OG Kush CBD Marijuana Seeds


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OG Kush Marijuana Seeds is a powerful, mostly indica-strain. It comes with very high CBD at 15% and very low THC at 1%. You can guarantee that this strain will be very relaxing, uplifting, and will help you focus. It is effective for the relief of anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and all kinds of pain.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


More About CBD OG Kush (1:15) 

 This sativa dominant strain, CBD OG Kush (1:15), has undergone a reduction of THC level as compared to the classic OG Kush with tremendous psychoactive effects. Most percentages of cannabis users are not able to handle its potency but desire its medicinal properties, hence the birth of this rich CBD level strain with up to 15%, that possess less than 1% of THC components.

Rather than psychoactive impact, it radiates a very soothing and relaxing effect, putting you in a meditative situation that is easy to take on. These are the fundamental factors that can help human sufferings like pain relief, anxiety reduction, and alleviating symptoms of depression. Great for day time use among recreational enthusiasts.

Similar to its lineage OG Kush, it has a very quick flowering period and could generate a very high amount of production that possess discreet tones of fruits and floral. It could generate up to 450 grams of harvest, both indoor and outdoor growing environments.


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