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Kosher Cookies Fem marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by combining Kosher Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. With such great parent strains, this resulting strain is undoubtedly a great one as well. The genes that it has inherited from its parents are all amazing. Being a feminized strain, Kosher Cookies Fem surely will impress its growers with its all-smokable yields. It has a high THC level, which makes it a potent strain. For that reason, new cannabis users must take precautions in consuming this weed, as it may overwhelm them.

This strain is mostly Indica, so users can expect the dominance of the Indica effects on them. Thus, this weed is perfect for nighttime use when all the business of the day is gone. It helps users relax and unwind before finally falling into a restful sleep.

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Kosher Cookies Fem Strain Specifications

Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Kosher Kush x Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: unknown
Yield: 350 g/m2 (indoor)
Flavors: pine, citrus
THC Level: high
CBD Level: unknown
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: late October
Growing Difficulty: easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kosher Cookies Fem?

Kosher Cookies Fem marijuana strain offers a delectable scent and flavor profile. As the buds of this amazing marijuana are broken up, citrusy pine scents are revealed. When these buds are combusted, they produce a light smoke that might be overwhelming for novice cannabis smokers. Users will undoubtedly return for more of this delicious cannabis. It’s a lot of fun for the taste buds and the senses.

Due to its Indica dominance, the high produced when smoking this strain has a soothing effect. This begins with a mind surge that offers users a feeling of elation and joy. Users may experience an increase in their imagination’s creativity and focus, which is beneficial for brainstorming sessions. The body stone becomes more evident as the head-high wears off. All of the muscles in the body relax because of this body high. When used in bigger doses, it makes the body drowsy and eventually causes couch-lock if taken in larger doses. This strain is best used in the evening, especially before going to bed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kosher Cookies Fem?

Kosher Cookies Fem marijuana is popular among cannabis users not only because of its recreational benefits but also because of its medicinal properties. The physical and mental exhilaration produced by this strain can help to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, melancholy, and other mood disorders. Chronic pains, muscular tensions, swelling, nerve discomforts, and other physiological aches and pains can all be helped by this strain’s relaxing effects. This strain causes a couch-lock effect, which may help patients experiencing sleeplessness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kosher Cookies Fem

Like any other cannabis strain— Kosher Cookies Fem marijuana has the potential to cause minor negative effects. Dry eyes and a dry mouth are the most prevalent symptoms. Users who are experiencing these symptoms should drink enough water to stay hydrated. Users may develop dizziness, paranoia, and headaches in rare cases. Using cannabis safely is the greatest way to appreciate it.

How to Grow Kosher Cookies Fem?

Kosher Cookies Fem marijuana can easily be grown by new cannabis growers because of its low maintenance requirements. A bonus to this strain is the fact that it is feminized. With that, growers will not have to separate the males from the females anymore because the seeds are guaranteed to grow into females only. This means that growers can expect to harvest smokable weeds only. This is really a game-changer in the cannabis community. It saves the growers both time and effort.

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