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Things Needed To Grow a Healthy Cannabis Plant

Much like every other plant out there, cannabis plants also require the right kind of combination in order to grow healthy. It’s no secret that in order to thrive and grow, plants must we well taken care of. A lot of times, owners neglect to provide all these things so their plants end up mediocre during harvest time. This is especially true for cannabis plants.

What are the basic needs of a cannabis plant?

The right kind of soil is needed in order to provide the plant with the needed nutrients it needs except when the plant is cultivated via hydroponics and aeroponics. A temperature of about 24-30°C must also be maintained. Anything higher or lower will already affect its potency. Light is also very important. Remember that no living thing can thrive in the dark. Another basic thing that your cannabis plant needs is water. Depending on the factors above, the frequency in which you water it will also be different. Too much or too little may also affect the plant.

If one is lacking, will the plant still grow?

Technically, it will still grow, but the potency after harvest later on will be affected. It will not be at its best.

Can I grow it indoors?

Yes, cannabis plants can be grown indoors as long as the plant’s needs are taken care of. There will be adjustments made of course depending on the condition inside.

The end result of the cannabis plant will always depend on how it was cultivated by the owner. This is why as early as the seedling phase, extreme care and nourishment should already be given to the plant. The potency of the end product will be affected if it’s not cultivated properly and this is especially true for the cannabis plant. It has psychoactive properties and this can be greatly influenced by how the plant is grown.

Some Delivery Option When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

In buying marijuana seeds online, it is very important to ensure that the seeds are of high quality and the seller has a good reputation on their deliverables around the world.

How do you choose a seed bank where you can get marijuana seeds from?

Marijuana seedbanks and vendors that have great customer service is a sure hint that they provide answers to most marijuana inquiries including the shipping and payment method.  The website must also provide secure ordering and payment system and securely ship the cannabis seeds to the address provided to them.  Some people buy cannabis seeds at trusted growers near them but it is still best to buy the seeds on trusted sellers online.

 What is the best way to ship cannabis seeds?

It is best not to ship the cannabis seeds directly to the address where it will be planted.  Growers may ask friends if you can ship to their house without telling them the content of the package.  There are trusted online sellers that safely and securely deliver the seeds.  There are also growers that ask their orders to be delivered in a vacant address.  Some growers also have their cannabis seeds delivered to a business address which is often not scrutinized.

Are cannabis shipped around the world?

Most marijuana seeds online sellers ship orders to almost any part of the world but there are some exceptions.  If you are a first timer in growing your own cannabis seeds, make sure that you check your country’s law on growing medical marijuana.  Although there are countries that do not allow the cultivation of cannabis seeds, it can still be delivered discretely at the address growers have provided during the order and payment process.

If you are ordering from outside the country, it is best to wait for 3-4 weeks before the seeds can be delivered to you.

The Big Difference Between Indica and Sativa Seeds

For most people, there would be a significant difference between the two categories, the Indica and the Sativa. But for the expert growers, both in the scientific and legal sense, there is no difference at all. In fact, these terms Indica and Sativa seeds are being broadly used to describe whether a particular strain of cannabis would differ in terms of growth patterns, effects, quality, and potency of the cannabis.

What are Cannabis Indica?

A typical cannabis Indica would originate from the Asian and Indian origin particularly in the areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. Usually, indicas are stocky and also compact. They have a dense, heavy, and fragrant smell especially during its flowering stage. The nodes in the cannabis indica produce regular intervals that is found in the stems area and that the buds of the indica have the tendency to grow in a much denser cluster that is situated around the nodes of the stems and also of the branches. They are expected to increase its vegetative height of 50 to 100%.

What are cannabis sativa?

Sativas are those strains that are originating from regions in the equatorial areas such as Thailand, Mexico, and Jamaica. On the given same conditions, these sativas grow much taller in height and that the sativa buds are much larger than the indica. On the downside, they only weigh lesser than that of the indica and they do have lower density. They also have lesser odor than the indica.

Which is one is better?

Actually, there is no exact definition that would determine one to be much better than the other. This would highly define on the particular preference of each grower. A particular cannabis user may be highly preferable of a particular indica or a sativa.

There are various classifications of cannabis and it is best to know each features to harness its potential peak.