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Ice Cream Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds



Ice Cream Cake Fem marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This Indica dominant strain is the result of combining two of the greatest cannabis strains that ever existed. The offspring is truly a high-quality weed that is adored by both recreational and medical users all over the world. This strain grows into a tall plant with long branches, thick green leaves with shades of blue. The flowers cover the stem, which forms like a huge soccer ball that can be divided further into smaller pips.

This weed has a high THC level that can range between 19% to 23%. Hence, it is not advised to novice smokers who have a low tolerance to THC. As this is an Indica-dominant strain, it is best used during nighttime for better relaxation after a tiresome day.

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Ice Cream Cake Fem Strain Specifications

Type: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Genetics Parents: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: warm
Yield: 500 to 550 g/m2 (indoor), 550 to 600 g/plant (outdoor)
Flavors: sweet, vanilla, citrusy, earthy
THC Level: 19% to 23%
CBD Level: <2%
Height: tall
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Ice Cream Cake Fem?

The scent and flavor profile of Ice Cream Cake Fem marijuana are very appealing. As the buds of this excellent marijuana are torn open, delectable vanilla aromas emerge. This weed’s smoke has sweet and citrusy aromas. The earthy and vanilla flavors complete this wonderful experience. Users will surely return for more of this delicious marijuana. It gives the senses, as well as the taste buds, a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Because of its Indica qualities, the high produced by smoking, this strain has a soothing effect. This begins with a cerebral high that makes customers feel elated and happy. Users may experience an increase in their imagination’s originality and attention, which is beneficial for brainstorming sessions. The body stone becomes more evident as the head-high wears off. All of the muscles in the body relax because of this body high. It causes the body to become exceedingly peaceful when consumed in large amounts. If taken in larger levels, it can lead to couch-lock. This strain is most effective in the evening, particularly just before bedtime.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ice Cream Cake Fem?

Ice Cream Cake Fem marijuana is popular among marijuana users not just for its recreational but also medical properties. The physically soothing benefits of this strain can help to ease stress, anxiety, sadness, and other mood disorders. Swelling, nerve discomforts, chronic pains, muscular tensions, and other physiological ailments can all be helped by this strain’s relaxing properties. This strain’s Indica effects can lead to a couch-lock effect, which may be beneficial to people who have trouble sleeping.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Ice Cream Cake Fem 

Ice Cream Cake Fem marijuana, like any other marijuana strain, can have some negative side effects. Dry eyes and a dry mouth are the most prevalent symptoms. Users who are experiencing these symptoms should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Users may develop headaches, disorientation, and paranoia in rare cases. To fully enjoy the wonderful benefits of this weed, users must consume it in moderation. 

How to Grow Ice Cream Cake Fem?

Ice Cream Cake Fem marijuana is a feminized marijuana strain that may be grown by both rookie and experienced cannabis gardeners. It’s a plant that can be grown both indoors and out. Growers can utilize a variety of training techniques, like SOG and SCROG, to improve the overall condition of their cannabis plants. After eight to nine weeks of cultivation, growers can expect to harvest 500 to 550 grams per square meter. And if grown outdoors, this strain can produce massive yields of 550 to 600 grams per plant.

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