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CBD Blueberry Marijuana Seeds


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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds is a stunning and colorful cannabis strain that’s best for beginner growers. This is a mostly-indica strain with very high THC content at 24%. Expect a euphoric strain with sleepy, focused, uplifted, and creative high. It is best for the relief of arthritis, anxiety, migraines, stress, and depression.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About CBD Blueberry (1:16) 

The CBD Blueberry is a powerful hybrid strain, uniquely offers a great amount of CBD from the genetics of CBD rich strain. Packed with amazing characteristics of its origin, comes a strain with 16% of CBD level and a THC level of less than 1%. Indica dominated strain, sought by many users and connoisseurs with not only by its pleasing characteristics but with its alluring terpenoids producing fruity and berry overtones, surely pleasing to your personal preferences.

Regardless of its low THC, expect to experience minimal tranquility with serene relaxation that serves as supportive agents in the therapeutic capacities of this strain. Excellent for night time usage, it is best for fighting body discomforts and mood-related issues affecting human lives and functioning.

With much-cultivating space in gardening may need for the strain to thrive accordingly, or growers may encounter height problems if not provided. Apart from it, there should be no necessary issues that will occur throughout the cultivation process, and abundantly, it generates favorable harvest within sixty to sixty-five days of flowering period indoor while anticipating harvest on the month of October for outdoor cultivation.



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