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Devil’s Crack marijuana strain is a Indica-dominant hybrid that is similar in effect to a substance of the same name. It stimulates and activates the user’s senses in a mellow way. It engages the mind into an array of creative thoughts, focused attention, and energized feelings. With a mild THC content, this strain will not overwhelm its users but rather allow them to enjoy the subtle psychoactive high from this weed. Devil’s Crack cannabis genetic lineage is bred from Afghani, White, and Skunk OG marijuana strains.

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Devil’s Crack Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (80%)
Genetics Parents: Afghani x Skunk OG x White
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Temperate, Dry
Yield: Up to 500 grams indoor / 500-1000 grams outdoor
Flavors: Mango, Sweet, Fruity, Tropical
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level: 0.01%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September/October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Devil’s Crack Feminized

Devil’s Crack cannabis strain effects are long-lasting and hit quickly but not overwhelmingly strong. It will fill up the user with an energetic euphoria. This motivational boost is also a mood uplifting high that users enjoy. Just a few puffs from this weed will immediately have the cerebral effects weaving their way through your mind and entire body. The user’s mind is also focused attentively and a full sensory enhancement is evident. Everything around the user seems to be amplified. As with most hybrids, the Indica effect from this strain will be a subtle relaxing high which leaves the user with a very attentive and alert state. The user will be transported to a realm where his body and mind are in a complete state of relaxation yet able to function and keep that energetic vigor alive.

Devil’s Crack cannabis strains are short plants despite it being a Indica-dominant hybrid.  Its deeply hued green leaves pop out of the central stem, with buds in a light greenish tone adorned with fiery orange pistils. The aroma of this weed is full of tropical goodness. It has not inherited any of the skunk profile from its parent strain, Skunk OG. scents of sweet mangoes blending in with other tropical notes make up the scent profile of this weed strain. As for its flavors, it doesn’t disappoint as well as it tastes almost like a mango smoothie with other sweet notes coming in as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Devil’s Crack Feminized?

Devil’s Crack can offer some medicinal value to those suffering from certain physical and mental disorders. Its mildly relaxing and sedating properties are used by medical cannabis patients in treating headaches. Minor back pains and muscle cramps. The analgesic properties of THC alleviate these pains and soothe and relieve the patient’s pain disorders. 

It is the cerebral effects of Devil’s crack that offer various medical remedies to medical cannabis patients. Its euphoric and mood uplifting effects offer the patient to rid themselves of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress. The patients have defeatist attitudes and cynical thoughts lurking in their minds, hampering their ability to function normally and progress. With Devil’s Crack, all these thoughts are locked away and replaced with a positive disposition brimming with happy thoughts. The energizing effect produced by this weed is used to treat those suffering from fatigue and even stress as the patients are filled with renewed energy from this strain and are on the go for as long as the high lasts. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Devil’s Crack Feminized

There are no negative effects that were documented for this strain but being a cannabis hybrid, expect to have a dry mouth and dry eyes as these effects commonly occur when individuals consume cannabis.

How to Grow Devil’s Crack Feminized

Devil’s Crack Feminized is easy to grow and can thrive either indoors or outdoors. They are short cannabis strains and prefer to grow in warm and sunny climates. Being a short plant, this can be easily grown indoors as space will pose any major problem. Giving them lots of light and warmth will make this plant very happy.  Sadly there is no documented report or article on the flowering period and yields generated from this plant.

11 reviews for Devil’s Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Damian Jones

    Damian Jones

    I am amazed by this strain. I also like cultivating this particular strain because it provided me with more-than-I-could-expect harvest. I get a good kick smoking this, too! I just totally loved it!

  2. Avatar for Ardy Woodson

    Ardy Woodson

    saw a couple of minor issues here and there but overall, great strain! Couldn’t really expect much from Devil’s Crack since I already tried it before. Wasn’t a fan but Beaver Seeds changed my mind! I got great yields, much more than I was expecting. Beaver seeds promised guaranteed germination and it’s true, all 10 seeds sprouted with no problem. I will surely purchase my seeds from beaver seeds from now on. Very fast delivery and convenient payment methods!

  3. Avatar for George Norman

    George Norman

    Whenever you have a bad day, this will greatly help. Ironically, Devil’s Crack does not make you taste a piece hell. It makes you experience heaven while you are slouching on your couch. I always feel relaxed whenever I use it. I will totally give this 5 stars!

  4. Avatar for Nick Oliver

    Nick Oliver

    I am totally convinced that this is the best indica strains that I have ever tried EVER! It grows really tall and fast and it can grow both indoor or outdoor. In my case, I am more of an outdoor grower depending on the strain. For this one, it produces more outdoor so I followed the advice of other experts. After a few weeks I got all my expectations met! Truly one of the best!

  5. Avatar for Shaun Guzman

    Shaun Guzman

    I ran into a few deficiencies on the plant but she still produced well. Smoke is clean and tastes very sweet! It uplifts me and no residual burnout after the fact. Fantastic strain! I’m very impressed and I will be ordering again!

  6. Avatar for Angelo Barker

    Angelo Barker

    Devil’s Crack turned out great! Although the yield is just moderate. Smells absolutely amazing fruits. It gave a mind high that was up and ready to go. Active, social, productive and your worries fade away. Never overbearing. Thank you for having this strain.

  7. Avatar for Hubert Schultz

    Hubert Schultz

    It was a very good harvest. I had no major difficulty throughout the grow. I actually can take before work and function very productively, long laughs, euphoric but crystal clear alertness. I will definitely recommend this strain. This company is great!

  8. Avatar for Kenny Curry

    Kenny Curry

    It was really nice to grow and LST. Really focused and actually into what I was doing. This really helps lift the sadness and make everything feel better like it should be. I like the nice fuzzy afterglow. I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of your seeds.

  9. Avatar for Doug Powers

    Doug Powers

    Very happy with the end product; smells and fruity taste, smokes smooth, looks awesome. Great anytime day or night. Devil’s Crack is one of the very few I can smoke during the day, even right out of bed. Kicks my mind into gear and I get stuff done. I will be back for more seeds!

  10. Avatar for Shawn


    Simply amazing

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