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Haze CBD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Haze CBD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a classic, balanced hybrid strain. It is a small plant growing only 90 to 110 cm tall but can produce good yields. It will respond well to early training to boost its yields. When provided with correct growing conditions, it can produce large and dense buds with fruity, honey, and woody flavors.

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More About CBD Haze Autoflower (1:1)

A sativa dominant strain, CBD Haze Autoflower, is a guaranteed highly productive strain passing as the perfect selection of growers from different skill set categories. With the intention to fill your garden of oozing CBD strains, she is prepared to display its innate genetics from its ancestry, the Haze strain. The apparent incense and haze terpenoids of the Haze have preserved and even strengthened that surely cherished by most recreational consumers.

Provided with CBD to THX ratio of 1:1, it undoubtedly brings relaxation and deep meditation of the mind without the impairment of functionality and absence of buzzy head impact. However, it allows us to sustain and support the delivery of high-quality therapeutic performance, which can deal with various health difficulties varying from minor to severe.

Flawlessly adequate for growing indoor and outdoor, the strain delivers successful germination in different types of environments with a sufficient amount of exerted effort required. It thrives on being a vigorous strain, and significant improvements in growth are achieved under favorable temperature and humidity. Within seventy days, the output it conveys is rewarding and worthy of waiting.


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