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Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds


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Tropicana Cookies Purple Marijuana Seeds is a burst of sweetness and flavor. This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s easy to grow and comes with delectable flavors. This strain has 20% THC making it euphoric, happy, uplifted, and relaxing. It is the best strain for stress, migraines, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About Tropicana Cookies Purple (fem)

Incredible Yummy and Potent

It is the brilliant child of the Tropicanna Cookies and Purple Punch. A new strain that deserves to be recognized and accepted in anyone’s garden. With 17-21% THC content, it delivers a strong punch that can knock you down.

Tropicana Cookies Purple carries a stronger indica side, so it tends to make users feel relaxed, lazy, hungry, and sleepy. The high may last for several minutes to an hour or even longer. The effect depends on how you smoke. Nonetheless, Tropicana Cookies Purple is worth considering, especially when you’re alone at home and have nothing important to do. Also, it can be a delicious smoke while watching the sunset. Let your taste buds enjoy the tastiest notes of earthiness, fruits, pine, and lemon.

Experienced growers are more likely to grow her successfully. It delivers medium to high yields after 8-10 weeks. Pour it with love and care to be sure it grows healthy and productive.


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