How to Make Hash for Beginners?

how to make hash

By definition, Hash originated and snipped from the word “hashish,” which means grass in terms of Arabic. In the field of cannabis, Hash refers to the concentrated arrangement from cannabis. Hash is quite historic with its existence for a long time. Indians are the ones who were able to give the world the proper steps and procedures in making Hash where they use their bare hands with heat so they can apply it on a plant’s resin, which they call “charas.” With the modernized ways of making Hash, the forgotten traditional methods are left in the past. Concentrates coming from cannabis are now blended with oils made with solvents, producing the old-school procedure obsolete. But with an assist from every connoisseur who is still into the traditional-made hashes, they were able to introduce new ways to resurface the forgotten ingredients and methods. Here are the ideas on how to make Hash, especially when you’re stuck at the beginner’s level.

What effects can Hashes give?

Since Hash came from cannabis, you can expect the same effects as it gives, whether it’s a complete advantage. You will also experience short-term effects like what marijuana does to our system. For instance, upon consumption, expect yourself to undergo extreme relaxation, boost in euphoria, heightened senses, being a socialite, and in full serenity. Of course, attached to this is a proportionally-average usage without possibilities of hash-dependence. Otherwise, you will suffer from its side effects, including distortion of reality, nausea, impaired motor coordination, erratic heartbeat, lethargy, and sleepiness. Moreover, an abnormally-increasing appetite could end up in abrupt weight gain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and inability to live accordingly because of poor decision-making skills.

In conclusion, Hashes are cannabis in other forms, which is what it is. Alongside side effects is the risk of long-term disorders that could stress the life out of you. An individual who developed marijuana-dependence is more vulnerable to worse conditions, such as long-term effects like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory-related disorders. Therefore, the same prevention practices with marijuana go the same with Hash. Sure, the taste is more appealing than pure cannabis concentration, but it’s still the same with effects and all. Identical with marijuana-dependence, hash-dependence is also a thing that is happening around the world from users, especially the OG ones that are into heavy hash usage.

Despite all the negativities, you are still free to explore the emotionally-bending short term effects of Hash with moderation. To give you full assistance as a beginner in making Hash, here are the methods and step-by-step procedures you should know:

Different ways on how to Make Hash for Beginners

Hash-making is also associated with alternatives that could make your life easier because they are more convenient to do, and the materials are not challenging to find. Besides, if you belong in the beginners’ category, you will have to know the following practices and do it on your terms if you may. Either way, these procedures are the most common substitutes that connoisseurs are suggesting.

Hand Rolling Method

This method is the most common consequence after a large number of cannabis buds are in your hands. As usual, expect trichomes to latch itself on your hand that will soon noticeably form black layers. Once there is enough amount of resins gathered, you can now rub your hands altogether to create smaller versions of hash. There is no necessary measure on how much trichomes has to be in your hand to make hash. But, the lower the amount, so does the size will be, vice versa. Now, what you have to take note of are the hands you’ll be using. It would be best if your hands are clean enough to roll hashes. There are chances that natural oil and dirt from skin can attach itself to your mixture, together with cannabinoids and other significant chemical compounds. In terms of taste, there’s nothing you should worry about either way because trichomes will most likely dominate the scent and flavor.

Kief into Hash

Before turning into methods, kiefs are what we see, or the good stuff, that remains on the bottom of a grinder when you grind a weed. One way to extract trichomes is through kiefs. To make things happen, you will need a pollen press that will turn kief into a well-compressed hash. For a successful procedure, you should be able to gather as much kief as possible and place it into the press and turn the knob tightly. Afterward, you will enjoy the hash, but you can also load it onto your next joint or blunt session.

Dry Sifting

In this easy method, you will need to require yourself with silkscreen and small perforations to define your hash well. Still, it won’t matter anymore if you will decide whether you’re into quantity or quality. Before going through this method, you will need to put your cannabis in a freezing machine. This procedure will assist trichomes in separating from the plant. Carefully rub the cannabis plant against the screen, but make sure that the silkscreen is on top of a clean storage bowl or surface. 

Make use of Blender

Surely, you already have the said materials in your home, but this method will require you to have a silkscreen. First, place your trim in a blender with water on it until it completely covers the cannabis plant. Blend it for a minute, and you can add as much ice as you want. Afterward, grab a clean storage glass such as jars, and pour the blended mixture into it with the help of silkscreen. Do this for 30 minutes, and soon you’ll be noticing trichomes to form on the bottom of the said storage. Next, remove a slight portion of the water without risking the right kinds of stuff. Fill the container with ice water and let it rest for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Drain the water again, and repeat the same process for 4 to 5 times to arrive into a premium-looking hash.

You can finish the process by emptying the water from the said storage without sacrificing bits of trichomes. Then, get a coffee filter and place the solution on it. This technique should segregate the liquid from trichomes. Try to squeeze the coffee filter to eliminate the remaining water and let the kief dry for the next procedure. When it’s already dry, you are now free to use it on your terms.

Should you have any techniques to use, you are always free to do what you wish. If you have no idea whatsoever in making hashes, make sure that you will be following the different ways above. 

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Energy

Strains for Energy

Aside from getting you high, marijuana is likewise known for making you sleepy. Good thing is, all thanks to various researchers, there are hybrid plants that are now available which can cater to all your needs, whether you are in a mood for a good sleep, a mellow buzz, or even an unbelievable amount of energy. There are different marijuana strains for energy which can help you finish a task, or have the will to go out and socialize. This sounds like the most excellent concept yet.  

To understand more about the different marijuana for strain, you will need to remember the three species of marijuana plants. They are the Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. It is widely believed that Sativa is the right choice if seeking physical energy, while Indica is good to keep your body relax and ready for sleep. 

However, this doesn’t happen all the time. Not all Sativa strains will magically give you the energy, and not all Indica strains will let you have a good sleep. Thus, when it gets to decide the accurate marijuana strains for energy, you must check not only the type of species it is but likewise the THC content as well as the CDB. These things will help you get a better look at the marijuana strains for energy. So, check the top ten marijuana strains for the energy you can choose from.

Top Marijuana Strains for Energy

There are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to the excellent marijuana strains for energy. Once you chose the right one that works well for you, you won’t have to endure another tiring and sleepy night or day. These marijuana strains for energy have different things to offer so check them well. 

  1. Durban Poison

The first choice of marijuana strains for energy is the Durban Poison. It’s a hundred percent Sativa plant, with an impressive amount of THC content that can reach twenty percent. It has a pungent and dank smell and creates a thick cloud of smoke. This is great when you need the energy, or to help with anxiety and depression. The first-timer may feel a little bit disoriented at first, but it can easily vanish. The growing period of this plant is around two months or so with an average to high yields. 

If you are looking for the strain to help you do art, finish a book, make a huge project, and keep the creative juices flowing, this strain is perfect. It can boost the level of your energy, thus making you productive in everything you do. However, the disoriented feeling you have at first may cause you to feel paranoid, so, certain risks and limitations must be set.

  1. Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain is likewise a top choice for marijuana strains for energy. It’s a Sativa dominant strain. It has an average amount of THC content but can get as much as over twenty percent if maximized. The name tells how the strain smell and taste. It has a strong chemical taste. With this strain, you can get high for a maximum of three hours. It will help you get relaxed and feel pleasant. When feeling depressed or having anxiety, the Sour Diesel strain will provide a good remedy. The strain is used to keep your body relaxed and unhurried as it increases the creativity level as well. It allows the person so think well. However, be careful of the dosage and limitations for it can lead to a feeling of getting out of control. 

  1. Green Hush

Green Hush or now commonly called Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant strain that has the features of Indica. It offers an amazing high that triggers the mind and energy. The THC level is between thirteen to twenty-one percent. Some claim that the Green Hush Strain makes them focus well on whatever they’re doing.  However, this strain is not best for smoking at night, or you won’t get a wink of sleep at all. This strain is serious in giving you’re the energy boost, euphoria, and creativity. However, there might be lingering bad effects such as paranoia, panic attacks, and other psychedelic effects. So, keep them small and light for a great rush of energy and fun.

  1. Jack Herer

This strain, named after a marijuana activist, is another great choice for marijuana strains for energy. It is a Sativa-dominant with an eighteen to twenty-three percent of THC level. It has the smell of citrus fruits, mostly the same as orange and lemon, and comes with a flash of dank pine. It has a smooth smoke which delivers an energizing headrush. It works best for first-time smokers. Though it comes with a rush of energy ready to fill you up, there is a sense of calmness of your mind when smoking this. You may feel relaxed, but you won’t feel too lazy to do anything. There is a balance between its effect on your body and mind. The strain can give you the creativity and inspiration to finish a task well. 

  1. Super Lemon Haze

If you are looking for a tasty treat, the Super Lemon Haze offers a citrus scent and taste to keep you wide awake. Some say it’s like taking coffee, but a sweet and citrus-flavored coffee it is. This strain is Sativa-dominant and is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze plus Lemon Skunk. The level of THC falls at twenty-two percent at its maximum, which may not be good for first-time smokers. This strain will surely get the kick you need, whenever you want it. The energy it gives will help you light up and entire room. With the high level of energy and creativity it gives, you are sure to finish a task however tedious it might be. Aside from giving energy, this works well with depression and anxiety, or any chronic pain.

  1. JillyBean

If you want to be productive, but still has the energy to be social, then the JillyBean is your new best friend. It gives you a nice feeling in your mind, like you are in a great and relaxing position, but won’t make your body too tired or too heavy. Instead, it makes you feel focused and motivated to do the job, plus happy and energetic when facing other people. It has all the smell and taste of sweet fruits, specifically oranges, and mangoes. This strain a Sativa-dominant and has the average THC level of thirteen percent, but can maximize up to eighteen. However, beware for it may lead to paranoia, or headaches when consumed badly.

  1. Ghost Train Haze

If you have been using marijuana for a while now, the best marijuana strains for energy for your is the Ghost Train Haze. It is strong due to its THC level which has an average of eighteen percent and a maximum of twenty-five. The effects include a giggly and happy feeling which can lead to creativity and hunger. So, make sure to munch on something after taking this. It has a sweet smell and taste that’s likable. If you are looking for the energy to wander around the city while observing the rush of life, doing arts, housework, and social events, this strain will help you get through it. It is used to treat chronic pains and appetite problems as well. This will help you get the unwanted and negative thoughts out of your head, However, consuming too much might make you sleepy.

  1. XJ -13

Another best marijuana strains for the energy you must check is the XJ – 13. This strain is full of sweet and spicy taste and smell. It can make you feel energizes, creative, and focused on whatever you are doing. It can likewise make you talkative. So, this works well when you are going out for any social events. The XJ – 13 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Physically, it makes your body numb a little bit, with your muscles lose and relax. The effects can last up to four hours to better consume it in the morning or afternoon. This strain is best for any type of marijuana users.

  1. Harlequin

When you don’t fancy taking risks on strains with a high level of THC, or you are a fresh marijuana user, then the Harlequin strain will serve you. The THC level has an average of five to ten percent. This strain has a high CBD content and a minimal psychoactive effect. That is why this works best for chronic pains and other ailments that medical marijuana is effective. Just like coffee, it gives you the energy to clear your mind and get ready for the day. It has a calming, yet energetic and happy effect. The sweet taste and smell add to its allure. When doing almost anything from getting artsy and busy at home to going out and attending a social function, this strain won’t fail you.

  1. Mango Kush

The latest choice for the top selections of marijuana strains for energy is the Mango Kush. With its sweet fruity and a slight hint of sour flavor and aroma, you will feel a pleasant disposition that will improve your mood. This strain will make you feel talkative and happy, but it can make you go hungry as well.  So, try this when going out for parties and barbecues. Don’t take much or you’ll be dizzy and nervous. It has a THC level of eleven percent, so beginner users can take this piece as well. This strain will help you make friends and have fun. Still, limitations must be practice so negative effects won’t happen.


Now that you have the ultimate list for the top ten marijuana strains for energy, you wouldn’t have lazy days and distressed days anymore. When done right, you will get to experience a delightful and excellent day every day. It would be the intention of everyone. It is soon up to you to choose which marijuana strain works best for you. Responsible use is recommended.

Whether for recreational or medical use, these topmost marijuana strains for energy will deliver what you desire, as long as you don’t abuse it. There are nevertheless many options you can discover in the market, but the most trustworthy and the classic options will yet remain. So, take the preferences and compare them based on your needs. Let the days be more productive and fun using your choice from the list of marijuana strains for energy.

How to Rehydrate Weed

Rehydrate Weed

Ask any cannabis connoisseur and you would get an answer that all weed that you consume will have a certain amount of moisture in them to keep the flower fresh and flavorful. However, if cannabis is too moist, it will also harbor molds and mildew. If cannabis is too dry, it will degrade fast enough that you won’t be able to enjoy it.

While weed does degrade as time passes by, knowing how to rehydrate your weed will help you extend the shelf life as well as the flavor of your bud.

Why Rehydrate Your Weed

Cannabis consumers should know that moisture is essential to its shelf life. Cultivators dry and cure their weed but it is not completely dried out. Moisture is simply removed from the bud without having to dry out and causing cannabinoids to be evaporated as well. The process of drying cannabis is a delicate procedure that is significant to the overall experience of smoking weed.

As weed slowly degrades in quality as time passes, rehydrating your weed would extend the shelf life of your stash. Different methods of rehydrating your weed also make it more flavorful and even allow you to save more money in the long run.

How To Rehydrate Weed

Mixing Dry Weed with Fresh Ones

Say you have a fresh batch of weed and you have ones that are slowly drying out. Mixing the dry weed with the fresh ones will help revive the dry ones. Be sure that you are mixing the same strains of marijuana as you would not want to mix two different strains altogether. This is one of the best and easiest ways to rehydrate your weed.

Orange Peel

One of the most famous methods in rehydrating your weed is the use of orange peels. Cannabis users have been using it for decades to extend the life of their stash. Simply add an orange peel into the container and wait for a few hours. Check the container and you will discover that the buds feel moist again. Remember that the amount and size of orange peels you use should be proportionate to the amount of weed that you have. It also adds a bit of flavor to your bland weed.

Always keep in mind to remove the orange peels after a few hours or else you run the risk of putting too much moisture inside the container. This would often lead to mold growth which is detrimental to the buds. A good alternative to orange peel is a slice of apples however, it doesn’t add a kick of flavor to your weed unlike oranges do. Other examples include banana peel and watermelon.


Lettuce is another item that you can add to your container to help regain the moisture from your dry weed. Since lettuce is mostly made up of water, it is a great way to revive your weed. Take a slice of lettuce into the container and close it. Check it after a few hours and see if the weed is moist enough to your liking. As always, make sure to remove the lettuce to avoid moisture build-up.

Slice of Bread

Use a thick slice of bread and place it in a large bag of weed. Leave it overnight to work its magic and by morning, you should have a bag full of rehydrated weed. Never leave the bread inside for too long as the bread is known to be breeding ground of molds.

Damp Towel or Sponge

Another method that you can do to rehydrate your weed is to add a small damp tower into your container. You can also use a wet paper towel, a small sponge, or a wet q-tip. Leave it inside the container for a few hours and check regularly to make sure that it has rehydrated your weed. Always use distilled water as it is by far the cleanest type of water that you can find. This technique is best used if you do not like changing the aroma and flavor of your weed.

Boiling Water

One of the most extreme ways to revive your weed is to boil it. It might be a risky move but if you are in a hurry and you need an instant method to rehydrate your weed then the use of boiling is a good way to do so. Simply fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Once it starts boiling, turn off the heat and remove it from the stove. Place a damp cloth over the pot and put the dry weed on top of it where it gets a steam treatment. Check your weed regularly and see if it is moist enough. Generally, it should be good enough after 15 to 30 minutes.

How To Prevent It From Drying

While it is important to know how to rehydrate weed, it is also equally imperative to know how to prevent it from drying in the first place. The most common cause for weed to dry out quickly in storage. It is always essential to store your cannabis properly. Mishandling this key process will lead to unnecessary exposure to light and air which causes evaporation thus drying out your weed faster than usual.

Store your weed is a glass jar and put it in a dry dark place at room temperature. Another thing to note about properly storing cannabis is moisture. Moisture can lead to the growth of molds and that is something that you cannot fix. If you discover molds growing in your stash, you might as well throw the entire thing out since it is very harmful to your body.

The key elements to note to avoid weed from drying are light, humidity or moisture, temperature, and air. Make sure that they are in a balanced state to keep the moisture, flavor, and potency of your weed intact.


Dried out cannabis can still be brought back to life if you know how to rehydrate weed. There are a lot of simple methods that you can use but, you can always avoid doing these methods if you know how to prevent your weed from drying out in the first place.

How to Make Cannabis Edibles

how to make cannabis edibles

With the ever-growing popularity of marijuana, more and more people are turning to this miracle weed for its useful medical benefits and recreational experience. Several more countries are slowly easing up on their stance against cannabis and now, we get to enjoy marijuana like never before. Many would want to smoke marijuana but others are not fond of inhaling smoke. There are other ways to enjoy it such as edibles but the question lingers, how to make cannabis edibles?

Many are slowly getting the habit of consuming edibles instead of smoking marijuana. In 2014, there were 2.85 million units of cannabis edible products that were sold in Colorado alone. Consuming cannabis edibles is a largely different experience than smoking cannabis.

Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Ingesting cannabis is vastly different from other forms of marijuana consumption. Smoking marijuana delivers THC directly into your system through the lungs. Eating cannabis edibles are more likely to take a longer time to take effect. This is because the edibles have to go through the process of digestion, the breakdown of the food particles, and the absorption of the compounds.

Most of the time, these edibles are likely to start taking effect after 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion. Ingesting weed also has a different potency than smoking weed. The effects of this method of delivery are much more intense and long-lasting. It can go on for at least four to six hours when compared to smoking which only lasts for up to three hours.

Because of this prolonged process, it is very important to properly consume the right amount of dose and pace yourself. Attempting to eat as many as you can only result in agitation and overdosing. Try to start with a small portion first and see how it goes until you reach the right mix.

How To Make Edibles

There are a lot of different cannabis edible products that you can choose from. However, these are the best types of cannabis edibles that will bring you all the flavor and potency of cannabis.


Cannabutter is simply butter infused with cannabis. To make your cannabutter, gather 1 pound of butter, a cup of water, and around 2 ounces of your favorite strain of cannabis. Mix the butter and water in a pot over low heat. Ground the cannabis while waiting for the water and butter mixture to simmer. Add the cannabis to the mixture and let it simmer for at least 3 hours. Stir the mixture regularly so it won’t boil over.

Once the butter mixture is thoroughly mixed well with the cannabis. Turn off the heat and strain the mixture using a cheesecloth. Let the strained mixture cool down for a while. Use and store your newly created cannabutter. You can also keep the cannabis and store it directly together with the mixture.

Cannabis Oil

Another form of cannabis edible is the use of cannabis oil. Making your cannabis oil is as simple as making cannabutter. You will need to gather coconut oil, about a teaspoon of sunflower lecithin, and a cup of cannabis.

Before you start mixing your cannabis and oil, you will need to understand that cannabis needs to be activated first by a process call decarboxylation. You can do this by baking your marijuana into the oven. Preheat the oven at around 225 degrees and bake the cannabis for around 45 minutes. 

Once that is ready, add the oil and lecithin together with the decarboxylated cannabis in a slow cooker and simmer for the next 8 hours. Stir the mixture regularly or every 30 minutes. Let the oil cool down and strain the mixture using a cheesecloth. Squeeze the juices out manually and pour the oil in a glass jar. Feel free to use cannabis oil immediately or store it in a cool dry place like the refrigerator.

How Much Weed Do You Need

Choosing the right strain is essential to making cannabis edibles. There are hundreds or even thousands of marijuana strains and each has its effects. If you plan to use these edibles to stimulate your senses in the morning, pick a strain that energizes you. If you want to get some sleep at night, choose the strains that allow you to do so before you infuse them into your edibles.

The question now is how much weed do you need to make cannabis edible that is safe. While the potency depends on the type of strain you choose, it is always safe to go for a percentage on the lower spectrum as edibles are notorious for producing overdose. An estimate of around 10 percent THC per thousand grams would be enough.

Avoid Making These Mistakes

While making cannabis edibles is a creative way to consume marijuana, there are still things that you must avoid that could compromise the quality and potency of the weed you are using.

  1. Avoid cooking with raw marijuana. Remember that cannabis needs to be activated first before they are absorbed by the body. Follow the decarboxylation process first before infusing them into another ingredient.
  2. Stop grinding your weed to the point that it becomes grainy. Grinding your weed to an extreme extent would take away the flavor of the strain. It may even turn your butter into green as well. Use a coarse grinder instead.
  3. Don’t forget to add water to your butter. Adding water into your mixture does not dilute the potency of the cannabis. It also won’t burn the cannabinoids or the compounds. The water simply boils off and the oil or butter will mix thoroughly with the cannabis giving you a concentrated amount of THC into your edible.
  4. Not testing your product. The best way to tell if your edible is potent enough is to test your product before you use them for cooking. Take a small sample first and wait for the effects to come to see how you would react. Try to experiment with the potency until you reach the right amount.


Using cannabis edibles is a more discreet way of consuming weed. While there are major differences in the methods of making and consuming this type of weed, it is much easier and convenient when you infuse them on your food. Learning how to make edibles is an easy and fun alternative way of consuming cannabis.

How to Avoid Sore Throat from Smoking Weed

avoid sore throat from smoking weed

Ever get the feeling while you are smoking that someone feels off with your throat? The smoke can sometimes be very difficult to handle and in the end, you get to show signs and symptoms of a sore throat. While smoking cannabis continues to bring a lot of health benefits, it does come with some rather peculiar side effects. One of which is having a sore throat from smoking weed.

The reason why smoking weed causes sore throat is that it dries out the lining of the throat. Lengthy smoking sessions evaporate the moisture from your throat which can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Additionally, the dryness also causes a harsh condition that causes your throat to become irritated and your voice becomes coarse.

How To Prevent Sore Throat From Smoking Weed

Now that we know why and how sore throat happens when smoking too much weed, it is time to learn how you can prevent that from happening. Smoking cannabis can lead to a lot of health benefits but smoking too much can also lead to different adverse effects. Learning how to control your consumption can prevent the onset of such conditions to your throat. Here are some other ways to keep sore throat at bay.

1. Drink more fluids.

Drinking fluids like warm water or tea can prevent sore throat. When you are smoking weed, you are slowly drying out the normal moisture from your mouth down to your throat. Drinking more fluids will sustain the moisture and prevent your throat from being irritated. Drinking water throughout the day also keeps your body from getting dehydrated.

Ingesting fluids while you’re smoking weed also prevents a lot of untoward effects such as headaches and dry lips. Make sure to avoid drinking any fluids with caffeine or alcohol as it speeds up the dehydration process. If you live in a dry place, make sure to have a vaporizer inside the room to help keep the humidity level normal.

Another great way to enjoy smoking cannabis and preventing sore throat is to drink tea. Lemon and chamomile tea helps enhance the flavor and the effects of cannabis while also providing a soothing effect on your throat. If you already have a sore throat, gargle using warm water with salt to help with the irritation then go for the lemon tea.

2. Throw away old stocks.

Just like any other product, cannabis also has an expiration date. Molds and fungus can grow if they are left on the shelf for too long. It is best to get rid of your old stash of weed before it can do more harm than good. To prevent molds and fungus from growing inside your stash, make sure to keep them away from any moisture. Store them preferably in a glass container instead of plastic. This will help prevent the build-up of moisture within the container that might increase the risk of mold growth.

Make sure to purchase from a certified source as well. Those that are bought from a shady source mostly likely come off as cheap and the quality might not be as good as the ones from authorized dispensaries.

3. Pace Yourself.

If you are known to be susceptible to sore throat when you smoke weed, make sure to pace yourself properly. Smoking weed does not have to be a race, set yourself up with proper timing so you won’t have to deal with a dry and irritated throat. Don’t forget to chug down on the water or any liquid while you’re at it.

If that does not help, the best solution is to step back for a bit. Take a break from smoking weed and see if it does your body good. The fact that you keep on exposing your throat to infection might not be healthy for your body. Take the time to help your throat recover from any previous infection. Skip a few days to a few weeks from smoking weed and by the time you get back, it will feel different than before.

4. Oil pulling.

Oil pulling is a natural remedy that helps maintain a healthy lining in your mouth and throat. It is done by coating your mouth, throat, and gums with coconut oil. This reduces the irritation caused by smoking weed. It provides a layer of protection from your throat which also maintains the moisture.

You can do this gargling or swishing a tablespoon of natural coconut oil in your mouth for a few minutes or until you feel like it has spread all over your mouth and throat. For those who have experienced a sore throat, you can add tea tree oil into water and gargle for a few minutes. This will help stop the irritation, inflammation, and pain.

5. Try other methods of weed consumption.

If the smoke from weed easily irritates your throat, it is best to find other methods in consuming weed. Other individuals share the same sentiments as you and it would be best to try out other methods of weed consumption. You can try vaping which is a healthier way. It is less harsh in the throat and has more cannabinoid content than smoking weed. Some have added flavor to them as well. The best thing about vaping is that it uses vapor which causes moisture to be retained in your throat thus limiting the causes of sore throat.

Another way of consuming weed other than smoking it is through eating edibles. If you are fond of smoking or inhaling vapors then eating weed directly with the use of edibles should make up for your cannabis cravings. Additionally, it is more fun to eat brownies or any other edibles for that matter than smoking weed thus enabling a more positive experience for you.

However, there are also dangers in consuming edibles. Since edibles have a delayed effect on the body, there is a high chance that you would be consuming more edibles for you to experience the high that comes with ingesting marijuana. The best way to do this without overdosing on marijuana edibles is to start slow and use the smallest amount first. Then, make your way to your desired concentration until you find the right spot.


There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy weed. If it becomes a health issue instead of promoting your health, then weed is versatile enough that it can be consumed in other methods. Either way, the best way to prevent a sore throat from smoking weed is to properly know your limit. Moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle when living with cannabis.

How to Flush Marijuana?

Flush Marijuana

“Flushing” would be a word you may not be comfortable with once you begin out on a marijuana producer. Although frenzied thoughts of attempting to push a plant material down a drain can leap to view, flushing is basically if you avoid supplying nutrients to your plants and instead of giving them liquid. Generally speaking, the method looks as simple at it; after all, knowing exactly once to flush or how many seems to be a more sophisticated skill.

Flushing is a convenient and simple technique that can enhance your marijuana buds’ consistency and sweetness before growing season. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? Naturally, it is! But farmers do need to be vigilant before harvesting with flushing, although if you’re doing it very soon you will potentially damage your efficiency and decrease your outputs. In this article, we will provide information on how to flush marijuana and the proper execution with all the things that you need to know about this method.

The Basics On How to Flush marijuana

How would you like to remove all the nutrients off the ground? It doesn’t affect your crops? It helps a major manner of harvesting yourself. This allows the marijuana production to use whatever residual nutrients left available in the ground after the minerals are stripped from the surface. This is like our human bodies quite a lot. We ‘re taking plenty of meals and turning what we never use into fat. In acute conditions when food is limited, the body depends on nutrition on the accumulated fat.

The minerals should be diluted with water enough for roots can obtain nutrition. The roots do not have nutrients that are preceded, whether in a mixture or attached in a chemical system, even though they are abundant. Flushing through water will flush off the contaminants already within the formula.

Tools to use for Flushing marijuana

The TDS and EC with pH meters are important tools needed to modify water liquid fertilizer appropriately. If the pH is outside the recommended range ( i.e., too low or too high) vitamins and minerals fall out from the formula and oxidize. That indicates heavy particles are forming solids and falling out of the product. Plants consume their vitamins instead of ingesting them, so they do not have nutrients that are instigated. With these tools, you can now start going further on how to flush marijuana.

Flushing marijuana methods:

  • Active
  • Passive

The difference between Active and Passive Flushing

The distinction between active and passive flushing because at some level in the urge to the maturation of the crop, whether another person or nature decides to assist the plant mature by eliminating nutrition from the land. The main nutrient which is separated in this procedure is N so it removes several other water-soluble enzymes. Plants that grow in mixed soil are flooded with water. extracted salts will be drained away. Depending on how extensive the flush is removed, it removes more than, most or almost the whole of the essential nutrients. They were mostly replaced by a new fruiting formula which may include certain macro but rather micro pesticides and also estrogen, enzymes, or sucrose.

Crops react swiftly to these abrupt changes in the external environment whilst also concentrating their power on flowers maturing rather than continuing flower development.

Steps for Proper Flushing of marijuana

  1. Overflow the soil of the same amount of fresh liquid it can retain.
  2. Allow it to be recovered for several minutes by flooding the soil to wipe everything aside from its plant.
  3. Let this process continue until the water color turns to brown and dirty.
  4. Once the watercolor changes, use a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids). The best measurement using this tool is around 1300 ppm.
  5. Keep the flushing process until the number on the TDS meter drop down to the level around 50 ppm or until it matches the water you are using to flush.
  6. By now, you will notice that water is starting to turn into a more refined and clean color and texture. This is what we are looking for since we want to remove as many solids as possible from the plant while we can.

Marijuana flushing is an easy process. It is easy. Any time you normally eat, instead, you wash. All you need to be used for flushing is raw plain water, just ensure that the pH for weed is healthy. Water very likely maintains a balanced pH, so if you still need to change the pH of your flushing liquid with the appropriate treatment, please be sure in doing so. Also, one thing you have to think about is pH changes.

When marijuana plants should not be flushed?

The only period that flushing isn’t allowed would be when developing in a modified soil profile. That is why all the minerals the crops need to survive are already in that soil. By overrunning the vegetation, you can wipe away as well as harm the diverse system you have tried incredibly hard throughout the land to also develop. Also, these crops receive nearly always clean water all through washings. In this landscape, plant uptake of nutrients is normal, vibrant, and easy be for the flower to generate.

Even so, the absence of flushing really shouldn’t be a problem since there are no synthesized or additional nutrients introduced to this interface. Instead, your crops depend on microorganisms that split down and carry organic content to either the roots.

What is the outcome of Flushing?

Taking the additional time even after weed is picked to heal the bud towards its full potential. On the hardpoint, a good treatment will slash, even more, eliminating things such as unnecessary chlorophyll. You’ll be astonished at the distinction this little effort can make with your goods. During the first inhalation of such a perfectly soft haze which reaches the rear of your mouth as gentle as sugar, all of one‟s hard work would show. This is polished essence at its best. You can improve your marijuana output by adding extra water!


When it applies to how to flush marijuana, there are no conclusive responses. No one here has completed the form of intense scientific trials it would end up taking to be free to pronounce the accurate perfect place and moment to flush with legitimacy, what the actual composition will be, or whether it’s that much good enough to justify it first. From other observations, flushing tends to allow for the nicest buds against disadvantages for at minimum very few days, two to four weeks until harvesting.

How to Make Cannabis e liquid

How to Make Cannabis e liquid

Over the last 2 years maybe around, THC oil is becoming an increasingly common “consumption process” for e-cigs and other forms of handheld vaporizers. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make cannabis e liquid.

But whether you need a medical prescription or reside in a few of the places that you can purchase recreational cannabis, it could be very difficult to keep your fingertips on a premium flower, particularly if you’re buying any of these inexpensive, pre-filled running-of-the-mill cartridges. 

For starters, THC vape syrup that you earn down at different vape shops becomes doubtful (to say the very least) at worst. So a number of the material you can buy directly is produced from toxic solvents including propylene glycol, something that, although heated to high temperatures, was already documented to dissolve through carcinogenesis (cancer-causing) chlorine (that much if you’ve used the best vapor cartridges on the industry).

Even so, users put together another simple DIY tutorial for that to create your e-cig as well as a mobile vaporizer with THC oil. The obvious benefit of using your goods but whenever you do something yourself would be that you realize what is happening inside the component. Therefore you (could also) understand it’ll be safe as well as effective.

All About e liquid

The e liquid, commonly referred to with vape juice, has been typically a drug that contains tobacco. Cannabis consumers did put everyone’s twist on stuff, although. Respectively e liquids THC, as well as CBD (to associated terpenes), were also accessible either with glycerin glycol as well as veggie glycerin (VG) center.

PG is a chemical compound that is colorless and scentless. It isn’t very noxious, which allows it simpler to replace cartridges and also to wash your unit. VG is indeed a natural product made from vegetable oils. It is odorless too, but it contains a mildly sweet flavor. That’s much more acidic than Page. It is not suitable for washing but it creates vapor clouds that are dense and satisfying.

Usually, natural through artificial flavors in good quality are often applied to produce a range of tastes — something else from sugar and lime to citrus. Instead, e liquid is poured through an e-cigarette either vaporizer tanks and warmed from 90–200 ° C clean lines. To efficiently evaporate THC, systems would continue to be placed at about 157°C, while CBD needs significantly elevated temperatures from 160–180°C.

Procedure on How to Make Cannabis e liquid

This process simply entails rolling up fresh cannabis flora (elevated THC) but instead inundating everything by food-grade veggie glycerin before making it sit over a very, quite longer period (3 – 6 months), thereby stirring/stretching it every few weeks. Not such a common approach because of the number of periods it requires, but it is simple yet impossible to screw up.

how to make cannabis e liquid? Below are the items you will like to use:

  • Cannabis Buds – (You could use as often or as less as you choose, but the eight-ounce (quarterly) of marijuana produces around 30 to 60 milliliters of vapor juice, for example. (High-quality weed concentrate, including such BHO oil, deform, etc. could also be used to generate a much more effective e liquid)
  • Natural vegetable Glycerine class USP
  • Parchment lined (or Pyrex dish, secure in the oven)
  • Foil (Aluminum)
  • Microwave or Oven
  • 2 Tight-screened glass bottles (we suggest anything like a Small Hermes Bottle with such an attachment lock)
  • Stirring Rod
  • Cord net strainer
  • Adjustable rubber tongs (tiny to even match the wire strainer within it)
  • Coffee filter (or garment bag made of cotton)
  • Refrigerator freezer

Initially, you’ll have to ground your fresh weed plants, to begin with. We wouldn’t suggest using an individual grinder, but if you have the weed too good, a ton of that as well won’t come out during grinding so you ‘ll be stuck in your overall vapor-liquid with such a variety more ground-up weed. Simply split the larger nugs off as both hands before it is a relatively small, even number.

This is the measures, to:

  1. Bridge the fresh buds through hand through tiny chunks.
  2. Using tin foil to protect the baking pan, then scatter the buds this onto the surface.
  3. Put that baking tray in the microwave for around thirty min, at such a level of 200 ° F (122 ° C). It is a critical move since that decarboxylates THCA through psychoactive THC throughout the fresh buds.
  4. Bring the flowers out through the microwave and then let each other bring a few moments to chill off.
  5. Load the berries with the closing lid onto the glass container, and spillover them after enough vegetable glycerin (VG) should heat the flowers. You do n’t hesitate to include much more VG, because the finished result will become super diluted but virtually no psychotropic symptoms will exist. You will be presented with a dense, clumpy, gooey paste, which is quickly stirrable and not too sticky if you’re using the correct amount in VG.
  6. Allow the solution together, close the cover, and place a date sticker on it. You’ll let that one sit after about weeks in a nice, cool, warm, dry spot.
  7. Celebrate it!  (For optimum effect as well as flavor, require around 15 to 30 minutes or less after you apply the THC e-juice should both the vapor cartridge before beginning to vaporize, allowing the pipe to consume the e liquid completely).


Now, we know more about how to make cannabis e liquid and how to make one. This type of cannabis is in several cases meant for therapeutic reasons. The condensed form will, for one aspect, offer immediate pain reduction for patients who have regular migraines. It may reduce fear and depression in a similar way to others who want it the best. It is indeed beneficial for issues relating to the muscular including such MS as well as chronic muscle aches. Hopefully, this article will help you move forward.

Proper Care for Cannabis Seedlings

Care Cannabis Seedlings

It can be incredibly gratifying to display the pot seeds come into existence in the forms of young plants. You presently understand that the seedlings have been nice and you have taken the first phase towards obtaining wonderful marijuana plants. Still, the seedlings’ arrival doesn’t imply the most important phase is over. In this article, we are going to talk more about cannabis seedlings.

As you cultivate weed, at every step of the developing cycle you would like to maintain your plants safe and healthy — because this involves the seeding step. In the increasing cycle, the newly planted stage may be a highly vulnerable period. A ton of Tender loving care is needed to cultivate the marijuana flower bud into a stable cannabis plant.

Not even that, because the baby plants remain at their more fragile level, therefore if you want stable plants worthy of generating significant yields, you would have to give a ton of care and devote time and energy to bring your seedlings. Therefore, in the accompanying pages, you may find a detailed tutorial on ways to take good care after your young plants throughout the safest possible manner, such therefore also as a novice, you can have a strong likelihood of succeeding.

Cannabis Seedling Stage

Until we get into when to provide for your seeds of marijuana, let’s rapidly cover everything that happens throughout that growing period. There are four main stages in the development season: the seedling growth stage, then the seedling phase, the photosynthetic stage as well as the planting period. When the marijuana seeds rebloom but are positioned in their growth season (like a garden soil), they begin to weed throughout the plant roots as the trunk grows up instead of down, springing up multiple cotyledon foliage, which allows the firm to refract radiation and keep growing.

When the plant develops, it begins growing more fan foliage — and even those plants begin to generate the curved edges you can know as the cannabis plant right away. When more leaves emerge, more curved edges form until eventually, with every leaf meeting its complete amount of points, the crop is fully developed.

Things to consider in Caring for Cannabis Seedlings

1. Pick the Correct Container

Your seeds of cannabis require some room to expand. Yet too much room and even less room will both cause the plant issues. If users wanted to develop your seeds in too big a carton, the plant roots probably wouldn’t be able can’t hope to soak up all the moisture in the ground. 

When you grow other seeds in a jar that is too small, there will be little room for the origins to expand and they will start winding around itself, which would also hinder their capacity to retain water.

Picking the correct pot is also an important part of taking care of the flower you develop. You want a container that will allow the better root room to expand, but never so enough room that the plants probably wouldn’t be able can consume all the liquid in the dirt. Also, users should ensure that the cannabis has good drainage to even get ahold of any moisture that might overpower the plant.

2. Be aware of how Frequently you are Watering the Cannabis Seedlings

You would like to start giving them the liquid they will need to flourish whenever it did come to rinsing up one’s seedlings. Yet in general, much more water may have a detrimental influence on the development cycle, so it’s essential to be aware of however should water those seedlings. 

Just one of seedling’s plant roots aren’t sophisticated; the bulbs are low, and not much irrigation is required to expand. There should be enough moisture to control the crops with liquid just once two times per day to offer them the nutrition they have to develop.

When you’re not certain what more moisture is far too much liquid, bear in consideration that you really want the developing environment (the ground E.g) to also be wet and wet — not drained and then over-saturated.

3. Learn the Symptoms of Nutritional Shortages with Cannabis Seedlings

A nutritional insufficiency can trigger serious problems for your widening plant, so realizing how to identify the indications of a nutritional deficit is a portion of appropriate care. nutritional inadequacies can originate from a wide range of locations. “Cold” seedlings mixes containing all those components will produce toxins to the nutrients. Underwatering across the opposite edge of the continuum will create a shortage in the main nutrients that your plant requires to expand.

Several red flags which warn your cannabis seedlings could have nutritional deficiencies (or nutritional toxic effects) could include: 

  • Dark colors (the hemp seedlings will be a bright leaf shade).
  • A burnt feel on the edge of the foliage.
  • A twirling at the end of the leaf surface.
  • Leaves turning yellow

When you find either of those problems with your crop, it may result in too much or too little resources. You’ll adapt your increasing approach to help the health of your seed.

4. Picking the Correct Lighting

Seedlings, as with any flower, need the light to survive and expand. All illumination is not made equal though. when you expect your seeds to mature into stable marijuana plants, you must subject this to the appropriate light level. 

When you develop your seeds outside they will have to be subjected as much sunshine as they can. Hold him in the sunshine from dawn to setting sun; something that they are exposed to sunlight.


A fun element of the growing cycle is seeing the weed seeds turn into cannabis seedlings. But now that users understand how and when to prepare for the seedling with marijuana, you will have anything you will need to turn your seeds into a developed, stable, and flourishing marijuana plant.

The crop will inform anyone if either you are handling it appropriately or otherwise by awarding you with the fast growth of both elevation and healthy lush green vegetation. From the other side, too quite enough as well as insufficient water, and too much but rather insufficient fertilizer, as well as at the leaf surface the crop will fall and start to yellow rather than brown. Thus, Proper care for cannabis seedlings is very important

Cannabis Oil VS CBD Oil

cannabis oil vs cbd oil

In previous years there has been widespread debate about the possible effects of CBD oil as well as other CBD products. Others say that CBD benefits them relieve discomfort, or that it makes them sleep and get more rest for the night. Others are taking CBD as a regular supplement to improve general health. Nevertheless, it is not every time easy to discover the correct CBD goods. In this article, we will talk about cannabis oil vs CBD oil.

Cbd products, hemp oils, herbal extracts, CBD flavorings, and whatever is never popular today will find it hard to know what to buy. A shortage of legal standards and inaccurate (sometimes deliberate!) details don’t improve much. thinking about cannabis oil vs CBD oil, then? Aren’t they doing the same?

It soon becomes obvious while studying marijuana, that this is a versatile herb. The weed is filled with a large variety of molecules which all have different results. The crop contains a special genetic family, called cannabinoids. More than 100 are being reported and most of those researched show therapeutic promise. THC — the psychoactive molecule which generates a spike — as well as CBD, a semi-psychotropic molecule linked with various medical benefits, seems to be like two major cannabinoids contained in most forms of cannabis.

Despite the current market containing terms such as certain “CBD oil” versus “cannabis oil,” which is the true distinction among these two? Let’s continue by having a bit of context detail.

Cannabis Oil VS CBD Oil: The Difference Among the Two

At certain, to be brief on a complicated explanation: sorry — CBD oil was not exact with cannabis oil. while these are produced within the same crop species (cannabidiol), CBD oil as well as cannabis oil were significantly distinct, and are therefore subject to completely distinct prohibitions. CBD oil including hemp oil is both widely used for various applications. Here is their scoop:


Most commonly CBD oil has been decided to make from recreational marijuana. Hemp is no unique from recreational drugs, although it has one very important difference: small levels of psychoactive THC component. However, Cannabis includes CBD, as well as other cannabis Oil with CBD frequently includes some (or even most) of such cannabinoids, except THC. Many CBD oils have very cannabis seed oil including olive oil carries added to improve absorption rate (product rate and effectiveness) and taste.

Hemp should contain no upwards of 0.2 percent with THC through most of Europe to be deemed legitimate. At 0.3 percent THC, this is slightly higher in the United States. Because these even minuscule quantities are greatly minimized through the processing of CBD oils, certain drugs do not contain any THC. CBD cannabis oils can’t get you up for. That is why CBD oil has been legally available across the EU as well as in other countries.

Cannabis Oil

We will go forward to an overview of hemp oil because now you understand which CBD oil was, and the various kinds well within range. That substance would be a unique story altogether. These terms all imply almost or much the identical thing (users can credit for this ambiguity due to a failure of oversight). If you can infer from the titles, though, every one of these drugs has one big similarity: THC.

Not only will cannabis oil produce many THC unlike CBD oil (usually even more), this is also extracted from leisure / medical marijuana as compared to growing hemp. Because goods with higher amounts

of Thc were often considered opioids in several countries, you would find it difficult to purchase marijuana oil because you reside anywhere with a developed cannabis industry, such as Canada.

Of course, whether is also to suggest that a distributor couldn’t easily mark some CBD oil for “cannabis oil” throughout the expectation of attracting more consumers, because, sadly, it’s already happening. However when people talk regarding cannabis oil besides our reasons we imply its “real thing” which contains elevated levels with THC.

Provided the distinct profile of cannabinoids, people who are taking cannabis oil appear to perform so for separate purposes than individuals that use Cannabis oil. Many even use (to always get high) through personal use but others believe which THC-rich formulations aid them with problems such as discomfort and insomnia. 

With all sorts of purposes, recreational as well as medical users of cannabis oil vs CBD oil may enjoy this “water cannabis; for example, it’s considered safer than smoking. Furthermore, CBD oil does not make you look like marijuana, the dosage is smoother and more reliable and the effect can be greater and lasts longer.

The Use of CBD Oil

The cannabinoids are thinking through several pathways to produce such results. CBD communicates with both the cannabinoid receptors pathway, which affects several biological mechanisms including hunger, attitude, digestion, and immune response. 

Others use CBD products to subdue the side effects of pathological disorders such as ulcerative colitis and other illnesses involving swelling of the intestines. Evidence has demonstrated which CBD is capable of treating inflammatory bowel disorders.

The Use of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil was produced in high-quality THC from marijuana products. Which simply means every cannabis plant which has a degree of THC which can induce a head-altering reaction. While in some instances hemp oil could also produce high amounts of CBD, whether it includes further THC beyond the 0.3 percent regulatory requirement, even whether it is obtained from medical cannabis plants, that is never CBD oil.

For certain countries, like most of the Western states, cannabis oil remains prohibited. In the context of the government, the existence of THC makes cannabis oil another illegal drug, and cultivation and consumption are serious crimes.


Now that we understand the difference and what are the components of cannabis oil vs CBD oil, we now can say that The high triggered cannabinoid oil allows the everyday tasks as usual as impossible to carry out. this is how CBD oil is much more useful for those trying to use cannabis in their supplementation routine. CBD oil can thus discuss several more of the identical problems when cannabis oil, without disrupting mental disorder.

Myrcene: What is It and What Can this Cannabis Terpene Do


The unique scent of Marijuana doesn’t originate from your preferred cannabinoids. Actually, it’s really the terpenes that lend the plant its distinctive aroma and flavor. These could also affect the experience with cannabis, which may communicate much of its possible medicinal benefits.

Myrcene effects are among the very popular terpenes present on marijuana. In addition to hemp, myrcene is present in hops, which is liable for a beer’s peppery, sweet, balsam scent. It is also conveyed in lemongrass, which was used for decades in folk medicine.

In-depth with Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic substances, formed naturally. Nor are they unique to cannabis — other plants, fungus, and herbs also are packed with terpenes. Terpenes play a variety of roles: pollinators depend on them to differentiate between plants, the scents repel undesired animal interactions, and end up making our smell and taste tasty too.

Scientists have indeed recently started to fully know the advantages of terpenes associated with the human, while people have used terps throughout history for different effects. For instance, linalool is known to have anti-stress capabilities, while limonene was shown to cause nausea. Researches also look only at what they call”entourage effect”—the idea that these terpenes function in conjunction more successfully than they would in isolation.

Given that more than 100 terpenes were produced by typical marijuana plants, there will still be a broad range of work to be completed, but we have already learned to realize a few of these terpenes very commonly present in cannabis. In this article, we will be narrowing our spotlight to only one- myrcene.

Myrcene effects, what are they?

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes throughout commercial cannabis varieties, the terp of which we know best. This  Myrcene is indeed present in hops, including lemongrass, with much lower amounts. Myrcene in regards to the aforementioned was its terpene recognized with offering beer it’s own balsamic, peppery flavor notes. At first whiff, one might equate the myrcene scent to anything resembling cloves. That terpene has a certain earthiness. Additionally, mango also thyme could also be present in myrcene — but marijuana is certainly the crop you like when you’re searching for this terpene of quantity.

Also, myrcene is by far the most probably cannabis terpene that dominates in flora. Terpene of a strain is essentially the top-level terpene current. For modern commercial marijuana, only a tiny proportion of terpenes appear as influential, while the overall composition of a strain includes several more marijuana terpenes.

Given the surge of scientific advances we are experiencing today in regards to cannabis study, our knowledge of the effects of myrcene is still unofficial. Lemongrass tea has long been seen in Mexico as a sleep-aid or relaxing the muscle. Research has still yet to objectively prove the importance of myrcene as just a sleep remedy, but a link between terpene & muscle relief has been identified by rodent experiments. Below are the known myrcene effects:

1. Myrcene makes you sleepy?

Natural remedies that contain myrcene also have a long heritage of using it in traditional medicine mostly as sleep assistance. Throughout Mexico, tea flavored with lemongrass that is Mycrene rich has is being used as a sedative and to calm muscle. It’s popular for Germans, who have been the world’s top producers that are using myrcene-rich hops formulations as a sleep medication. It is not clear, nevertheless, whether any observational trials have established myrcene as providing a therapeutic role in promoting human sleep; therefore are not knowledgeable of these well-controlled clinical trials, whether specifically prove myrcene’s sedative effect.

A number of studies on rodents indicate that myrcene, provided at high doses, could have calming effects on the muscles. The same research has also shown that this myrcene could improve the period of time mice stayed asleep, and only when provided in conjunction with powerful sedatives of narcotics. Even so, animal models often don’t translate with humans, therefore more investigation is necessary before we get a strong sign of whether this myrcene can produce sleeping pill effects, most especially with the concentrations that are frequently seen in commercial marijuana.

2. Does it reduce inflammation and relieve pain?

Lemongrass tea contains a high amount of myrcene because of its alleged anti-anxiety & pain-relieving effects have served a role throughout Brazilian traditional medicine. Around 1990, scientists from Brazil created the first reported claim for myrcene mitigating pain. They believed that myrcene decreased pain by growing one’s own opioid substances in the brainstem, but this was debated. Far more research is required to prove if myrcene possesses certifiable pain-relieving capabilities in people or otherwise.

In addition, more work is required to support the possible anti-inflammatory impact of myrcene. Proof for the function of myrcene in decreasing inflammation originates mainly through animal experiments.

3. Additional possible myrcene effects

Myrcene could even block the cancer-causing impacts of fungi-producing aflatoxins but make their way with our food. These anti-mutagenic properties originate from its suppression of a liver enzyme by myrcene, CYP2B1, that also induces the capabilities of aflatoxin in harming our DNA. This Myrcene could also protect against toxins like “t-butyl-hydroperoxide” from damage to the DNA. These anti-mutagenic effects, including their antioxidant as well as antimicrobial properties, are aligned with that of many other terpenes.

What are the Cannabis Strains that contain high Myrcene?

High concentrations of myrcene could be found in several strain names generally known as Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid, including prominent sativa-leaning hybrids such as Tangie & Blue Dream cannabis strain. Users Will also recognize that myrcene would be both prevalent in THC and CBD varieties. We listed cannabis strain below: 

  • Grape Ape
  • FPOG
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Tangie
  • Harlequin
  • OG Kush
  • Blue Dream
  • Remedy
  • 9 Pound Hammer

Hypothetically, terpenes perform even better when several of them perform together. When you’ve found out if myrcene would be a terpene of your choosing, the very next objective is to understand other interesting ways that various terpenes communicate with each other to produce an optimal high. As for current study into other marijuana terpenes, another of the central issues about myrcene is that we’ll be consuming enough doses of this myrcene to attain these impacts. 


The role of terpenes throughout the effects of marijuana is only starting to get widely understood. Work has tended to lag because scientists, mainly in isolation, also spent a large part of their work on cannabinoids. This does seem to shift, however.  Users may also need to be responsible for their own learning about the terpenes they may get for consuming cannabis and what does it offer or what are the myrcene effects that will truly benefit them. 

How to Make Weed Taste Better

Weed Taste Better

One of the most important factors that heavily influence the preferences of many cannabis users is the smell and taste of the weed. While strains like Strawberry Cough and Blueberry offer naturally sweet and fruity flavors, their primary flavors will still be a weed. So, how to make weed taste better?

When growing cannabis, many cultivators strive towards massive harvests and getting the most buds out of each plant. However, as cannabis users, we look at the potency, the taste, and the smell of the end products as critical factors that are high up on the priority list. Thus, any expert cannabis grower understands the importance of these factors when cultivating plants as they will only add to the overall quality of their harvests. In this article, we will discuss how we can improve the taste and smell of your marijuana buds throughout the plant’s growth cycle.

How to Make Weed Taste Better

One of the often-overlooked methods to make weed taste better is simply learning how to grow cannabis plants. While it may be quiet easy, and straightforward to grow marijuana, maximizing the flavor and aroma takes a couple more steps.

1. Purchase only from well-known seed banks

Always start with a good seed strain from a well-known cannabis dispensary to ensure that all the plant’s terpene profiles are still complete. Terpene profiles are key players that help improve the taste, flavor, and basically the essence of cannabis strains. No matter how good the genetics of the strain is, if the taste does not pack a punch, it would seem that you have just ordered a box of fake cannabis from a local street dealer.

2. Use organic fertilizers

Another sure way to ensure you achieve great-tasting organic flavors as a grower is to select a medium that is charged with living organisms. You can optimize any growing medium by using fertilizers that come from organic sources such as vegetable waste and animal byproducts. The argument between synthetically charged soil vs. organically filled ones have been going on for decades, but several recent studies have proven that going organic improves airflow and prevents nutrient run-off, leaving you with better soil micrology over time.

When creating your own organic fertilizer, it is important to always put an end goal of “how to make weed taste better?” In order to achieve this, you need to create a balance of all the needed macro- and micronutrients for your soil. The macronutrients include the big three: N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). Micronutrients, on the other hand, include copper, iron, manganese, and zinc, among many others. Some of the organic elements that you can add to your fertilizer are wood ashes, bat poo or guano, and, believe it or not, human urine that has been diluted to a ratio of at least one part urine, ten parts water. These ingredients contain ample amounts of nutrients for your cannabis plants to allow them to produce much better flavor profiles.

3. Apply low-stress training

As mentioned above, terpenes are the absolute key when it comes to cannabis plants, flavors, and aromas. And in order to increase the number of terpenes in your plant, you might want to apply LST (Low-Stress Training) on them. The process is somewhat delicate, but once applied over a period of time, it will definitely help make the end product taste better. At its simplest, this technique requires gently bending and tying down the branches and stems to manipulate the plant to grow sideways and grow at the same height. By doing so, you are exposing more of the plant to the light source, instead of the light simply hitting the top layers only.

The best time to start this training is when you start to see the first true leaves grow at around week three. During this time, the young stems are still supple and flexible as compared to older stems that will become too rigid to bend. There are several options to secure the stems in place and, as growers, you can be creative as you want. This can include twist ties, soft-coated wires, and even pipe cleaner wires. Just make sure to avoid sharp wires that might cut into the plant as it grows.

A popular method to apply LST on your plants is the SCROG (Screen of Green) technique. It is not only the most productive grow method, but it is also the easiest. As the name suggests, the SCROG method requires the use of a type of screen or net to hold back the growing canopy. The material used should be sturdy enough to help flatten and maintain the branches at the same height. You can use a volleyball net or a chicken wire, which has enough hole sizes to allow the plant to grow through it easily.  

4. Do not forget about flushing before harvest

Lastly, flush your plants using a quality flushing agent for a couple of days or weeks prior to harvesting. Flushing involves watering them with the agent without any needed nutrients. The purpose of this method is to allow your plant to fully utilize the nutrient, salts and other compound loads it needs and dispose of any surplus compounds from the plant. This simple process ensures a final product that is better tasting and smelling. Flushing is a method affirmed by many serious cannabis growers as not flushing out nutrients before harvest can also compromise the quality of your harvests.

It is important to note that flushing should not be done with just plain water as this can rob your plants of the needed nutrients. Another important thing to consider when flushing is the growing medium – if you are growing your cannabis plant in soil, flushing should be done within one to two weeks before harvest but if you are growing in a hydroponics system, flushing only needs to be done one to two days before harvest.

Understanding how to make weed taste better is crucial as enhanced flavors and aromas in weed are critical factors that many cannabis users look for in a plant. The good news is that these can be achieved or influenced during marijuana’s growing stages. In fact, simply knowing the basics of how to grow marijuana plants properly and diligently will help you achieve those desired flavors.

Weed Tolerance Break 101

Weed Tolerance

Tolerance refers to our capacity to endure something, which ultimately results in weaker effects of the condition or the substance. This includes our bodies getting used to cannabis or weed. If you feel that this is happening to you, then it’s time to do a weed tolerance break.

How Weed Tolerance Develops

Marijuana tolerance develops when we use the substance on a regular basis. The psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, works by attaching to the cannabinoid type 1 or CB1 receptors in the brain. Tolerance happens when the brain gets used to the continuous presence of cannabinoids, and the CB1 receptors start to downregulate the reception of the main psychoactive compound THC. In other words, you become somewhat resistant to cannabis, and in order to get the same effects or feelings of euphoria from the drugs, you need to ingest more.

There is no definite timeline as to when tolerance starts to develop, but it can be affected by several factors, including how often you consume cannabis, how potent the cannabis is, and your personal biology.

Weed tolerance breaks, also known as tolerance holidays or t-breaks, are recommended for many reasons and have proven to be beneficial to a lot of cannabis users. A one month study to test the effects of abstinence has shown that after two days of t-breaks, our CB1 receptors start the replenishment process. They will continue to do so for the next 28 days until the process has been completed. Therefore, as the study showed, tolerance to cannabis can be quickly reversed.

How to Prepare for Weed Tolerance Breaks

While weed tolerance breaks are highly recommended for you to experience the same giggly highs you enjoyed as a novice user, they often do not come easy. Thus, like almost anything else, proper preparation is important. In this article, we aim to provide you with a guide to help you push through the adversity of a weed tolerance break.

1. Acknowledge you need the break

Acknowledging that you need the break is the first step. It is your brain and your body, after all. Most experienced cannabis users, however, will tell you that your relationship with marijuana will greatly benefit from a break. Cutting back on the frequency of your consumption might be easier an easier route to take. However, since the receptors are still being activated on a semi-regular basis, this may not have the same benefits as a full-on break.

You also need to acknowledge and prepare yourself for the difficulty of the process, especially during the first two weeks. Just like any form of addiction, you will find yourself thinking about it any time your mind starts to wander. You might also experience withdrawal symptoms, which is usual when discarding something cold turkey. These symptoms vary from person to person and are based on your personality and the level of your dependency. You can experience anything between mild discomforts like a headache or restlessness to intense symptoms such as sweating, chills, and hallucinations.

Other common weed withdrawal symptoms include depression, drastic mood changes, cognitive impairment, loss of appetite, and insomnia. While this may cause you to rethink your weed tolerance breaks, it is important to remind yourself that if many others have accomplished this process, then so can you. Besides, cannabis withdrawal symptoms are known to last for only 72 hours.

To help with the withdrawal symptoms, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and busy. Proper rest, exercise, and fresh air have all been known to effectively reduce any slumps in our moods.

2. Tell your friends about your t-break

Moral support is very important in this process, so it is best if you get to invite others who are also ready to take your tolerance breaks with you. Telling your loved ones you’re taking a break will also help you become more accountable. In addition, letting your cannabis community know curbs the peer pressure to participate in weed sessions.

How long your weed tolerance break should be will also vary from person to person. Most experienced t-breakers, however, will advise you to take nothing less than a month to ensure that your receptors are well-rested. The THC compound can remain in your system for up to 30 days, and allowing all these to flush out your system thoroughly will not only help you physically but will also make the next marijuana session more memorable.

3. Toss your stash

An effective and successful weed break requires the full out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach. So one of the common advice you’ll get is to get rid of all your cannabis stash. If you are a frequent cannabis smoker, you’ll probably have a personal stash and maybe an additional, secret stash. If you are committed to getting the total benefit of at-break, you will need to get rid of all of it. You can either smoke it all or share it with a friend – the important thing is that you purge your space of any weed.

4. Take up caffeine

This might not be popular advice when trying to accomplish total weed abstinence, but taking up caffeine actually helps. Coffee is known to create a physiological addiction that encourages dopamine releases, which makes up for the cravings you got when you used to get high on weed.

5. Stay focused

Choosing a date range for your abstinence, and having a set goal in mind will help with the much-needed will power to stick to the commitment. A self-imposed break can last as long as you see fit. There will be uncountable times when you will be tempted to break your fast, but stay focused and make a promise to yourself to stick to the break until the end. Constantly remind yourself that this brief period of discipline will end in a euphoric and rewarding experience.

Tolerance is developed for anything that is consumed regularly. This includes weed tolerance. When you no longer find yourself getting high as you used to, then it is definitely time to consider a process called weed tolerance break in order to beat that tolerance you’ve acquired.