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White Rhino Feminized Marijuana Seeds


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White Rhino Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very potent 26% THC and amazing yields. It is very relaxing, capable of a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. It can produce up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 900 grams per square meter of yield indoors.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About White Rhino (fem)

The “Celebrity” Hybrid!

White Rhino is simply delicious and potent. Everyone knows who it is. It has the best qualities seen in its parents: North American Indica and White Widow. With 15-19% THC content, it can get you high but still functional. The high only goes the other way around if you increase the dose.

Its parents passed on the best of them in terms of effect and flavor. White Rhino is so yummy as it exudes a sweet and fruity taste in every puff. Expect the sedative effects to come by in the end. At first, the high can be somewhat stimulating and cerebral before it changes to a relaxing and sedating body high. White Rhino is best for both recreational and medicinal use.

Surprisingly, it is one of those easy-to-grow indica-dominant strains. It is manageable whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. By giving everything that it deserves, White Rhino produces a massive yield in just nine weeks.


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