Tang OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds


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Tang OG genetics is known for having a ratio of 90 percent Sativa and 10 percent Indica and its genetic parents are still unknown to the public. Rendering it Sativa-dominant for medicinal and recreational use during the day due to its enlightening effects. Tang OG is known for its breezy development, which results in a magnificent bush with a tail-like appearance. The nuggets on these marijuana plants are light-dense greenish with orange hairs. It has an earthy herb scent and turns a dark forest green color with hints of lavender and deep red hues.

A medical cannabis company developed this strain, and it can help with stress symptoms, muscle tensions, and nausea,  among other things. The majority of Tang OG reviews rated it as one of the best energizing supplements that create euphoric sensations and significantly improve mood. It can also be of great assistance to low-energy students and have difficulty concentrating or focusing. Due to its stimulating impacts, caution is advised, particularly for people with a panic background and low THC resistance.

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Tang OG Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa Dominant
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Meditteranean
Yield: 350 to 400 g/sq meter indoors/outdoors
Flavors: Lime, Citrus, Skunky, Sweet, Sour
THC Level: 18% to 22%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Tang OG Feminized?

Because of its high THC content, Tang OG Strain has energizing and uplifting results. It can also induce a psychedelic rush, which can be disturbing for unfamiliar people. Its effects of elevation last about four hours. It’s best for lazy weeks at home, not for working days when you have many responsibilities to fulfill. It’s best to drink it throughout the day, whether you’re going out with a friend or before working out. It will motivate your body and give you more energy to deal with activities and tasks, including cleaning or getting your daily chores started.

There will still be the right training, preparation, and knowledge to reduce the risk of symptoms and appreciate the uplifting high it provides. The scent of Tang OG cannabis strains is distinct. This has a tart and citrusy flavor, similar to the common Tang juice from which it is derived. Some notes of apricot or nectarine, or apricot scents can begin to appear. When burned, it emits a tart and sweet aroma that changes slightly to a powerful skunky to very herb grass fragrance and may have an aftertaste of spicy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tang OG Feminized?

Tang OG cannabis strains have proved to be powerful medicinal marijuana as an initial product from a medicinal cannabis company. It mainly assists those who are unable to concentrate due to a lack of attention. This pressure will help you get straightforward and specific inspiration and get out of a floaty state of mind. It can also benefit people who are sad or nervous because of its blissfulness and euphoria. This strong strain also has anti-inflammatory qualities, which could help with pains, headaches, muscle cramps, and aches. Tang OG Strain is beneficial to people suffering from lack of appetite due to some serious illnesses or eats regularly. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Tang OG Feminized

As with any marijuana strain, this one may have unpleasant side effects, such as the dry mouth. So drink plenty of water before, throughout, and even after you smoke. It’s possible that the high could make you lightheaded at first, so make sure you’re smoking in a healthy and grounded place.

How to Grow Tang OG Feminized 

Tang OG should be developed in hot and humid environments, both outdoors and indoors. Growers must allow a 10-15 degree low nighttime level to achieve more deep purple & lavender tones. Growers can cultivate this somewhere in the right environment, and it is commonly grown in California or the Western US due to the tropical climates. It grows successfully in greenhouses or undergrowth lights. You can certainly give developing your own a try if you have the correct knowledge. Tang OG strain flowering period is about 8 to 10 weeks when grown in an ideal climate with plenty of fresh air and a dry environment.

When grown indoors with a perfect proportion of humidity or under grow lights for a greenhouse, it will produce massive lilac buds. Its yields are expected to be between 350 to 400 g/sq meter. In a warm climatic condition, Tang OG marijuana seeds can thrive in the soil. It will undoubtedly bring out a purple capacity if it is nurtured in a sunny setting. There is no clear data upon this month of the growing season, and it relies upon when you started planting the seeds and giving yourself plenty of time and up to ten weeks.


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