smokers of this strain love the effects that it can give after the high. The giggles and laughter are really fantastic, leaving them with a light head and heart afterwards. This is a recommended strain to smoke for individuals who still wants to be productive even after smoking because the stone that it gives on the body is just mild and light.

1 review for Behold – The Devil’s Crack

  1. Shawn

    Simply amazing

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