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Amnesia x Ak47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20%. It is a tall plant growing from 100 to 200 cm tall, with an average yield of up to 600 grams per plant indoors and up to 450 grams per square meter indoors. Plants will grow lovely dense buds with citrusy, pine, lemon, skunk, spicy, sweet, pungent, and woodsy flavors.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About Amnesia x AK47 (fem)

A Very Potent and Mind-Blowing Strain

Amnesia x AK47 feminized was formulated patterning the remarkable traits of its parents – Amnesia and AK47. Even without elaborating about its parents, any cannabis enthusiasts would know that both parents are powerful and hard-punchers. Together, they create an excellent hybrid. It prompts quiver-less energy to boost a lot more compelling than coffee.

However, Amnesia x AK47 requires more attention as it takes the flowering phase. Nonetheless, it pays back the efforts of the growers with a superior yield. Growing it indoors makes it more manageable for the cultivators to provide the plant its daily nourishments. The plant will thrive well in hydroponics or in soil. Moreover, it is also crucial to keep the plant warmed through a regulated temperature that ranges around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius. After finishing the flowering phase that takes around 9 to 10 weeks, the plant can offer a yield of 450 grams for every square meter.


1 review for Amnesia x Ak47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. MonrencyP

    A real pleasure to grow this for the first time. Very much fulfilled with this strain very Resilient. The plant was a average yielder. This was a very interesting strain to grow very powerful effect perfect for daytime consumption will grow again!

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