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how to make joint filters

A Guide on How to Make Joint Filters

Joint filters have so many benefits to offer and another great thing about them is that they do not come with drawbacks. The most basic ones are very easy to assemble; hence, there should be no reason not to try it. 

Although joint filters are more of a choice rather than a requirement, there are several good reasons for trying them. Aside from providing a better flow of air, joint filters also help in keeping the joint together. Also, users are not confined to only one kind of filter. 

Learning how to make joint filters can lead you to so much convenience. There are all varieties of different types of filter tips. Some are available for purchase while others can be rolled right in the comfort of your home. If this is your first time trying the joint filters, then you must familiarize yourself with the details on why it is good to use them to improve your smoking experience.

Why Should You Try Joint Filters?

Don’t you just dislike it when you are trying to fully consume your joint; however, it only ends up breaking towards the end? If that is often your case, then it is about time that you consider using a joint filter. By employing a joint filter tip, you can achieve a more stabilized joint. Hence, you know that you get the best output possible.

Joint filters will make an important part of any user’s toolbox. Yet, many people abdicate the joint filter generally when they are rolling a joint. It is a fact that rolling a joint filter can consume more time especially if you are in a hurry and requires more effort to the process of rolling. However, the benefit cancels out the additional works.

Moreover, a joint filter is very helpful if you are having a session with your colleagues. More or less, you already have the idea that a plain joint can get pretty awful at the end, particularly if one of your friends loves leaving drip all over it. Using a joint filter will make things less cluttered. 

Another benefit of using a joint filter is that it helps retain a steady airflow, which means that you do not need to do excessive sipping to achieve pleasant hits. Now and then, a firmly rolled joint can be not possible to smoke. However, with the aid of a joint filter together with its holes in two ends, you can achieve the maximum volume of airflow each time.

Smoking an unfiltered joint has the innate risk of loosely packed cannabis or flakes getting into the mouth. Some users find this to be extremely displeasing and awful tasting experience.

Lastly, the join filter helps you to ingest everything in the weed without being careless. Commonly, if you ingest a joint, you always end up exhausting the last tiny portion to prevent your fingers from getting burnt. Because you have spent money on the product, it is only fair to anticipate a full consumption of smoke until nothing is already is left.

What are the Benefits of Joint Filters?

Although there are plenty of benefits that can be obtained depending on the kind of materials used, here are the main benefits that many cannabis aficionados prefer to utilize them:

1. Keep cannabis crushed from getting into the mouth

Although edibles are the most prominent products nowadays, there should be no good reason to eat cannabis. Many people perceive that if you eat a newly cured bud, they will get high. However, the THC in the plant matter has to be activated by heat before it releases the psychedelic effects. 

2. Inhibit resins from hampering the airflow via a joint

If there is one thing that is known about cannabis, it is the absolute quantity of available resins. While you smoke a joint, a lot of this gummy substance will accumulate at the beginning, which will ultimately make it hard to take a hit. Joint filters shall keep the surface of the mouth open which facilitates convenient travel of the air and smoke.

3. Easier to pass

A joint filter offers something firm to hold onto, particularly once the roll burns down to a little piece. Considering the marijuana grind does not reach the tip part of the mouthpiece with a joint filter, the heat remains back from the fingers.

4. Minimal waste

Joint filters commonly consume up to 20 percent of the roll. The longer they are, the farther away from the fingers it will require to burn. Once you wheeze your direction to the filter, all the tasty buds shall be gone. Thus, you do not have to be anxious about gathering unappetizing roaches or tossing away a perfectly great product.

What are the Types of Joint Filters?

Purchasing a joint filter can be transacted online or from a shop. However, if you intend to save money, then you may consider creating your version of a joint filter. but how to make joint filters? Fortunately, there are only limited items needed in making a joint filter, and some of these items may be already available in your home.

One of the more conventional selections is the cardboard. Provided that it will suit the end part of your joint, anything that is built from cardboard can be acceptable. Next is the fusilli – those coiling tiny noodles that are available in any grocery store. 

The advantage of this selection is that it does not require any preparation. All you need to do is snap off a part that is an appropriate size for the joint. The finer the noodle is the better. Ultimately, there is an index card. Although you need to roll this, they are very affordable and do not need much time and effort to set up. 

What are the Materials Needed?

The first step in creating a good joint filter is collecting the best materials. You will like to choose bleach and chemical-free papers. Commonly, you can find excellent tip paper or filter in a smoke shop. As much as possible, you would want to use an all-natural kind to avoid any forms of risks.

Bear in mind that the filter of the joint is what the entire smoke you are ingesting passes through before you penetrate it. If you are using a filter paper that is processed or bleached with dangerous chemicals, you may jeopardize your health with each hit.

If you do not have the luxury of time, or cannot make it to a smoke shop yet you still have to create a joint filter, you may utilize other things aside from filter paper. As mentioned, the cardboard will make a good option.

How to Make Joint Filters – The Best Practices of Rolling

Aside from the fact that there are several kinds of joint filters, there are also numerous ways on how to roll them. Utilizing the heart and leaves of cannabis, there are boundless possibilities. Not to forget that they are artistic.

1. Normal Tip

If you will opt to do the simple one, then you should consider doing the standard tip. Simply get your choice of filter and fold the end into an accordion. Take the end part, fold it over, and begin rolling it with your fingers to shape a cylinder. You should notice a “W” in the circle once you are done.

2. Star

To execute this, you will need to secure some scissors and stable hands. You will notice a completely distinctive result later on. First, make your accordion just like you will normally do with a regular joint filter tip. In the middle section, fold the accordion tip under, and you will see it shaping a star. If necessary, fold it again into the accordion form so it makes a firmer shape once you fold it again into a star. 

Turning back to the accordion, keep the one part unfolded and cut it off. After doing that and folding it again into a star, you will see a more ideal shape. To conclude it, get another filter and have it rolled over the star.

3. Mercedes

If you enjoy Mercedes, you can also try the Mercedes joint filter. This one is quite easy to roll. To start, get your filter and create an accordion. At around 4 folds through, begin creating the Mercedes shape, which is the same as the upside-down version of “Y”. Then, simply roll the remaining filter around the Mercedes symbol.

4. Girelle

In just a matter of 3 minutes, you can roll a girelle joint filter. To begin, get the one end of the filter. Roll it over a little. Then, start unrolling and rolling the end part through your fingers. While you are carrying this out, put more pressure nearer to the end so that it begins to make a girelle-like formation. 

When rolling, press down often to toughen the circle. Once you obtain a pleasantly looking girelle, unfold the whole thing and roll it again. Unfold again, roll the very tip just a little, snap it upside down, slightly roll it forward, and bring it up and have it folded backward. At this time, you must be rolling over instead of rolling under until you come to the opposite end. Once you reach this part, you are done!

5. Heart

If you want to be artistic with your output, then maybe you should consider doing the heart. Naturally, this approach is quite more difficult to roll compared to the normal tip; however, it is all worth it. To start, get your chosen filter and fold back a little quantity at the end. Utilize your tool in rolling the filter paper around marginally on either side of the fold to shape the top of the heart. 

After doing that, fold the two ends down and create the heart structure. Lastly, roll the filter all over the heart and do the rolling of your joint.

6. Cannabis Leaf

Perhaps the hardest thing to roll is the cannabis leaf joint filter. For this specific style, you will require a ca. 3 cm b ca. 10 cm sized filter. Around a third of the way, you will have to make an accordion, although, with this one, you will have to fold the center over more. With that step, if you unroll the filter, it mirrors the top portion of the cannabis leaf.

Once you obtain that formation, get a pair of scissors to close off a little of the end of the initial fold, making it obtain a smaller width compared to the rest. Get the opposite end and have it rolled under instead of rolling over, giving a minimal space between it and the end of the accordion. Again, unroll it but only a little, then begin rolling it more firmly. The top portion of the cannabis leaf must be surfacing in the opposite direction when you roll. Once you get some space between the leaf and the roll, start rolling all over it until the filter is done.


Whether you are a full-blown cannabis user or a neophyte in the industry, learning how to make joint filters will make an essential skill. A lot of people may often feel anxious thinking that these joint filters can lessen the potency of their product. However, in actuality, the use of a joint filter can make your experience of smoking your joint a lot easier.

The use of a joint filter will undeniably help to enhance your smoking experience for a joint. It can enhance the smoke’s quality, making it suaver with far minimal pieces of weed debris from getting stranded in your throat, or destroying the flavor characterization.

Just make sure that you use the one that fits your budget. Dispensable filter tips are more affordable per unit. However, through the time you will only end up spending higher on dispensable filters than how much it costs to simply purchase a reusable one.

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