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Fast Version CBD Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Take a look at our top cannabis seeds variety called Fast Version CBD. These are the best cannabis seeds as these grow the fastest of all types of medical cannabis strains. All our fast version strains are packed fresh and ready to use. All seeds have the best quality and are viable which is why we are the most trusted seed bank for quick harvest therapeutic strains. Come and take advantage of our free delivery and free seeds promos available all year round.

What are Fast Version CBD seeds?

Fast version CBD strains are strains that grow quickly and are ready for harvest in the quickest times. Rather than waiting nine to twelve weeks for your medical cannabis, you will only need to wait up to eight weeks for fast version seeds. These are also CBD seeds which means these are therapeutic strains and can help you deal with different medical and mental conditions.

If you’re growing medical cannabis for your personal supply then you need fast version CBD seeds. You don’t need to buy medical cannabis from suppliers anymore when you have your own plants growing at home plus, you’ll save money as well.

Why do growers use Fast Version CBD seeds?

Growers, especially medical cannabis growers, prefer to use fast version CBD cannabis seeds because of the following reasons:

  • Fast version CBD seeds grow faster for quick harvests

Enjoy your DIY medical cannabis with fast version CBD seeds. You’ll get quick harvests in just 8 weeks or less.  If you’re in a hurry to grow your medical cannabis supply then fast version CBD seeds are your best choice.

  • Fast version CBD seeds will give you an endless supply of medical cannabis at home

You will have an endless supply of medical cannabis which you can easily and quickly grow at home.

  • Fast version CBD lets you grow new strains

Because fast version CBD strains will grow male and female plants, you can use these plants to grow new strains. No need to wait too long for regular cannabis plants to grow, bloom, and produce seeds when you use fast version strains.

How to grow Fast Version CBD cannabis seeds?

Fast version CBD strains are photoperiod strains therefore, you need to expose your plants to a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to stimulate blooming. Also, you won’t be able to identify the gender of your fast version CBD plants; you need to wait until your plants produce their pre-flowers.

When growing any high CBD strain as medical cannabis, we recommend growing your plants indoors. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your plants very well and regularly check against pests, molds, and other plant diseases.

You may grow your plants in soil or in hydro but when growing plants in soil, use only organic soil. This type of soil is rich in nutrients which will benefit your plant’s growth and yields. Use correct fertilizer or nutrients and be sure to monitor carefully indoor temperature, humidity, and lighting to grow your plants properly.

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