Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Black Hulk Marijuana Seeds is a very lovely plant; some say that it has a very unusual appearance. It is a balanced hybrid strain with high THC and grows taller up to 180 cm tall. This strain has an average yield but will flower early at just 8 to 10 weeks.

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More About Black Hulk (fem)

The Miss Congeniality

Black Hulk feminized is the resulting strain after the amalgamation of Black Afghani and Black Hulk. It exhibits a flavorful profile that once toked. It will appease the throat with sweet smoke. Wrapping the tongue is the berry flavor and its delicate tang. Upon exhale, it leaves an earthy aftertaste. Its effects manifest gradually, letting one accustom with the mild calm and blissfulness, but becomes intensive as it stays in the limbs.

Growing Black Hulk feminized marijuana seeds can bring pleasure to the grower. It forms into a lavish plant with gummy buds highlighted with rusted pistils and green leaves. When reared indoors, the plant will finish the flowering phase within 8 to 10 weeks. It then produces a yield that can reach 300 to 450 grams for every square meter.

Black Hulk also flourishes outdoors, but with a temperate climate with a lot of sunshine. It flowers potentially in the second week of October. During harvest, yield can reach 350 grams per plant.

5 reviews for Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. Stuckey

    J. Stuckey

    This strain is Fantastic, tastes good, smells good, looks nice. Easy on the lungs.The high comes on hard and fast,slamming into your head with a punch of euphoria that won’t affect your energy level. Best to combat your muscle spasms, and depression.I totally recommend.

  2. Avatar for C. Clemons

    C. Clemons

    My absolute favourite sativa, very underrated strain.Easy to grow. Dense buds.Earthy and pungent smell.Smooth smoke. Incredible high.Very heavy euphoric head high almost like tripping on shrooms without the warping visuals, but not to the point where it’s too much. Uncontrollable laughter at its best.A good tool for treating depression and anxiety. Try it.

  3. Avatar for H. Kennedy

    H. Kennedy

    This is the best I’ve personally grown. This plant was able to take some fertilization abuse, no diseases seen, handled the heat no problem. Great taste and smell. Good looking dense buds with orange hairs. Very potent head high, comes on fast and hard. Great strain to just chill out and watch some Netflix.

  4. Avatar for E. Sutherland

    E. Sutherland

    Amazing strain! tastes great smells amazing gets you at the perfect level. Nice earthy tasting bud which left me relaxed, creative, focused and euphoric. Long lasting great uplifting high! Strong enough for pain relief. This is a strain i will always try to keep on hand.

  5. Avatar for Norris Moquin

    Norris Moquin

    I had a great experience last year with these seeds. They have yielded between 300-400 grams of quality bud per sqm. She smells insane when trimming and putting in the dryer! Very pungent and fruit smell. Will definitely grow again she is literally perfect in every way!

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