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How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

how to use cbd oil for erectile dysfunction

Marijuana, as has been known to many smokers around the world, is made up of two major properties that produce pleasant effects on every person’s body and mind. Those were THC and CBD. THC’s full name is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is popular for its ability to bring the psychedelic appeal of weeds. Whereas CBD or cannabidiol is the one that is taken responsibility for the medicinal functions that cannabis deliver.

Both are very useful and effective, and each has been the topic of various studies regarding the extent of their powers. Many different products made of these properties were created after all those further studies conducted.

CBD is on top, and one of the breakthrough creations made from its extracts was the CBD oil. Learn more about it below as well as how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

How is CBD Oil Made

CBD is the non-psychoactive substance that weeds contain, but it complements THC if consumed together in a blunt or joint. CBD alone will not cause you to feel any extreme emotions nor feelings similar to what THC brings, such as euphoria.

CBD oil was invented due to the need for some more delightful medication to illnesses that will not make patients feel that they are sick. CBD oil can be added to any kind of food or beverage that you like while still getting treated.

CBD oil is an extraction of CBD substance from the green herb. It is then mixed and blended into a carrier oil, which may be anything like coconut oil. 

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Learning how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction is vital since several medical illnesses can be effectively and comfortably alleviated by just simply using CBD oil. Many patients are now turning to this cannabis-infused product because they found this to be delightful, too. Some of the most recent medical conditions that CBD oil was able to heal are the following:

1. Pain-Relief

Even as raw and processed marijuana buds, this herb has long been considered as an effective cure to all kinds of pain, such as headaches, muscle spasm, inflammation, and menstrual cramps, too.

2. Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depression

Unlike any other prescribed meds that bring some side effects like agitation and sexual dysfunction, CBD oil does its duty without making any negative impact on your system while still being efficient.

3. Cancer-related Signs

The different signs that are associated with having cancer include nausea and vomiting. These signs can be easily alleviated in the most comfortable way possible. As for those undergoing chemotherapy, CBD oil can eliminate the side effects of such procedure, therefore, bringing pain relief to patients, too.

4. Lessen Acne

This common skin problem that is known to be natural and hard to avoid has now found its cure with CBD oil. The factors that cause acne to appear in the skin include oiliness, genes, bacteria, overproduction of sebum, and others. CBD oil is a valid cure simply because it has anti-inflammatory contents, too.

5. Brain Protective Properties

The fact that CBD can work together with the endocannabinoids in the brain makes it very much capable of protecting the brain as well. Proving this to be true, also, is the study that shows CBD as a treatment to common brain diseases such as epilepsy, bipolar disorders, and multiple sclerosis.

6. Improves Heart Health

Because high blood pressure and stroke are very common nowadays, having an alternative, more delightful treatment to it naturally becomes in-demand. It does not damage any organ in your body while effectively taking away such illnesses.

7. Antipsychotic Effects

With its calming and relaxing effects, CBD oil can eventually help people get rid of mental illnesses like schizophrenia, among other very common ones.

8. Anti-Drug Abuse

CBD oil has been found to decrease one’s dependence on some substance and drug addiction, such as morphine. Its effects come out naturally to work on these effects, two so it is considered better than others.

9. Anti-tumor

As mentioned above, CBD oil is a possible cure for lumps and tumors that usually lead to cancer.

10. Anti-Diabetes

It was found to have the capacity to decrease inflammation up to 56% based on the result of an experiment.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or simply impotence, is the incapacity of a man’s organ to erect steadily for good sexual intercourse. This isn’t a great big deal to some people, but because it’s now an issue in society, men with this kind of problem may develop stress and other more serious illnesses, particularly pertaining to one’s mental conditions. It may also influence one’s self-confidence and, later on, his relationship with his partner.

Some of the usual and most observable signs of this condition include less desire for sex or total dislike for it as well as a problem with experiencing and keeping an erection. This kind of impotency among men is not at all inborn but rather acquired due to some physical and mental factors. Some of those are in the following list.

1. Physical factors that cause erectile dysfunction

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Sleep disorder
  • Alcoholism and other addiction
  • Low testosterone
  • Problem with digestion and metabolism caused by an increase in insulin, blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

2. Mental factors that cause erectile dysfunction

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Poor communication with family and other loved ones

How to use CBD oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Recent studies support the idea that conditions like erectile dysfunction can be treated through CBD oil. Clearer explanation as to what causes ED and its cure is now available for everyone’s knowledge in online sources.

The ability of CBD to improve the blood flow within the body and also in the penis helps to arouse a desire for sex since the blood vessels have become relaxed. What is left to be studied, however, is how it can affect the penis as a man’s reproductive organ.

Other Sexual Uses of CBD Oil

Along with this benefit of enhancing the blood flow in the body up to a man’s reproductive organ are the other sexual benefits that it can bring. It includes poor lubrication, low sex drive, and also better libido.

  • Poor lubrication means not becoming wet and ready for sex. Some people have difficulty with the dry and painful feeling of sexual intercourse, which can only be aided by adding some lubricant. This way, improved performance in sex and pain-relief is successfully achieved.
  • Low sex drive is alleviated through cannabis’s ability to affect the brain and its part that controls one’s arousal for sex. People get more excited and feel more comfortable doing sexual acts with a partner.
  • Better libido is achieved without anything else done but only with the help of CBD oil. Libido differs from one person to the other, which is affected by many factors.

Final Thoughts

CBD has become one useful property found in cannabis as a result of recent studies and experiments. Marijuana, in general, cannot be taken for granted because of this, too. Both THC and CBD have important functions to fulfill, which deserve to be recognized today. No more men are crying over not being able to enjoy sex, no more relationships end just because of erectile dysfunction. May such learnings about how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction always be with you.

Can You Build CBD Tolerance

CBD Tolerance

Do you use cannabis for a long time? Are you familiar with the two important components of a cannabis plant? Well, in this article, we will talk about one of its components, and that is the CBD component. Some people use CBD because there are some studies that CBD oil might be effective in treating some illnesses and medical conditions. However, people are wondering if you will be able to build a tolerance for CBD or not. 

Can you possibly build CBD tolerance? This question will be answered by reading this article. Let us find out if it is possible or not and how it does work. However, let us first talk more about the word “tolerance” and its brief definition as well as the definition of the CBD and why there are some people who like to consume it. 


What is tolerance? How different tolerance in CBD compared to tolerance in THC? Let us find out. The word tolerance means how your body can easily adapt to the various types of substances. It will result in experiencing a low level of affectivity, especially if it used for a long time. It means you will not be satisfied with the level of its effect compared to the first time you will use it. It is basically about adapting to the substance. Hence, it may result in taking the substance with the added dosage, which means you will have to add the dosage of a substance when you build tolerance of that certain substance so that you will get the effects that you want to experience, and you will be able to be satisfied. 

What is CBD?

The meaning of CBD is cannabidiol, and it is one of the compounds you can find in a marijuana plant. This is not a psychoactive compound. It will never provide high compare to the THC. People are very curious about the impacts that CBD can give to the users, especially as to how addictive it is or not. Wherever you get the CBD oil from is not the important thing to think about, the important thing is how it can affect the users’ body. CBD has a different line of work compared to the THC. 

Why do people use CBD?

Are there any good things about using CBD? There are some people who use CBD because it is said to be useful in alleviating chronic pain, treating insomnia, reducing inflammation, lessening seizures, anxiety, and many other medical conditions. The good thing about it is you will not experience a high effect compared to the other component of a cannabis plant.

CBD Tolerance: How does it work?

There are two components of a marijuana plant. They are the THC and the CBD. They have different functions when it comes to building tolerance. If we say THC or it is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, its function is to give the users a psychoactive effect and the high while as for CBD or which is also known as cannabidiol, it can be used to treat different health conditions without experiencing a cannabis high. For that reason, there are many people who prefer to use CBD than THC. 

 It is very different from THC because you will not be able to experience effects that are intoxicating in using CBD. The good thing about THC is that it can clearly provide some medical benefits.

Some studies show that if you use cannabis for a long period of time, it will result in tolerance of THC, but when it comes to CBD, it does the opposite. There are some scientific studies that show how ineffective it is to build and develop a CBD tolerance, and using it for the long term may come up in a “reverse tolerance.”

What is Reverse Tolerance?

Are you confused about the word “reverse tolerance” in the CBD? This simply means that the longer the user consumes the substance, the less dosage they will need. Hence, they will not have to take too much dosage of the substance; instead, they will only need a low dosage. Low dosage can satisfy them from getting the expected effect as well as for relieving the users’ conditions. Unlike building tolerance in any substance, which means the substance’s normal dosage will not be able to satisfy the users’ needs so they would end up developing substance tolerance, which will possibly lead to addiction and dependent use. 

Whatever your reason is for using cannabis and whatever ways you consume cannabis, whether you will choose the ones with high CBD or high THC, you have to know and remember that it would be very good to consult any person who is professional about the consumption of cannabis. You should always remember to choose something that is good for you. 


Isn’t it amazing about how CBD works? You may find it good to use due to its benefits as well as it will not lead you to marijuana high. You still have to remember that there are some adverse reactions upon consuming cannabis, and you should be ready for that. Whichever reasons you have in consuming cannabis, it would really be helpful if you search and learn more about its compounds so that you will be able to understand more about cannabis, well. 

As for CBD, it is clear that you can’t build CBD tolerance; instead, it will only lead to a reverse tolerance in the CBD. However, there are not enough studies of CBD, and there might be more studies about it in the future. The most important thing that you have to remember is that the dosage of CBD may conflict if ever you have taken other medicines. For safe consumption, it would be best to see and talk to a professional or physician. After all, you have to look out for what is good for you and not only for those effects that cannabis may bring you or may result in. 

10 of the Best Strains for Anxiety

Strains for Anxiety

The unprecedented times have caused panic to everyone. Anxiety is on the rise because of what is going on around the globe. The hidden cost of the pandemic is the rise in the level of stress and anxiety. It is certainly taking a toll on mental health. 

Medical cannabis has been legalized in many states and countries. It has been used in the treatment of a number of health disorders, including anxiety. There are best strains for anxiety, and they can be helpful in these stressful times.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is defined by that strong feeling of uneasiness. It is a feeling of worry and fear that can be mild or severe. It is normal to feel anxious or fearful, and at one point in our lives, we may have felt it. Ordinary anxiety can just come and go. It is anxious at a present situation, but that feeling can go away after the situation has passed or the problem has been resolved. Ordinary anxiety does not interfere with a person’s daily life. 

Anxiety disorders, on the other hand, the feeling of uneasiness or fear can be felt most of the time, and it can be overwhelming. It can affect a person’s normal routine, and it can be crippling. The feeling of fear is so intense, and it happens most of the time, even if, in reality, there is nothing to worry about. Without medication, anxiety disorders can get worse. 

Anxiety disorders are among the most common type of disorders that might have been caused by stress or trauma. The good thing is that the cannabis medical community has discovered the best strains for anxiety that can help in the treatment of the disorder.

What are the Best Strains for Anxiety?

Recent studies have shown that medical cannabis can help reduce the risk of anxiety. It can help in providing treatment to those who have been suffering from the disorder as well as reduce the risk of anxiety. 

Cannabis, which is rich in Cannabidiol or CBD, is found to be effective at reducing anxiety. Here’s a list of the best strains for anxiety that can help you if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or feeling anxious at the moment.


Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant hybrid ( 75% Sativa – 25% Indica) with a higher CBD content. The CBD: THC ratio is 5:2, which makes it an ideal and effective medical cannabis. The CBD content is about 8-16%, while the THC content is about 4-7%. This strain is best known for its clear mental head high. The high level of CBD allows the patient to feel relaxed without the sedative effects. It does not contain strong psychoactive components, which is good in reducing the risk of anxiety as well.

Valentine X

This is a well-balanced hybrid (50% Indica and 50% Sativa) with a high CBD content. The rations between CBD: THC is 25:1. This strain can induce a feeling of relaxation, which is very good if you are experiencing panic attacks. It can calm the body and the mind and allow you to get rid of any negative thoughts. 


This strain has high levels of CBD, which, about 20 times higher, is THC content. The Harle-Tsu strain has strong anxiety-relieving properties that can make you feel focused and relaxed. It is also known to effectively decrease stress levels. It can uplift the mood, which very good for those who are also suffering from depression.

Sour Tsunami

This strain is very strong in terms of CBD content that makes it a very effective medicinal strain. The CBD content is about 10-11%, while the THC content is lower than 10%. This strain is also good in treating inflammation and pain. Sour Tsunami is a Sativa dominant hybrid.


This is one of the most popular strains because it has amazing effects. It has a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. The CBD level is about 20%. ACDC is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is very effective in reducing the level of anxiety and stress. It has low THC content, which means that it has very little psychoactivity. It can bring about relaxation and calmness of the body and the mind.


Trident is a CBD-rich strain that can bring about focus and clarity of the mind. It has a high CBD content that reaches up to 12% and THC content that is about 6%. Trident is very much known for its calming and relaxing effects.

CBD Shark

This Indica dominant has an even ratio of THC and CBD. This strain is known to produce happy and relaxing effects as well as clear-mindedness. CBD shark can bring you to a very relaxing state that can melt your worries away. It is best for late afternoon or evening consumption as it can bring about deep relaxation that can lead to sleep.


This famous cannabis strain is known for its high CBD content, which is as high as 17%. It can uplift the mood and help in the treatment of several health conditions. Cannatonic is a perfect strain in reducing anxiety because it can bring about mental focus and relaxing effects.


This cannabis strain is also known because of its high CBD content, which makes it a very effective medical cannabis. The ratio of CBD and THC is 1:1. This strain can produce calming effects, which is very effective in reducing anxiety.


This Indica-dominant strain is known for its calming and stress-relieving effects. Haoma cannabis strain helps reduce the risk of anxiety because it contains a higher level of CBD. It can bring about clear-headedness and can induce sleep.

With everything that is going around us, the level of anxiety is rising. Physical health is not just the priority, but mental health also matters, especially at these times. Medical marijuana is slowly being accepted, and it is very helpful, especially with the current situation. The list we have of the best strains for anxiety will help you in finding the right cannabis for you if you want to get over your anxiety. It can help reduce the risk of anxiety, which is very important at this time. 

10 Medical Marijuana for Back Pain

medical marijuana for back pain

Are you a cannabis user? Do you find it satisfying to use marijuana? What is your purpose in using it? There are two ways you can actually use marijuana. The first purpose of using marijuana is for recreation, and the second one is for medical reasons. 

You are maybe curious if marijuana can cure medical illnesses. There are actually some strains of medical marijuana for back pain. In this article, you will be able to learn and know what those strains of cannabis are. 

Medical Marijuana for Back Pain: Strains and Brief Description

If you are suffering from back pain, you can actually cure it using medical marijuana for back pain. The strains of medical cannabis can be a helpful way of minimizing the pain you feel. Aside from that, those things that can happen due to the pain from the back will also be cured when you use medical marijuana. 

Strains of Medical Cannabis You Can Rely On

OG Kush

This is a largely indica strain of cannabis. This strain is very much popular due to the level of its THC, which is very high. Due to the high THC level that it contains, it makes the marijuana patients get the result that they expect. It will be very helpful for relieving pain as well as muscle pain. The level of this cannabis’ THC is about 23 %, while the CBD is only one percent. This type of marijuana is known as psychoactive marijuana. 

Gorilla Glue

This is a kind of an evenly balanced strain, and you can also call this marijuana 420 Glue. This strain comes from its parents, which are the Sour Diesel and the Chocolate Diesel. If the first strain mentioned has a high THC level, this strain has a higher THC level, which is 25 %. You need to be very mindful of using this because it gives a couch lock effect for about hours. The effect of this cannabis is very strong, and because of that, it can be very helpful to use for some serious injuries in the back and some serious illnesses. This weed is recommended to be used before you go to sleep as it will give you a deep sleep.


It is a kind of marijuana that is a largely sativa strain. This strain is different from the other two strains mentioned above because it has a high CBD level, which is about 16 % – 24 %, while the level of THC is about 0.4 % – 1.2 %. You can rely on this strain for stopping pains, and it is a good way of curing back pain problems.

Uncle Andy

This marijuana is not a very well known strain; however, you can count on this weed if you are suffering from back pain. The structure of this strain is surrounded by lots of trichomes. The fragrance of this weed is super pleasant, and it smells skunky at the same time fruity. The high it has is fast to kick in, and it has a long-lasting effect, which could last for three hours. 


This cannabis is a largely sativa strain that comes from the crossing among the Swiss, Gold, and Thai strains. The CBD level of this weed is high, and it is about four to ten percent. When you want marijuana that can relieve pain without providing a high that is euphoric, then you can try this weed. If you consume this weed, you will be able to feel a calming at the same time relaxing feeling, which is alright to be taken in the morning or in the daytime. 


This marijuana is a largely sativa type of marijuana. It comes from the hybrid of Grandaddy Purple strain and the Bay Platinum Cookies. You can effectively use this weed in minimizing tension in the muscle as well as it is an effective strain for relieving pain. Aside from how effective it is to relieve pain, you can use this to alleviate stress and fatigue. The level of THC it consists is 24 %, and the level of CBD is only 1 %.

Bubba Kush

It is a type of marijuana that is largely indica. It is the result when the Northern Lights strain was crossed with OG Kush strain. It has a psychoactive effect, and it will reduce its users’ stress level, and it can be used to alleviate tension in the muscle. 


This is the result when OG Kush strain and the Sour Diesel strain were combined. The level of its THC is about 29%, and the level of its CBD is only 1 %. Your muscles will be relaxed when you use this weed, and you can also use this to alleviate pain from the back. The effect it has will last long. 

Skywalker OG

This strain is a largely indica strain that comes from the hybrid of two strains, which are the OG Kush and the Skywalker OG weed. You can use this weed in reducing chronic pains, which includes back pain. 

Northern Lights

You can use this weed for alleviating pain, and it will give you a relaxing feeling. This weed is a mostly indica type of marijuana. For that reason, it is an effective way of alleviating chronic pain as it will give a numbing feeling. However, you should be ready for its couch lock aftereffect. You will surely fall asleep when you use this cannabis. Hence, you can best use this weed in the evening before going to bed. 


Whichever of the above stated medical marijuana for back pain you like to use, you should make sure of using the one that is right and suitable for you. Medical cannabis can be very effective in alleviating some medical illnesses. However, it would be better that you ask help from professionals when it comes to choosing the strain. 

Aside from the positive effects, you should also remember how marijuana can possibly lead you to some adverse reactions, too. You may experience the worst adverse reactions if you consume cannabis with its higher recommended dosage. Hence, you need to be responsible enough when taking or consuming cannabis. 


Can Marijuana Make You Smarter What Experts Want You to Know

Marijuana Make You Smarter

It was once believed that cannabis was a portal to stupidity. Some people assumed that no circumstance how much ability a person possessed when he or she arrived on this planetoid, smoking marijuana was the one dependable means to move them down the burned-out bunny chamber where they would be wrecked to use the remainder of their times playing like Beavis and Butthead.

Myth: Marijuana Makes you Stupid

The modern account of the debate can be followed to a 2012 Duke University study, which discovered that tenacious, massive cannabis treatment through teens and young adulthood was correlated with slumps in IQ.

Two latest articles this month take the connection between cannabis usage and knowledge from two extremely distinct angles: One examines the time paths of 2,235 British adolescents within ages 8 and 16, and the other aspects at the distinctions within American identical twin pairs in which one counterpart practices cannabis and the other make not.

But science has since confirmed that cannabis does not cause people shallow. It positively makes the total contradiction. Although it might do a little dubious to assume that cannabis causes people brighter, it does seem to raise consciousness and unlock the gates of knowledge.

Some researchers have revealed that people residing in legalized countries are now utilizing cannabis as an option for medical remedies. There is even proof that the national legalization of cannabis could help recognize the United States out of the abysses of opioid dependence – a switch that is slaughtering tens of thousands of people every cycle.

It attains to understanding that if cannabis consumers are getting more desirable decisions concerning the overall well-being that they are first becoming trained about the chemistry of the plant. Even though there is an inadequate amount of analysis out there explaining that cannabis is a comprehensive approach for all of the diseases that people indicate it to do, several appreciated thoughts are proving that cannabis has numerous remedial advantages.

Cannabis and IQ

There is rather limited study considering the long-term outcomes of cannabis, and the knowledge that is out there is remarkably inadequate. This creates it tricky to reach up with definitive resolutions and even more challenging to conclude with confidence that biases in any provided subject serve specific relationships within cannabis and brain.

During the succeeding eight years, the problems created a variety of conventional mental experiments, many of which centered on spoken consciousness, managing memory, and knowledge. Unlike the other research, specialists established for various volatile carrying gender and cultivation. After these analytical changes, the examination revealed no meaningful between-group variations. Vaporizing marijuana had no discernible impression on cognitive representation except short-term linguistic memory experiments where modern massive consumers worked unsuccessfully.

Intriguing research by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies was written on June 2016 and discovered that weed may produce you more intelligent. According to the research, cannabinoids before-mentioned as THC hinders the inflammatory rejoinder and arouse the replacement of intraneuronal Aβ. In the event you’re querying, Aβ is also recognized as amyloid-beta and is a protein associated with Alzheimer’s. Expertise noticed that the THC in marijuana decreased swelling levels and guaranteed the brain cavities remained active. In fundamental phrases, THC guarded the cell and enabled it to repair itself.

How it Influences Intelligence

To know how cannabis influences mentality, it’s essential to comprehend specifically how knowledge gets treated in the brain. Essentially, every moment you have a concept, catch a sigh or practice a response, your brain is giving electrical signs from one neuron to the dendrite of another. Seldom, the taking neuron continues and transfers the information along to the succeeding one and sometimes it sets off, needs a pause, and the sign dyes. This occurs to provide the brain with an opportunity to unwind and concentrate on other regions as required.

When THC becomes altered, it communicates with this method, virtually capturing the tracks and judging for us what to concentrate on and what to disregard. When the roads terminate, we miss record of our ideas mid-sentence or have a difficult time directing in school, but when they remain accessible, they shoot in all kinds of fascinating methods! This conflicting thought performs a fundamental part in cannabis’ capacity to encourage artistry and is supposedly the cause, so many prosperous people are regular marijuana users, as well.



In modern years, a substantial body of research has revealed the signaling systems included in cannabinoid-mediated control of neurogenesis. This favorable report compiles the confirmation that the cannabinoid method is elaborately connected with neuronal modification and highlights natural and external warning devices that are cannabinoid quarries. 

According to the University of Queensland, neurogenesis is the method by which distinct neurons are created in the brain. Neurogenesis is essential when an egg is generating but also remains in specific brain areas after delivery and during our generation.

The adult brain has several technoscientific fields of purpose and neurons that vary information and relationships. The hippocampus, for instance, which is a brain area that represents an essential part in the thought and dimensional exploration, solely has at most limited 27 various sorts of neurons.

People involved in how marijuana might be capable to enhance their overall wellness and well-being will likewise start studying into why this plant is still essentially banned in the United States. This implies taking in impact with the account of cannabis prescription. It is at this period that they will discover how it is one of the greatest cheaters in of the 20th Century – one that is ethnic imposed and still offering to hundreds of thousands of delays every year. They’ll likewise understand that very few are being made in Congress to improve the condition.

Cannabis may not address people cleverer, but it has never provided to the talking down of community either. If this were the predicament, the shrub would not have delivered the improvement it has across the prior several decades.

As important as we would desire to state that cannabis is brain confectionery, there isn’t sufficient accessible proof to reach that outcome. Introductory judgments are exhilarating, and we believe that specialists are granted more comprehensive permission to examine the long-term results of marijuana on personal intellect.

Cannabis: Every Cancer Warrior’s Best Friend

Cannabis Cancer Warrior’s

Cancer is a serious disease that has no official cure until now. A lot of studies conducted, it has shown that the use of cannabis to cancer patients has a positive outcome in combating symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis is an all-natural and organic treatment for the different symptoms of cancer, and side effects of systemic treatments.

Seeking help from a medical practitioner who is knowledgeable about the use of cannabis in treating cancer may give you the best results. Each patient that has different kinds of cancer may take differently when exposed to CBD that is why it is important to consult your doctor so that they could give you the proper dosage. In this article, we will talk about why cannabis is considered a best friend to cancer patients and will give you the top strains that are helpful in treating its symptoms.

This is a hybrid strain that got its genetics from Cannatonic strain which is considered as one of the strains that contain a high level of CBD that is why this strain has an incredible amount of CBD that ranges between 15-25%. It can help cancer patients to relieve pain from its negative side effects.

Aside from treating the pain associated with the link of the systemic treatment with cancer, it also assists in treating the pain caused by some complications of the illness. The high gives a numbing sensation throughout the body to ensure that even the slightest pain won’t be felt.

  • Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain

This is an Indica strain from its parents Big Bud and Purple Urkle. It brings a relaxing and calming effect that will take you to sleep, especially for patients who are having a hard time sleeping.  This strain has the ability to give an uplifting vibe so that the patient will have a more positive aura.

This strain is great for cancer patients who lack appetite because it makes the patient hungry resolving the issue of patients who loses too much weight. Since it has a relatively high amount of CBD, it helps aid in some gastrointestinal disorders, PTSD, and arthritis. This strain will help you stay focus and remain sociable.

This is an Indica dominant strain that got its genetics from its parents Afghani and Thai. This strain is helpful for cancer patients even though it has a relatively high amount of THC which is at 16-21% than CBD because of its nausea relief after chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This strain also helps the patient have a calming feeling after the side effects of cancer treatment.

This strain provides a soothing feeling all over the body. Even though it has a relative amount of THC, CBD negates it making it a perfect smoke whatever time of the day is. The effects of some pharmaceutical drugs can also be offered by taking this strain and sometimes it can supersede the healing properties of that medicine you can see in the market because of its naturality.

  • Chocolope Cannabis Strain

This strain came from the combination of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai which is both Sativa strain. It has the capability to awaken even those who are experiencing extreme fatigue. The contribution of this strain in helping cancer patients is to take away the fatigue feeling that those cancer patients are feeling to feel energized and comfortable.

The high that this strain gives is mellow that totally provides the user body and cerebral high that gives off a natural pain killer that will make you feel relaxed. This strain is perfect for smoking especially in the daytime because of the mood and energy booster that it can give. It works well to treat different kinds of inflammation, migraine, and depression.

  • Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

This strain has a relatively high CBD content of 20% that gained its popularity in the medicinal field. It has the ability to treat all types of chronic pain associated with pain and inflammation. When cancer patients use this strain, they will not only find relief from the pain that they are experiencing but they will also feel calmness and serenity.

This strain is known as the most popular strain because of its CBD level that attracts companies to use it as a food supplement. The users will not feel any cerebral effects. This strain is usually made into CBD oil that can be used externally to treat different kinds of pain such as muscle spasm, fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis.

How Cannabis Acts on Cancer


  • Cannabis as an Anti-proliferative 

CBD has the ability to stop cancer cells from reproducing. There are different theories that prove that CBD slows down tumor growth.

  • Cannabis as Anti-angiogenic

The formation of blood vessels that can supply oxygen and nutrients to help keep the tumor survive is called angiogenesis. In treating cancer, this is one of the most targeted processes in cancer therapy. CBD binds well with angiogenesis inhibitors that starve tumors so that they can no longer regenerate.

  • Cannabis as Anti-Metastatic

Metastatic occurs when the cancer cells have spread out throughout the different parts of the body. This happens when the cancer cells broke down and enter the lymphatic system. When metastatic occurs, it means that cancer is in an advanced stage or stage 4. CBD prevents these cancer cells from spreading through its anti-tumor effects.

  • Cannabis as Apoptotic

Apoptosis or cell death usually occurs when the cancer cell is exposed to certain stimuli. When the cancer patient consumed CBD, it may help kill the unhealthy cells in that it can no longer harm healthy cells.

Final Thoughts

Even though there is already evidence about the positive effects of cannabis on cancer patients, there are still ongoing studies to ensure the adequacy of information in treating the most serious illnesses in the world. The role of cannabis to cancer is considered as one of the greatest contributions of cannabis in the medicinal field. 

12 Most Effective Cannabis Strains for Weight Loss

cannabis strains for weight loss

There are recent studies that people nowadays are getting fatter and thicker than the previous generations. Their desire to stay fit and active has drastically decreased over the years, and this is due to the global modernization and faster lifestyles being applied by each of us. However, as the trend for obesity increases, the need for fitness programs increases as well, encouraging people, like us Marijuana users, to find ways to reduce our weights and keep our figures in ideal conditions.

But you might wonder, can these plants help you lose weight? In these times where most of us who work almost every day for 8 to 12 hours, we don’t have the luxury to hit the gym and burn fats ‘til we achieve that perfect body. This is where this plant steps in. Marijuana plants can help you lose weight, by simply pushing you to eat less and feel better. Here are the Strains that help you lose your weight.

Losing your Weight while Keeping you High

According to a 2011 Study of the American Journal of Epidemiology, regular Cannabis users have a thinner waistline than those who do not use Marijuana at all. This phenomenon happens with the Marijuana users is directly attributed to the chemicals embedded in each strain.

In another study conducted by a team of Canadian doctors and scientist last 2015, they have proven that the THC directly inhibits a person’s cravings to eat. To simplify, the THC diverts your mind and focus on being happy, and do productive activities, instead of sitting down and eating anything you want to consume.

  • XJ 13

A hybrid Marijuana Strain coming from Jack Herer and G13 Haze, this strain gives you the ability to avoid eating more while kicking you to be happy, relaxed and feel uplifted. It has a THC volume of up to 24% and ideal for morning use.

It can help in treating different health conditions such as Depression, Body Pains, Fatigue, and Stress. Its flavors range from Pine to Citrus and Lemon-like.

But before considering to plant this strain, be sure that you are well-experienced in planting Marijuana Strains because an XJ13 is not as easy to grow like the other existing plants.

  • Doug’s Varin

This rare Sativa plant is known to have a high THCV content, powerful enough to neutralize Parkinson’s Disease, panic attacks, and other sicknesses related to abnormal involuntary muscle movements.

Doug’s Varin is also known to promote bone growth, aside from cutting your appetite quality and inhibits you to eat more, unlike the other strains which encourage you to grow bigger by eating beyond what is required.

This strain helps in treating inflammations, body pains, nausea, depression, and stress. At the same time, it encourages you to be energetic, focused, uplifted, and euphoric.

Its flavors range from woody, earthy to lemon.

  • Green Crack

Named by Snoop Dogg, this Sativa strain is one of the most prominent strain in the year 2011 due to its rebranding. Green Crack came from Skunk Number 1, another known strain. However, its lineage is still in dispute as other accounts tell another involved strain where the Green Crack came from.

Green Crack has an average THC content of 24%. This strain is good for morning use and is known to cure headaches, body pains, fatigue, stress, and depression while keeping its users energetic, happy, uplifted, and focused.

Its flavors range from earthy to citrus and sweet.

  • Remedy

Considered as one of the most sought-after Medical Strain in the world, Remedy is a cross-breed of Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. The Remedy is known to soothe your body pains in minutes and leaves you relaxed, like a young guy enjoying a weekend getaway at European lakes.

Contrary to the rest of the strains, Remedy has a whopping CBD content of up to 15% while its THC is only 1%. Due to its chemical content, this strain is suitable for evening use, encouraging you to not eat more than the average during your dinner.

It cannot make you high as this strain is moving silently to treat your illnesses and poses no psychoactive effects. Also, it directly suppresses your irregular muscle movements with no harsh movements. Magically, it lets you fall asleep as the chemical ‘repairs’ your whole body for several hours.

Its flavors range from skunky, earthy, to flowery.

  • Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tsu comes from 2 dynamic Strains-the Sativa Harlequin and Hybrid Sour Tsunami- that produced better offspring with abundant CBD Content. Instead of giving you a high, Harle-Tsu gives you a sudden mellow, peaceful and relaxing feeling. 

Its CBD content ranges from 18-22%, making it one of the most powerful CBD-Dominant strain in the present times, with an all-time low THC content of less than 1%. It is very rare and considered as one of the effective strains to make a person feel a full stomach, discouraging its users to eat more and just relax instead.

This strain applies to people who work in daytime who experience consistent body pains. Also, Harle-Tsu provides you an effective source in being an energetic and inspired one in working.

  • Jack the Ripper

Named after an infamous British criminal, Jack the Ripper is a cross-breed of Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. This Sativa-Dominant strain has a THC content of up to 17% and has almost no CBD contents at all.

It is known to deal with Stress, Depression, Pain, and Fatigue, while making its users feel happy, energetic, euphoric, and uplifted. The flavors range from pine, then lemon to citrus. Its flowering cycle ranges from 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days.

However, there are records that Jack the Ripper exceeds its average THC Content up to more than 20%. Some say that it reached up to 35% when taken good care and kept its concentration.

  • Durban Poison

As the name indicates, Durban Poison came from the African City of Durban in South Africa. The strain is a product of pure African landrace, and rose to popularity during the earlier years of Cannabis cultivation in Africa, dating back as old as the 14th century. With its 26% THC content, everybody who wishes to use this strain will be assured of the promised direct effect right after they puffed its first smoke.

Durban Poison is known to treat nausea, depression, stress, fatigue, headaches, and localized body pains. With this, it intends to make its users happy, uplifted, energetic, and creative. Due to its high THC volume, this strain works at its best during mornings and last up to the late afternoon.

Despite its high THC volume, Durban Poison is surprisingly to taste sweet, with the other flavors of earthy and pine.

  • Power Plant

The last to complete our 8 Sativa Strains for Weight Loss is the Power Plant. This strain derived from South African strains of the same type which are purely Sativa in chemical composition, size, appearance, and taste. 

Power Plant is known to be one of the mildest Sativa Strain with a THC volume ranging from 15% to 20%. Its ability to heal different illnesses, especially inhibiting its users to eat, has been highly regarded internationally and through Scientific studies.

It can deal with body pains, stress, insomnia, and depression. With this treatment, it allows most of its users to be happy, uplifted, euphoric, talkative, and relaxed. 

Of all the 8 listed here, Power Plant is the only strain to have a spicy flavor with hints of being pungent and earthy.

  • Lemon G

One of the American Pride for the International Marijuana Industry, the Lemon G is a Sativa-dominant race and a daughter of Original G13. This strain has been well cultivated in Ohio and is great for its lemon-rich fragrance and aroma. The plant’s flowering time ranges from 9 to 11 weeks, making it be considered as good for those who are experienced in culturing Cannabis strains.

Once taken, it can help in treating body pains, stress, depression, nausea, and headaches while keeping its users uplifted, happy, euphoric and creative. Its flavors range from earthy to lemon and citrus in taste. It is known to bring a buzzing yet not a cerebral effect for those who regularly use the Lemon G. However, it can give an immediate high effect with explosions of euphoria and sociability.

Its THC content can reach up to 23% and is ideal to be used in the afternoon before taking your dinner and sleep afterward.

  • Cherry Pie

One must not underestimate the abilities of this strain just because of its fancy name. This hybrid strain originates from the strains of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple- two of the most powerful Marijuana Strains to exist in the present times.

Its buds are filled with orange pistils, packed with a mixed sweet and sour smell of a cherry pie. It can treat people with stress, depression, pain, and insomnia and can make its users relaxed, happy, creative, and euphoric.

Its flowering cycle ranges from 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days and its THC volume ranging from 26% to 28% and is perfect for night usage, just before sleeping.

The strains flavors range from earthy to berry and sweet.

  • Harlequin

Harlequin comes from different landrace strains containing relatively low THC contents. With the ratio of its CBD to THC, Harlequin is undeniably considered as one of the most effective strains in the world. Harlequin can make someone Happy, Euphoric, Energetic and on top of it all- relaxed.

Its THC content ranges from 10%-15%, though not as high as the other strains, but it can help you with mild way. This strain is a product of Colombian Gold, Nepal Indica, Swiss Sativa and Thai Sativa.

What’s more surprising with this strain? It originated from Nepal’s Mustang State! Because of its cold origin, it can outlast the winter season in other countries where people need it the most!

Its flowering cycle ranges from 49-63 days, with aroma and flavors ranging from Earthy, Woody and Flowery.

  • Platinum Kush

Do not be mistaken in considering this as an award for artists who sold millions of their song albums elsewhere. This strain was named platinum because of its thick silver resinous coating which deliberately tells you of its potential THC content and how it can knock you down at once.

Platinum Kush is an Indica strain from OG Kush and of another undetermined strain by its manufacturer. Platinum Kush has the same flowering cycle with Cherry Pie and Harlequin. Its THC volume ranges from 17% to 24% but can exceed more than the given percentage. Because it is an Indica strain, Platinum Kush is perfect at night.

It is known to cure Insomnia, Stress and Body Pains while making its users relaxed, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. Not to mention its aroma and flavors ranging from earthy to sweet with hints of spice and herbs. Some say that Platinum also bears the taste of pine and wood.


The strains above that are good for lessening your appetite should not be solely liable to your weight loss. Just like the other food and dietary supplements, they should only act as a partial catalyst to your journey towards achieving your fir and perfect body. Every user should not purely depend on smoking weeds every day and wait for their weights to lose tomorrow.

It will bounce back to the type of lifestyle that each user lives each day. Are they active enough to hit the gyms and do their physical workouts and sweat their calories every single day? Or do they just live within the comfy seats of their sofa beds, busy searching in their TV sets for the newest Netflix series to air after a few weeks?

The key to fitness should not start with using Marijuana Strains alone, but with your better discipline in eating what you want, drinking what you want, doing what you want, and making what you want.

10 Weeds Proven to Aid Menstrual Cramps

Aid Menstrual Cramps

Women have been so tough to face all of the challenges throughout their lives. Their faith, determination, and courage to surpass every problem they should win, prove their great worth and serve as an inspiration to the rest of the global community in modern times. They are not new in experiencing life’s painful moments, especially those who experience menstrual cramps. These painful times are indeed hard to handle, considering that they can’t do their daily tasks normally because of the struggle in tolerating this excruciating pain.

At this point, let us pay tribute to the women of our times by helping them to ease their pain with these 12 weeds proven to aid Menstrual Cramps.

The Bloody Days

Women are all subject, whether they like it or not, to experience monthly menstrual cycle which helps them ovulate eggs and remove the unused fertilized ones in their body. The cycle begins in their adolescent age (from 13 to 15 years old) and ends in their menopausal period (49 to 55 years).

However, after the ovulation takes place, the fertilized egg from the ovaries travels down the fallopian tube while the uterus develops thick lining for the egg cell, anticipating that it will be fertilized. If the egg is unfertilized, the uterus starts to prepare for flushing away the endometrium lining and the slight to severe pain in the lower abdomen follows. This pain gives a signal to the women that their monthly period is about to take place, to be followed by 2-4 days of bleeding.

What gives the painful sensation? The actual eradication of unnecessary lining inside your uterus. It induces the tiny blood vessels inside your uterus to be starved in oxygen due to contraction, thus constricting and gives an intolerable pain in your lower abdominal cavity.


The Top 10

Good thing, there are Marijuana strains that are capable of suppressing the pains due to the painful cramps. They act as medicinal plants that inhibit the pain-inducing hormones to prevail in our body during this part of the month.

  • Strawberry Cough

Smells like the fresh strawberries, this strain has been remarkable for the people who particularly experience anxiety against the society or meeting other people. Its THC content is a normal 23% and is good for Morning Use.

It is known to leave its users happy, energetic, uplifted, and euphoric. It can also treat other illnesses such as body pains, fatigue, depression, and lack of appetite.

Meanwhile, its aromatic flavors range from strawberry, sweet, and berry.

  • Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is known for its resinous parts and you should blame it for the weather up in the mountains. Its broad leaves show the evident genetic roots from the Cannabis Indica family, as well as its crystal-like trichomes that cover the entire plant and protect the whole system from the harsh winter conditions, including the blizzards and strong prevailing cold winds.

It has a mild THC volume of 17% which can make them active at day and regularly sleep after the long day of work and fun-filled activities. This kush is good for Body Pains (including Arthritis), Loss of Appetite, Stress, Anorexia, and Fibromyalgia.

  • Kosher Kush

The Kosher Kush is a crossbreed of a mysterious pair with some genetic structure similar to an OG Kush. This hybrid Indica-dependent strain grows taller than the rest of Indica or hybrid strains with a height that may reach up to 6 feet.

Kosher’s THC volume ranges from 22% to 29%, considerably high compared to other Indica strains growing in other regions of the world. Laboratory tests show that the THC volume it has may measure higher than this range, giving you a warning on how Kosher can quickly bless you with a night of deep sleep.

  • Big Bud

Big Bud is one of the award-winning Strains from a Dutch-based Seed Company. Developed in the 80s, this strain has been limited before to a clinical trial and unexpectedly caught the public’s warm reception after some years. The strain was created in the United States of America and was a product of the prominent Afghani, Haze, and Northern Lights strains.

With its high THC content ranging from 15% to 26%, its users are all assured of the glorious yet sleepy high to kick in, minutes after its first puff. 

Big Bud is good for people suffering from stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and muscle spasm while it can make its users Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted, Happy, and Focused.

  • Death Star

An Indica strain from Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, this strain is known to be one of the most potent Indica strains that were ever created.

It has a THC volume ranging from 23% to 26% and is known to have aroma and flavors ranging from earthy to diesel and pungent. Due to its strong aroma, it is not recommended for weed users who have this penchant for sweet and fruity strains.

This strain is good for people who experience different body pains, stress, insomnia, and depression, while keeping its users happy, relaxed, euphoric, and sleepy. This Indica strain is optimal for night usage, right before you sleep as it can give you a cerebral effect due to its high THC content.

  • NYC Diesel

A unique hybrid strain, NYC Diesel has been named after the Big Apple, due to where the seeds have come from. NYC is a cross-breed of purely not American Strains- the Afghani, and Mexican landraces. Its THC content is 22% and is suitable for Morning use. Despite its properties of being a hybrid, the plant has its major genetic structure coming from Sativa roots. 

It can treat people with depression, body pains, nausea, and lack of appetite. Because of these, NYC can make its users happy, uplifted, creative, and euphoric.

This strain is known to have a cerebral effect and has its aromatic variants from diesel to pungent and earthy. 

  • Cherry Pie

One must not underestimate the abilities of this strain just because of its fancy name. This hybrid strain originates from the strains of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple- two of the most powerful Marijuana Strains to exist in the present times.

Its buds are filled with orange pistils, packed with a mixed sweet and sour smell of a cherry pie. It can treat people with stress, depression, pain, and insomnia and can make its users relaxed, happy, creative, and euphoric.

Its flowering cycle ranges from 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days and its THC volume ranging from 26% to 28% and is perfect for night usage, just before sleeping.

The strains flavors range from earthy to berry and sweet.

  • Chocolate Diesel

Have you ever considered taking a diesel strain with a hint of chocolate spreading at your palate? This is how the Chocolate Diesel works for its users. This is a cross-breed of Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. From that experiment, an indulging strain was born.

Its THC content is 18%- a bit lower compared than the earlier mentioned diesel strains in this list and can treat any inflammations, body pains, stress, and fatigue. How about its effect? It simply makes its users energetic, creative, and euphoric.

This mouth-watering strain has its other aromatic flavors of being earthy and flowery. Due to its ability to change you at a snap, it became known as “get-up-and-go” strain.

  • Superman OG

Dear women, your sufferings shall be put to an end because Superman will save your day!

A great cross-breed from Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush, Superman OG is considered as one of the creams of the crop Indica breeds in the entire Marijuana Industry. It has a THC content of 18% but one does not underestimate its low THC volume as it can still cure most of your body pains, as well as stress, insomnia, and depression. This Indica strain is perfect to be used at night.

It can make its users relaxed, sleepy, and giggly as it heals the painful cramps you are enduring during your monthly period. Superman’s aroma ranges from skunk to earthy and woody.

  • Obama Kush

In case that a hero can’t finish your business, why don’t you ask for the help of the most powerful man in the world? Obama will save your day- we mean the kush named after him.

Obama Kush is a cross-breed of Afghani and OG Kush, which are both known to be potent strains, making Obama as one of the most potent Indica strains that inspire users to bring the real change, just like the former President has been vocal for.

It has a normal THC volume of 21% but still considered as a black sheep in the entire Indica family because of its ability to help even if it is one of the newest strains to be developed during Obama’s time in the White House.

It can heal other sicknesses such as depression, insomnia, and inflammations. Because it is an Indica plant, it must be used at night before sleeping.

10 Unexpected Practical Uses of Marijuana that You Might Not Know

uses of marijuana

For millions of people all over the world, cannabis is an effective recreational release. But for millions more, cannabis is used as a potent and powerful medical treatment that helps alleviate dozens of symptoms of extreme health issues. As cannabis legalization spreads to many more places, cannabis is slowly becoming an important staple in the days of many patients.

The great thing is that cannabis is now seen not just as a tool for getting high. More and more complexities of the marijuana plant are being unraveled, and new ways of utilizing the plant are being discovered day by day. So, what are some of the lesser-known uses of cannabis? Read more to find out.

  1. Improve Lung Capacity – In spite of smoking cigarettes leading to a decrease in lung capacity and function, some research shows that cannabis can help the lungs. Lung conditions like lung cancer and emphysema actually show a regression when treated using medical marijuana. Since both of these illnesses extremely restrict the capacity of the lungs, the use of cannabis can aid patients in regaining the normal function of their lungs.
  2. Help With Muscle Spasms – Parkinson’s disease is something that is very frustrating and heart-breaking to suffer from. Smoking marijuana can actually help against these uncontrollable muscle tremors. Cannabis can also reduce the pain that is partnered with the disease. Reports show that people who continually use cannabis experience a significant improvement in their fine motor skills.
  3. Help Relieve Chronic Pain – Speaking of opioids, everyone knows how widespread the opioid epidemic has been all over the globe. People get hooked on taking painkillers, and more and more people die as a result. But, cannabis, according to some studies, is a great alternative. Though there is much more research to be done, many cannabis strains have been proven as a viable option for patients who deal with chronic pain.
  4. Slow Down Cancer Cell Growth and Stop Them from Spreading – According to evidence collected by the federal government and other private industry scientists, cannabinoids can combat against specific types of cancer. Cannabinoids help turn off specific genes, which in turn will slow down cancer growth. Mostly, cannabinoids can help cancers in the brain, lungs, and breasts. Medical marijuana also helps in dealing with symptoms exhibited by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting.
  5. Aid Against Weight Problems – People are always finding ways to lose weight. Surprise! Cannabis can actually help you with that. Many people with eating problems, whether over or under, are using marijuana to regulate their appetite, as well as their metabolism. Of course, this is not a cure-all, and working on your weight still needs some work. But, alongside following a diet and exercising, cannabis can be a great help.
  6. Help Fight Drug Addiction and Alcoholism – Taken from an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, marijuana use can help beat opioid and alcohol addiction in some people. One of the main reasons that cannabis is a great substitute is because marijuana has fewer negative side effects, and users will not experience such great withdrawal experiences. Studies also show that using marijuana is a safer alternative to addiction to tobacco and alcohol.
  7. Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Depression – If you suffer from any one of these mental illnesses, marijuana can help combat the symptoms of these conditions. Depression affects roughly 15 million American adults or around 7% of the population. And the good news is that studies are being published that cannabinoids can help stabilize your mood and ease depression. The Colorado Department of Public Health devoted 2 million dollars to study the efficacy of CBD, a cannabis component, in treating PTSD. The results were promising; with CBD effectively regulating the system that generates anxiety and fear within the body and brain. Closely related to depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are also among the things marijuana can help regulate. If you plan on trying cannabis to deal with your anxiety issues, it’s important you find the right strain.
  8. Regulate and Prevent Diabetes – Cannabis does not necessarily cure diabetes. But, many studies have shown that most cannabis users are thinner compared to non-users. Their bodies are also reported to have a healthier response in terms of processing sugar. On the other hand, patients suffering from type 2 diabetes struggle to process insulin properly. One study has presented that people who use marijuana had a lower rate of insulin resistance. They also could produce their own insulin better and had a lower level of blood glucose levels when fasting.
  9. Regulate Seizures – Epileptic seizures are exhibited as a result of the body’s nervous system misfiring signals between the body and the brain. The cannabinoid compound that is extracted from marijuana can help with the long term treatment of epilepsy when taken at regular doses. There is a strong anecdotal event that suggests that patients that use CBD oil see it as the only treatment that effectively worked. The science behind this benefit has to do with cannabinoids in marijuana binding to certain brain cells. These cells are the ones responsible for relaxation and excitability. By binding them, the brain cells become calmer and less likely to trigger a seizure.
  10. Improve Sexual Health – Nope, this is not about getting high and then getting down and dirty. Researchers have found that taking cannabis is a valuable tool to protect people from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases. Scientists are now exploring marijuana as a cure against herpes and fight against HIV.

The Future of Cannabis and the Medical Community

One of the most intense roadblocks of promoting medical marijuana is the social stigma connected to the plant. Uneducated people tend to think that smoking is the only to consume the plant and reap possible benefits. This just leads people to think up images of the usual stoner who is useless and glued to his couch. But, in reality, this misconception is so much far from the truth. 

There are many companies all over the world who are committed to developing newer and healthier ways to consume beneficial cannabinoid extracts without having to smoke them if you do not want. The future is bright in medical marijuana, so you should not hesitate to check them out.

10 Strains to Boost Your Gaming Performance

strains to boost your gaming performance

When it comes to playing video games, focus and creativity are very important. Just like watching a movie, you need to stay stimulated for you to understand what is happening and how to react in various situations. There’s no denying that video games have become even more popular these days. The competition has become a lot fiercer than ever and for you to rise on top, you need to stay alert, focused, and committed. 

There are many ways in which you can boost your gaming performance. You can train all day and develop your skills through experience. Also, you need to love the game that you’re playing and be passionate about it for you to become a better gamer. There are indeed lots of ways that you can boost your gaming performance and one of the best ways is by taking the best cannabis strains. 

If you’re looking for the best strain that can elevate your game, then you came to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best 10 strains that can boost your gaming performance. Check and compare these strains and find which one is most suited for you. 

Acapulco Gold

One of the classic and legendary cannabis strain, the Acapulco Gold is quite famous to many gamers all over the world. It has been used by countless digital warriors because of its uplifting and invigorating effects. It’s known to boost your focus and concentration as well. This strain came from pure Mexican sativas and you can expect great mental clarity from it. It’s also known for its euphoric effects that can surely help you enjoy the game even more. It has a very strong earthy aroma and you’ll surely love its sweet overtones after exhaling it. 


Vortex is another popular cannabis strain that can effectively boost one’s gaming performance. It’s an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid that is a lovechild between Space Queen and Apollo 13. Due to its legendary parents, Vortex has inherited uplifting and euphoric effects. It’s one of those cannabis strains that give you more concentration and allows you to create a smart and practical strategy. If you want to sharpen your brains while playing, then this strain is definitely for you. 

Lemon Haze

With Lemon Haze, there’s no need for you to grab candy or a coffee just to set your focus straight on whatever game that you’re playing. Its savory sweet and citrusy aroma is enough to keep you awake. This sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a pleasant uplifting effect. It also gives you a great buzz which is extremely cerebral. Not only will you experience great focus and concentration but your energy will also be significantly boosted. Just make sure though that you stay hydrated since this strain can give you dryness of mouth and eyes. 

Blue Dream

Another incredible cannabis strain that can dramatically improve your gaming experience and performance is the Blue Dream. This 60/40 hybrid is popular among many gamers, artists, and celebrities. It helps you become more creative and you’ll be able to come up with brilliant plans and strategies while playing. Blue Dream also gives out that signature Indica dominant high but without feeling sleepy. You’ll also love how this strain can give you amazing euphoric high. Considered as no. 1 cannabis strain in Colorado, it has earned its reputation as the best strain to enhance physical and mental performance. 


Now, if you love eating chocolates while playing video games, then we guarantee that you’re going to love Chocolope. This is a heavy sativa strain that came from legendary indigenous strains. It has sophisticated taste and aroma which will surely uplift your spirit as you playing your most favorite game. Not only that, but Chocolope is also known to give you a great sense of peace, happiness, and optimism. If you wanted to stay happy and at the same time competitive, then this strain should be more than enough. Stay awake and focus as you enjoy your most favorite game. 

White Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous cannabis strain in the world. One of the reasons why a lot of cannabis enthusiasts love this strain is because it enhances their senses and at the same time gives them priceless euphoria. For gamers, they need to stay sharp and focus throughout the gameplay, and this is where the White Widow becomes very helpful. It helps you become more energetic, both mentally and physically. With this strain, you can become a better and more active player than your competitors. 

Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon is the most powerful strain in our list. This strain is very much like Acapulco Gold since it came from pure African Sativa. It gives the user remarkable cerebral high and naturally gets rid of any distractions, allowing you to accomplish your goals. Not only will this strain give you a better focus and concentration but it also gives you more energy. The combination of euphoria and great concentration are necessary if you want to enjoy the game and at the same time nail it. 

Star Tonic

Playing competitive matches or against enemy bosses require focus and great concentration. Fortunately, you can amplify your focus just by taking Star tonic. Not only is this strain used to treat anxieties and nervousness, but it also gives you a more relaxing feeling without losing any of your concentration. It can also be used during late-night games since it’s known to give you more energy and helps you stay awake throughout the game quest. 

Granddaddy Purple

Are you a casual gamer who doesn’t think much about winning but just wanted to have an awesome time? Well then, the Granddaddy Purple is the right strain for you. Things can become pretty interesting and your game becomes more fun if you use this strain. Although it loses some of your focus, due to the relaxing and euphoric effects it brings you, Granddaddy Purple puts a smile on your face even in the face of defeat. If you just want to have a good time while playing your favorite game, then this strain highly recommended. 

La Niña

La Niña is a cross between traditional Haze and White Widow. It’s a very potent strain that gives you an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. This is another beautiful strain that helps you enjoy the game even more. You’ll experience great euphoria after taking this strain. Also, it’s known to provide users a very relaxing effect. Moreover, this strain can also boost the player’s focus and energy. 

Final Thoughts

These strains should make your game experience more interesting. Not only will they give you an advantage over your opponents but it will also give you a sense of peace while playing. This means that you’ll feel less-stress while beating everyone and even if you’re losing, you’ll still feel happy and contented, thanks to the uplifting and euphoric effects of cannabis. 

When buying these strains, it’s important that you only buy from reputable resources. Always check their background and don’t forget to read reviews and feedback. It’s also recommended that you join forums or online communities where people gather and share their favorite strains while playing games. Win or lose, with marijuana, you’ll get to enjoy every part of the game. 


Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

Need to Know Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, people can use cannabis in two ways: recreationally and as a medicine. When used as a remedy, it is will be called medical marijuana. If you’re wondering about its use as a drug, then you need to know by now what medical marijuana is and if you can take advantage of it for your health condition. 

Medical Marijuana – What Is It?

Medical marijuana is the term used for describing the use of a cannabis plant or its chemical compounds to cure diseases or disorders. It is the same with recreational cannabis, but the only difference is that medical marijuana is obviously for medical purposes. 

A cannabis plant has over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Each one of them has a specific effect on the human body. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the main chemical compounds used in taking medical marijuana. THC is the chemical compound that makes you feel “high” when you smoke cannabis or eat edibles. 


Difference Between Recreational Cannabis and Medical Marijuana

Typically, there are strict guidelines to follow regarding medical cannabis production in Canada, the UK, and other countries where its cultivation is legal. Medical marijuana has been formulated to provide some type of relief for the symptoms linked to a specific disease or medical condition or to ease the adverse effects of medical treatment. On the contrary, recreational cannabis induces an intoxicated feeling or changes in a person’s mood. 

At times, this distinction becomes muddied when people bought cannabis for recreational purposes for what they assume to be a medical reason. The same is the case when people buy medical marijuana when they want to experience being intoxicated due to weed. The purpose of recreational cannabis and medical marijuana is different. 

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has become legal in most parts of the world as a treatment for minor issues like headaches to severe conditions like multiple sclerosis. Using medical marijuana as a treatment is ideal for a variety of medical conditions, including:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Eating disorders like anorexia
  • Chron’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychological issues like PTSD and schizophrenia
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Pain

However, further studies are necessary to prove and ensure the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating most of these conditions. On the other hand, many things prove the healing effects of weed in dealing with the negative effects of chemotherapy, particularly nausea, vomiting, and chronic pain. 

How Does Medical Marijuana Help?

Cannabinoids, the active chemical compounds in cannabis, are the same as the chemicals naturally produced by the human body. These chemicals in your system are responsible for your appetite, movement, memory, and pain you might be experiencing. 

According to research, cannabinoids are capable of:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain
  • Controlling nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy
  • Killing the cancer cells and delaying tumor growth
  • Making tight muscles relaxed, which is beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Stimulating appetite and enhancing weight gain in persons with AIDS and cancer

Can Medical Cannabis Help in Dealing with Seizure Disorders?

Yes, there are now medical cannabis strains, particularly those with higher CBD content. These strains of weed are more effective in treating a variety of health problems, including seizure disorders like epilepsy.

How to Acquire Medical Marijuana?

To acquire medical marijuana, you will need to get a written recommendation coming from a registered doctor. Before that, make sure that it’s legal to buy and use medical cannabis in your area. That’s true as not all doctors are eager to recommend medical weed. 

Also, you should have a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use. In the US, every state has a list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be used for. 

Also, you must get your medical marijuana card for a hassle-free way to buy. Once you have it, you can start buying medical cannabis at a dispensary. The requirements in applying for a medical marijuana card may vary from one location to another. 

Medical Marijuana Doctor

How Should One Take It?

You can take medical cannabis in several ways. You can smoke it or inhale it by using a vaporizer which turns the substance into vapor. You can eat it, too. You can have it like a lollipop or brownies. You can also apply it directly to your skin. Medical cannabis is now available as a lotion, oil, spray, or cream. You can also put some drops of a marijuana tincture underneath your tongue.

How you take medical marijuana depends on your preference. Every method works differently in your body. When you smoke and vaporize marijuana, you will notice and feel its effects sooner. When you eat it, the effects may even take longer to come by. With edibles, the effects may come in 1 to 2 hours after the intake. 

How Long Does Medical Marijuana Last in a Person’s Body?

If you’re suffering from a medical condition in which medical marijuana can help, it is best to discuss the matter with your physician. Talk to him about the ideal dose and how the use of marijuana can affect your everyday activities. In certain cases, the guidelines suggest not to drive your car in 3 to 4 hours you inhaled about 400 milligrams of medical cannabis. 

6 hours if the substance was consumed orally and 8 hours if you experienced a high. If there is intoxication or sedation, then the dosage should decrease. 

How to Qualify as a Medical Marijuana Patient

The following are just the basic steps to take if you want to be a registered medical cannabis patient in your area:

  • Proof of residence – of course, you need to show proof that you are a resident of the city or state. If you have a driving license, you can use it as proof. Just make sure it is valid. 
  • You must have a qualifying medical condition – medical marijuana is not for all health problems. Therefore, you have to know which medical conditions your state or city might be considered qualified for medical marijuana use. Mostly, these include debilitating conditions like cancer, AIDS or HIV, glaucoma, neuropathic pain, and arthritis. Usually, medical marijuana is reserved for those patients who have worse or terminal diseases.
  • Know the local laws implemented in your state or city – if you live in the United States, then you know that the laws differ from city to city and state to state. Hence, you should do your homework and find out more about the legality of medical marijuana in your area. Medical marijuana patients and providers are weak to national and state protests, prosecution, and imprisonment. Thus, these people might suffer from pervasive discrimination in child custody, employment, public accommodation, education, public accommodation, and medical care. Laws that protect the patients and providers differ from one state to another. In some instances, these laws vary from one country to another. 
  • Written consent from your doctor or any other qualified medical professional – talk to a primary care doctor. If not, look for those doctors with knowledge of medical marijuana. 

Once you have the requirements and necessary documents, you can present them all to the issuing office to finish your application. You will be getting your medical marijuana card in no time.

Fight Depression with these 10 Cannabis Strains

cannabis strains for depression

The use of cannabis is known for its ability to uplift the mood that is why it is commonly used by consumers who are experiencing mood disorders such as depression. Cannabis acts out effectively by activating the endocannabinoid receptors to alter negative responses. In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 strains that fights depression.

  • Pennywise Strain

This strain is a relatively high strain with THC and CBD levels of 12-15%. Its Indica-dominant traits make this strain outstanding for its medical benefits. It has the flavor and aroma of coffee with hints of fruity flavor.

Its powerful high will gradually boost its cerebral effects that will give you a relaxing and calm vibes towards the latter part of the high that will give you couchlock making it a good night time strain.

  • Harlequin Strain

This strain has a THC and CBD ratio of 5:2 which is intriguing. It may not have the usual THC level but it would still give a relatively high potency because of the high level of CBD. This strain came from three powerful Sativas: Swiss Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Columbian Gold all have healing properties that are why Harlequin Strain has extravagantly medicinal properties.

This strain has a pleasant flavor and aroma of balanced sweetness and spiciness. It has beautiful yellowish-green leaves that have orange pistils. This strain is a great help to combat inflammation, chronic pain, and fatigue.

  • Nightingale Strain

This Indica dominant hybrid strain has a wide range level of THC and CBD that is influenced by its parents CD-1 and Oldbury. It has a 10-15% THC level and 15-20% CBD level that gives a therapeutic high with a relaxing vibe suitable for those who are experiencing fatigue, stress, and anxiety. This strain is also helpful for those who are suffering from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation because of its balanced energy and relaxing properties. 

The color of this strain has the shades of purple and exhibits the flavors and aroma of sweet berries and citrusy lemon. This strain can be grown outdoors and in cold climate where its characteristics are amplified. 

  • Hurricane Strain

This strain is a hybrid strain that features a THC level of 18 percent and a CBD level of 14.95%. This strain is considered as a daytime time strain that provides alertness, focus, euphoria, and motivation. This strain is popular in treating conditions such as attention deficit disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. 

This strain has an aroma of earthiness and spiciness that is exhibited through its long and dense nugs with amber and crystal trichomes. It will grow tall and thin in outdoors that will give you relatively high yields.

  • Stephen Hawking Strain

This strain has a relatively high level of THC and CBD. Its THC level is at 12% while its CBD level is at 14%. It has an appealing appearance of its medium-sized buds that are spherical in shape and its orange and pink pistils compliment its fluffy leaves. Aside from its appealing appearance, this strain has embedded the smell of berries and grapes with subtle notes of hash.

Its physical effects release waves of relaxation accompanied by feelings of well-being making it a great strain for those who are stressed, depressed and for those who are having panic attacks. This is a daytime strain that can be partnered up in exercising, hiking, and sex.

  • Lemon G Strain

This strain has an Indica and Sativa properties from its parents G13 and Lemon Skunk. This strain has a THC level of 15.9% and a CBD level of 11.39% making it a truly potent strain. Another thing that is remarkable about this strain is its smell that has strong notes of lemon and pine. It also has a fluffy nugs appearance that is highly frosted with white trichomes.

This strain will give you a complete euphoric and uplifting high that will consistently give you a clear-headed high with a peaceful state of mind. This is a perfect strain for those who want to take a break from the pain. It is also widely used to treat some mental disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

  •  Sweet and Sour Widow Strain

This strain is an Indica dominant strain with a balanced level of THC and CBD at 11%. These two cannabinoids offer medicinal assistance for both mental and physical pain such as fatigue,  depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. The effects of relaxation focused, and arousal can be felt within 15 minutes. 

As it grows maturely, it exhibits a thick cast of white resin glands. It has a pleasant taste and aroma of sweet onions that gives a smooth smoke on the lungs. 

  • Catatonic Marijuana Strain

This strain is known as the all-star marijuana strain because it can give a potent high while it can act as a powerful medicinal strain. It has a balanced ratio of CBD and THC which is 12% CBD and 15% THC level. 

The high caused by THC has energy booster properties that won’t give you couchlock but it will definitely make you creative and focus the whole day. The common usage of this strain in the medicinal field aids in the loss of appetite, pain, depression, and anxiety.

  • Chem Beyond Diesel Strain

This strain is considered as a CBD-rich strain because of its ratio over the level of THC. It has a 15% CBD level and a 12% THC level making it an ideal strain for a potent medicinal and recreational strain. This strain got its characteristics from its parent Chemdawg and that is a member of the Diesel family. You will be delighted to try this strain because of its distinct scents of lemon, pepper, spices, and diesel. 

Since this strain produces an aromatic resin is great for extractions. This strain is great for chronic pain and for mood enhancer that will last for hours. Just watch out for and munchie feeling when overdosed.

  • Canna-Tsu

This strain is crossbred from Cannatonic and Sour tsunami that has a high potency level between its THC and CBD level. It has a THC level of 11% and a CBD level of 10%. It offers a clear-headed high that won’t give you any disorientation and it as the typical effects of cannabis that brings complete relaxation.

Once ground, you’ll smell a very pungent aroma of citrus fruits, sugary candy, and floral with hints of earthy tones. This strain is small despite its dense appearance. It has an orange pistil that complements its dark green leaves.

Final Thoughts

Depression is a serious mood disorder that needs to be attended to as soon as possible because if left uncured, it may cause other problems, worst it may lead to death. It is always important that before using cannabis for depressed individuals, professional help is needed to assist you with dosage.

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